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"Letting Go"
Part 32
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max has come to terms with the relationship he and Maria share. Tess reveals some startling news the pod squad of something she uncovered in the compound while being held prisoner. The group is in their senior year of high school, but major changes lay ahead. When a call goes out to Nasedo offering a chance for the aliens to return home, they have to choose between what their mind and their heart says. Faced with the possibility of never seeing the humans again, the aliens must make a choice. Will they make the right one?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You must have read "Secrets" and "The Journey" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see the Other category on Crashdown.Com if you need either of the fictions.
Tess slowly opened the door to the Valenti house. She wasn't sure if she should knock or not. She could see Kyle sitting on the couch watching television. She walked through the door and over to Kyle. She carefully placed her hands over his eyes.

Kyle jumped. Who was touching him? Why? "Dad?" He asked, heart beating. He reached up and felt the hands. They weren't his dad's hands; they were a girl's hand. What girl would be at his house? And then he recognized their feel. "Tess?" He asked.

Tess removed her hand and Kyle turned around. A smile spread across his face. He turned around, kneeling on the couch and pulled her into a hug. He had almost forgotten how it felt to have her in his arms. They hadn't had very much time together before she had left to go back to Aardon. He released her and smiled. "Where have you been?" He asked.

Tess was so glad to see Kyle. She hadn't realized she'd missed him as much as she did when she saw him sitting on the couch. "We just got back." She said.

Kyle wrapped his arms around her neck. "You've been gone almost a year." He had felt lost and alone. The only time he could ever remember feeling like that was when Liz left him.

"We were held captive there against our will." She said. "We tried go come back, but we couldn't. If it hadn't been for Taye." Her voice drifted off.

"Who's Taye?" Kyle asked, a pang of jealousy shooting through his body.

"Someone from our planet." She said. "He flew us back here."

"What happened to Nasedo?" He asked.

Tess shook her head. They'd agreed to tell everyone together about Nasedo and that Tess and Michael were brother and sister. She couldn't tell Kyle now. "Were supposed to meet at the Crashdown later on tonight. You'll find out then." She said, smiling a mysterious smile. "Is your dad home?"

"Nope, he's working." Said Kyle.

"Oh, I guess I didn't think about that." Tess said and then added. "Why aren't you in school?"

"Graduated." He said, smiling. "Going to college to become a law enforcement officer. I only go to school three days a week."

"Following in your father's footsteps huh?" Tess asked.

Kyle laughed. "And grandfathers."

Kyle moved his mouth closer to hers. He wanted to feel her lips on his like the night she left. It was as if the kiss would prove to him she was really there. They were within inches of each other, he could feel every breath she took and then his mouth was on hers, savoring the sweet taste of her lips. He didn't want to ruin the moment so he pulled away first. "I'm glad you're home." He said.

"Me too." She smiled. "But."

Kyle's smiled faded. "But what?" He asked.

"Well, I'm not going to be able to stay here any longer. I'm going to move in with Michael for a little bit." She began.

"Michael?!?!" Kyle interrupted. "Why him? What happened?"

"I think it's better for us that we don't live together if we're going to date." She said, smiling. "I don't want us to get tired of each other."

Kyle smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. "I could never get tired of you." He said pulling her in for another kiss.

"Please," she said, when he'd finally let go of her. "this is something I need to do for myself. It'll give me the chance to kind of be independent. You and your father have been so good to me since I came to Roswell. I don't want to burden you anymore." She said.

"You aren't a burden." Kyle tried to explain. "We like having you here."

"There is so much you don't know yet." She said, looking away.

"So tell me." He pleaded.

She smiled. She wanted so bad to tell Kyle that she and Michael were brother and sister, but she knew she had to wait for everyone else. "I can't. Not until this afternoon." She kissed him on the lips. "I promise, it's nothing bad. Trust me." Kyle smiled. "All right. If this is something you have to do, then fine. As long as it involves staying here on earth."

"Don't worry, deputy, this girl isn't going to leave your sight for quite sometime." She said, moving her lips to his and kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

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