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"Love Takes Time"
"Here With Me"
Part 10
by Mellissa
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Summary: Maria POV
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
"This is not happening!" I cry. Another contraction has ripped through my body. Isabel looks worried. Can't say I blame her. After all, this is a hybrid I'm giving birth to. But if I get through this, I swear this kid's name is gonna be Isabel. Don't care if it's a boy.

"Maria, please just breathe. The others will be here soon," Isabel tries to reassure me. I throw my head back, and hold in a scream as another contraction hits. God, I am never ever doing this again.

"The...contractions...are...only a few minutes apart..." I gasp out. The swear is running down my face. "'s almost....time..."

"Maria?" a voice calls through the apartment. I sag with relief. It's Michael. He rushes into the bedroom, and kneels beside the bed. He's clutching my hand.

"How is she?" he asks Isabel. I want to tell him that he can ask me, but another contraction hits. They're coming faster and faster now...I'm so scared.

"The contractions are coming pretty quick. I hope Max and Liz get here quick. They're the only ones who know what to do," Isabel replies. My back arches in pain.

"It's going to be okay," he tells me. Boy, oh boy do I hope he's right. He brings my hand to his lips and kisses it. I'd be swooning if this wasn't his fault. Stupid alien.

The door opens again. Thank God, they're finally here.

"Maria?" Liz asks, as she and Max burst into the room. She looks at my face, and immediately, checks...down there. If I didn't want this baby out of me, I'd be embarrassed.

She turns to Max. "The baby's crowning." What the Hell did that mean? Max turns to Michael.

"That means she's got to push."

Don't gotta ask me twice. "Maria, " Liz says. "Push with the contractions. Less strain on your body." Boy, she's good.

I'm already pushing. I really hope this goes fast.

"The head's out," Liz calls. "Come on, Maria. Just one more big push."

"Liz!" I gasp, pushing. "Is it...normal?" I have to ask. All this. I just need to know. Liz looks up. I'm in so much pain, I can barely register her answer.

"Just as normal as you or me," she replies. I decide to do one more big push, and if that doesn't work, I'll just walk around pregnant the rest of my life.

"She's out!" Max calls. She? I'm hit again on another contraction. Oh, God, twins? I sink back on the bed, and continue pushing. If this is another baby....

"Max," I hear Liz whisper once the second baby is out. I'm almost unconscious now, but I can hear them.

"Why isn't he breathing?"

It's the last thing I hear before the blackness falls.

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