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"Love Takes Time"
"Reach for Me"
Part 12
by Mellissa
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Summary: Michael POV
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Rating: PG-13
I'm standing just behind the door to the room. It's a small room, and there are machines everywhere. I'm scared to move forward.

She's in the middle of the bed, and she's so pale. I can't believe it's Maria.

I'm so scared she's going to leave me. She's the only one who ever really knows me. The only one who understands me. The only one that gets me.

But Alex is right. Maybe she needs to know I need her here with me. I've never said it to anyone before. Not even to Max and Isabel. I've never needed anyone as much as I need her here with me. Maybe she needs to know I love her. Does she love me? I desperately need to know if she does. I know she cares, but as for love...I might have hurt her too much for that.

I sit on a chair next to her. The only sounds in the room are the beeping of those machines. I hesitatingly take her hand.

"Maria," I stop there. My throat's barely able to get the words out. "Maria, I don't know if you can hear me, but on the slight chance that you can, I'm gonna keep talking."

I'm silent for a few minutes. I don't know how to tell her.

"Our little girl is going to be okay, you know? She's really beautiful. Obviously, she takes after you."

If Maria were awake, she'd say I'm avoiding her. Avoiding the question. And she'd be right.

"You need to wake up. I really...need you to wake up. I need you, period. I'm so used to being on my own, that I didn't even notice I was attached to the idea of you with me. I don't know what to do without you..." I trail off. Even if she's not exactly awake to comprehend what I'm saying, it's still tough for me to say these things.

"I love you, you know? I wasn't sure if you did. I've never said it, but I always thought you'd know. I think I started to fall for you that night in that motel. You were the only one that understood my need for answers. Because you needed some of your own. "

I'm silent again for a while. I'm just holding her hand, clutching it really, and hoping everything will be all right.

"Michael?" a voice says from behind me. I turn around to see Liz poking her head in the doorway.


"Can I come in?" she asks. I nod, and she enters. She approaches the bed, slowly.

"I just wanted to let you know Alex and I are going home. We have school tomorrow. Do you need a ride?" she asks. She knows the answer already. I can see it in her eyes.

"I can't leave," I reply. She nods.

"Have you chosen any names yet?" she asks. It's such a mundane question, but I know Liz needs this reassurance. That Maria is just sleeping, and will wake up in the morning. Liz needs life to be rational. I know this about her because Max is exactly the same way.

"No. We never discussed it. We didn't want to get our hopes up, you know?" I reply. She nods again.

"She talked about it with me. She didn't want to bring it up with you," she says softly.


"She didn't want you to have any more pain if things didn't work out. She knew it'd be hard enough if the baby didn't survive. For you to have names planned out...well, she knew it'd be painful," Liz answers. For a couple of minutes, we don't talk.

"What did she want?" I ask, finally.

"Emily Isabel for a girl and Alexander Michael for a boy. Because Alex was really there for her when she found out. You know?" Liz answers.

"If that's what Maria wanted," I answer.

"Michael, she's going to be okay," Liz says, suddenly. I look at her.

"Really?" I ask. I can't help but be hopeful. I need all the reassurance I can get that she'll be okay.

"Of course. I think I know what happened. The strain of giving birth babies of their kind just took their toll on her. She's just resting really deeply," Liz replies. It's actually a plausible explanation. As for Alexander not survivng...I'm already referring to him as Alexander...not Alex, though. But, as for him not making it, maybe Maria's body couldn't handle both.

It's something to think about. And hope for.

"Michael, I do have to go now," Liz says. She surprises me by hugging me. No one has ever really hugged me. "You know, you're just like a brother to me, you know?"

And she's gone.

I'm starting to think that maybe more than just Max and Isabel care about me.

It could happen.

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