Fanfic - Other Stories
Part 1
by Trisha
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this story. They all belong to...well you there are too many people to name, but they surely do not belong to me, so please don't sue!! :)
Summary: This takes place before everyone finds out about Alex's death in "Cry Your Name." It is about the repercussions after the accident, and everyone's feelings.
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Rating: PG
(Takes place right before "Cry Your Name." No one knows about Alex's death. Maria doesn't even know about the kiss between Max and Tess. Somewhat spoilers.)

(Scene: Crashdown. Liz, Maria, and Michael are working. Max and Isabel are sitting in their regular booth. They are the only customers left. Liz and Maria are cleaning the counters.)

MARIA: So where were you after the prom? I saw Max, but I didn't see you.

LIZ: Oh.I was.I was with... uh...

MARIA: Please Liz, for the sake of MY health, tell me you weren't?

LIZ: Sorry.

MARIA: (Clutching her heart) Oh, my, the world is coming to an end! (Seriously) Please Liz, tell me you didn't do anything?

LIZ: No, I didn't do anything. I just needed to talk to someone.

MARIA: And why didn't you talk to Max about this problem of yours?

LIZ: (Looking at Max) Well, HE was kind of the problem.

MARIA: What do you mea---

(Telephone ringing)

LIZ: Don't worry, I got it.

(Liz runs to the phone and picks it up)

LIZ: Hello, this is the Crashdown, how can I help you?

(You can hear mumbling on the other end, but you can't tell who it is or what they are saying)

LIZ: Oh, hi Sheriff, what can I do for you?

(At the mention of the Sheriff, everyone looks at Liz expectantly. The mumbling continues, and you can see Liz's eyes widen, her mouth drops open, and tears form in her eyes. At the look on Liz's face, everyone rushes over to join her)

MARIA: Liz, what's wrong? What happened?

(Liz just continues staring into space. She slowly hands Maria the phone, and backs up against the wall. She places her hand on her heart, and slowly slides down the wall until she is sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest)


MARIA: Sheriff, what happened? What's wrong with Liz?

(More mumbling)

MARIA: (Crying/Screaming) NO! (She drops the phone)

(Maria falls to the floor, but Michael catches her)

MICHAEL: Maria, what happened?

MARIA: Oh god no! Please oh god! Not Alex, please not Alex!

ISABEL: (Now fully alert) What about Alex?

(Everyone is looking at Maria until an answer is provided from a the very stunned girl behind them)

LIZ: He's dead


ISABEL: (Tearfully) What?

(Maria is traumatized and Michael can't do anything about it. Liz stands up, but her balance is off and she falls only to have Max catch her)

MAX: Liz? Oh god, are you ok?


MAX: Liz please! Say something to me!

(More silence. Max continues looking at Liz in concern, while Liz just stares off into space until the terrified cry from Maria finally registers in her)

MARIA: (Crying/Screaming) LIZ!!!

(Liz looks up to see Maria fully sobbing and looking around frantically. It appears to look like Maria is looking for Liz. Liz tries to run to her, but Max won't let her go)

LIZ: (Forcefully) Let go of me!

MAX: Liz, God, talk to me, you need to talk to us! You can't run away from this!

(She finally breaks free by pushing extremely hard on his stomach and runs to where Michael is trying to console Maria and pushes him away too and grabs Maria and they pull each other into a fierce hug where they both collapse on the floor sobbing)


(Michael is trying to comfort a sobbing Isabel. Max is sitting in a booth by himself watching a very heart retching scene on the floor, which happens to be Liz on the floor stroking Maria's hair while she is laying down beside her with her head resting in Liz's lap. Michael comes over and pats Max on the shoulder.)

MICHAEL: How are they? (Pointing to the floor)

MAX: I don't know, and I can't imagine what they are going through.

(They both look at Liz and Maria)

MICHAEL: (Quietly) Me either man. Me either.

(Suddenly the front doors to the Crashdown open only to discover Mr. and Mrs. Parker along with Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Amy Deluca.

AMY: Oh my God, Maria!


(The 2 mothers run up to Liz and Maria who are still on the ground and kneel down with them)

NANCY: (While hugging Liz) Oh, honey, I am so sorry!

(The scene closes while the parents try to comfort their children)

THE NEXT DAY: (Outside of the school building we see 2 figures holding hands and staring at all of the commotion going on in the school; or if you look more closely, you can see that they are staring at a memorial of Alex Whitman by the fence. The 2 figures, who we now find out are Maria and Liz, take a deep breath and walk into the school while continuing to hold hands. In the school, we see everyone else all gathered together talking amongst themselves(Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, and Tess). Now, we see Maria and Liz walking in, and walking right past them ignoring the calls by Max and Michael. They are heading strait for Alex's Locker. They each touch his locker very carefully and they each put a single rose by his locker also. Then they turn around and walk outside toward the memorial. The others soon follow them until all 7 of them are seated at the bleachers in front of the memorial. Liz and Maria are sitting in front of the other 5 not seeming to notice them yet).

TESS: (Leaning over toward Max and Michael and whispering) What in the world are they doing(pointing to Liz and Maria), and why haven't they said anything to us yet?

LIZ: (Frustrated) What we're doing Tess is a little thing that we humans like to call praying. You should try it sometime.

MARIA: And to answer your other question, we aren't acknowledging you Tess, because, well, right now, we have a few more important things to do rather then worry about you and this whole alien crap.

(They all sit in silence for a while until Liz and Maria get up again, only this time they are heading for the parking lot)


(Over the last year and a half, the group had slowly drifted apart. Isabel from Max, Max from Tess, Tess from the Valenti's, Michael from everyone, and the only ones actually talking were Maria and Liz, who were never apart since Alex's death. They always did everything together. They even sometimes joined Kyle in their activities. But other than that, the humans and the aliens weren't exactly on speaking terms. We now here the Graduation song start up and a bunch of students file in. We see Max and Isabel sitting next to each other, who are also sitting closely by Tess and Michael. Apparently Maria got to sit by Liz even though her last name starts with a D; she is sitting right next to Liz. Finally we see Kyle sitting in the last row looking at the empty seat next to him. This was apparently where Alex was suppose to sit, and it looks like they are taking the time to acknowledge him. We see Maria and Liz look back and give him a sympathetic smile knowing what he was thinking, because they were thinking the same thing. Kyle gives them a little smile back. Now we see the pod squad looking at the humans and then quickly looking away. The camera zooms to the front podium where the principal is now standing waiting for the students' attention).

PRINCIPAL: Now, as most of you know today is the day that you all will finally graduate from High School! (We here a bunch of "duhs!" and "no really's!") Ok ok I get it. Well, to start off our ceremony today we have the very special Valedictorian Speech. Most of you know this student very well. She has excelled in all of her subjects throughout her High School career until a very tragic accident shook us all. Even then, this student keep her grades high and never complained. Well, I am sure you have all guessed who this very special person is by now. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2002 class Valedictorian, Miss. Elizabeth Parker!

(The audience applauses. We see Liz walk slowly walk up to the podium not even glancing at anyone in the crowd)

LIZ: Well, it appears that I have the great pleasure of standing up here and boring you for the next couple minutes with talk of our high school career's and blah, blah, blah, and blah again. I mean, who cares! We were already their, we lived it, why bring up the past? It is over and done with! So, no, I am not going to talk about the past! But...what I AM going to talk to you about is life.

(We here murmurs from the crowd)

Hey! Pay won't wanna miss this. It applies to even those of you who don't have a single clue about your futures. So, here goes nothing. I happen to know for a fact that about a quarter of our Senior class has absolutely know idea what they are planning for their future, am I correct?

(Murmurs again from the crowd)

Well here is a little piece of advice. Think harder! Think faster! Think about what you really want to accomplish in life. Think about things that you want to do with your life. Then start coming up with some ideas. I beg you, please do not spend 5 or 10 years of your life just figuring out what you want to do in life, never know which day will be your last.

(Looks around at the crowd)

Ok, I see I am losing some of you here, but, tell me this, do any of you really want to die without having accomplished anything at all in your life, I mean nothing at all?

(We see the crown considering this very thourely).

I know I don't! For example, as our principal here just said, last year our society lost a very special person. Alex Whitman, my best friend, died in a car accident last Spring. As quick as this(snaps fingers), 17 years of life..ended. In one moment, everything changed. Who new that one stupid car accident could change someone's outlook on life so easily. But it can! Alex's case only proved that for us!

Now, as Alex's best friend, I knew a lot about him. As like any other 17 year old, Alex had dreams. He had dreams of becoming a super computer dude! (Chuckles while holding back her tears that are threatening to spill over) He loved to play guitar and even had a band. He had great grades and was never a trouble maker. So why Alex? Why this special person, who meant so much to everyone's lives he touched? The! Life... it's hard, and it's painful... but, it's every day. We have to face it! Life has a coarse for us.. a plan. Bad things happen to good people and we can just never understand that. It is too painful for us to accept. So, I bet you are all wondering, what is her point? What does this have to do with the future. And the answer to that is, everything! Like I said before, Alex Whitman had dreams, just like everyone here. But, (Holds up a single finger), he was cut short. Alex never got to live out his dreams because So think real hard about your own personal future, and ask yourself, do I really want to wait for life to take it's own coarse, and possibly cut me short, or, do I want to live life like there's no tomorrow and seize the day? I hope each of you will choose the second option. I know I did.

So my advice to all of you, is...go to college. Make the best of yourselves. Do this, if not only for yourselves.than for Alex. Do it for all of the people who didn't get to choose their life, and to live out their own dreams. Thank you, and God bless!

(There is silence for a second as the camera pans to the students and we see a lot of the girls have tearstains on their faces. Liz just looks around the audience nervously waiting for any kind of reaction. We see Maria slowly stand up, tearstained, and looks directly at Liz and CLAP*CLAP*CLAP. We also see the other students stand up to and start clapping and cheering for Liz and her speech. Liz smiles and walks down the steps and back to her seat slowly. Now the principal stands up at the podium).

PRINCIPAL: Thank you Miss. Parker and good luck in the future.

(Liz nods her head "thank you.").

(The ceremony continues as usual)

(After the ceremony Liz, Maria, and Kyle are all sitting by a tree still in their gowns talking quietly. We see the Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess slowly walk up to them and sit down)

ISABEL: (To Liz and Maria) I'm sorry.

LIZ: For?

ISABEL: For everything. For the last year and a half, and.....and so much more!

MARIA: Thanks guys. You don't know how much that means to us.

MAX: Yeah,..I think we do.

(They all look at each other in understanding to have finally gotten paced the hurt and pain and on to the love, friendship and understanding)


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