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"Life Goes On"
Part 4
by Mandy
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Roswell characters mentioned in this story (except the ones I made up, obviously) and I don't own the song "Blessed" - that's Christina Aguliera's property. So is "I Turn to You" and the poem "I Asked for a Moment" was written by my best friend Angel.
Summary: Destiny has made its mark, but can Max or Liz really move on? Are the four aliens still safe? A new arrival answers both these questions and changes all seven lives forever…
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I wrote this a few weeks after I saw "Destiny" cuz I couldn't wait until next season to find out what happens. I know every author says this, but I truly believe that this story is similar to what will take place next season. Sure I was hoping that Tess would be grossly killed off in the first episode and have the six throw a party as the next episode but lets be realistic here. Anyways, I love feedback so please, talk to me! But be nice, please. I'm aware that I'm no Shakespeare.
On the way home, Jason drove through his new neighborhood exploring a little. He checked out all the nice houses. He watched as he saw an SUV pull up in the driveway to one of the houses and a familiar girl stepped out of it. A girl from school. Tess was it? He just thought it was so odd that all the lights were out in the pretty empty house and then one of his classmates pulls up into it. "Does she live alone?" he thought. Jason decided he would stop in and say hi. He just moved down the street and all so it would be nice to get to know some people his age. He pulled up in front of the house and stepped up to the huge door. Before he knocked, he peered in to the window and noticed something odd. Tess's dress was red. When she got out of the car it was blue. She couldn't have the exact same dress in a different color, not to mention, change into it in fifteen seconds. He watched longer and realized that she had never changed it. She waved her hand over her dress and changed it into purple. "Oh my God, she's one of them." Jason knew it. He had found one of the four aliens. Only him, his parents, and the rest of the council members had powers like that and he knew that the four aliens also could. He knew that now, finding the other three would be even easier. With that he knocked on the door.

Tess invited him in as they talked for a while. He eventually invited her over for dinner. Tess, being all alone, couldn't refuse. He drove her back to his home and there, he told his parents. They took her down to the basement and cuffed her to a metal table.

"Don't even think of using your powers, young one, ours are much stronger than yours. We'll override them in a second." A man said to her.

Jason went upstairs, not really sure of what the council would do when they took Tess to them. And knowing that she was the enemy, he really didn't care either. Jason never had really discussed with his parents what would become of the four aliens once the council got a hold of them. He had a clue that they would probably be killed, which was for the best. Jason's parent's planet and the rest of the council's planet had, had a firm grip on the four aliens' home planet for years, upon years and were not going to let these few people change that. Their race had to be destroyed, even if they were in human form and their powers were in the human brain capacity. Either way, they had enough strength to restore life to the distant planet. His family had spent their whole lives searching for the four of them, as did the rest of the council members. It wasn't until almost four months ago that a signal from the young aliens had led him and his family to Roswell, the location where they were thought to be. Of course it was logical, this was the place of the crash. A t least it was rumored to be. All from a fellow council member named William Atherton. He was rumored to have found one of the aliens but was killed. Jason knew that something like that couldn't and wouldn't happen, not to him.


Michael was waiting in the world civ classroom for the teacher to come in and give him her, "now Michael, learning is very important" speech. Mrs. Brown had asked him to wait there after last period so she ould talk to him. By now, Michael was used to it, as he seemingly always skipped 5th period on Fridays. Michael stood at the door with his hands crossed over his chest, looking through the small glass window. He noticed a few kids go down the hall here and there. One boy in particular, stopped at what seemed to be his locker and tried to open it. It appeared to be stuck as the blonde haired boy tried to pull it open. After much frustration, he looked around and then put his hand over the catch to the door. Michael watched in amazement as he removed his hand from over it and the door open very easily. He knew that he had just witnessed someone using powers similar to his own. Could it be another alien? A fifth? But nobody ever mentioned there being a fifth. There were only four in that book.

As Mrs. Brown opened the door to enter the room, Michael ran out. "Michael, Michael, where are you going?"

"Leaving" he yelled back down the hall to her as he ran away.

Michael followed the boy down the hall and watched him get into his red convertible. The boy sped away and out of sight.


Isabel and Max sat at a booth at the Crashdown silently. Isabel could see that her brother was in a glum mood so she didn't want to say anything. Finally, she broke the silence and decided that she needed to bring up the topic that seemed to be bugging everyone.

"I wonder where Tess has been these past two days. I'm worried Max. She couldn't be sick and she wouldn't play hooky. It's weird."

"Why don't you call her?" Max answered lifting his head a bit, trying to show some concern.

"I have. Four times. Max, something is obviously wrong if she didn't show up for school today. I mean I can understand one day, but two? Something is definitely up." Max raised his eyes from Isabel as he saw Michael run into the café and rush to their table.

"I've got news. Big news."

"What?" "What?" The siblings said simultaneously.

"There's another alien. He's here. In Roswell. I saw him use his powers today when I was waiting after school."

"What the hell are you talking about Michael? There's no other alien." Isabel said feverishly.

"Is, I saw it with my own two eyes. He waved his hand over his locker door and made it open. Maxwell, you got to believe me."

"Michael I do. What did he look like?" Max answered lowering his voice.

"Dirty blonde hair, tall, our age. I've never seen him around school before I think he's new or something."

Max thought for a second and then realized it. Jason. The one who likes Liz. Isabel and Michael could see that Max knew who he was describing.

"Who is it Max? Do you know who Michael is talking about?"

Max looked angry. "Jason Christensen. He's my chemistry partner."

Michael looked at Max a bit unsure. "Are you positive?"

"I know it. I could tell. I knew there was something about him. I could feel it." He said glaring at the table.

Isabel got scared. "Wait, you got a bad feeling when you were with him? Oh my God, Max, what if he's…"

"Our enemy." Michael said solemnly. "I mean, he wasn't in our book that Tess showed us, and he didn't come from one of the pods. And he can't possibly be like Nasedo, you know, like a shape shifter. I mean Nasedo would have said something if he was, right?" Isabel started to worry. What if this has something to do with the fact that Tess is missing? With that, Jason walked into the café. He saw Liz and walked up to the counter to her. They began to talk.

"What's he doing?" Michael asked.

"He's likes Liz." Max said quietly. "We have to tell her. She has to be warned. What if he wants to hurt her?"

"But you just said he liked her. And Michael said he's our enemy. He only wants us Max. She might be safe. He might not want to hurt her. It's us he wants, remember?" Isabel objected.

Jason and Liz walked out around the counter and went out the doors. Max saw them get into Jason's car and drive away.

"Michael, I think there's something you should know." Isabel started. "Tess is missing. Nobody's seen or heard from her since Wednesday afternoon. I think something happened to her."

"Jason you mean? He's found us?" Michael yelled.

"No," Max cut in, "I think he only knows that Tess is one of us. He's talked to me a lot since he's been here and he seems to have no clue."

"Still," Michael shouted, "it isn't safe. Who knows where Tess is? She could be dead for all we know." A deafening silence came over the table. The three of them knew that if Jason found Tess, she was probably already dead.

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