Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
Part 11
by Kari
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or anything to do with it. All rights belong to UPN and Melinda Metz.
Summary: This is my modern day version of a Roswell Cinderella story! This is totally AU!
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Isabella lost track of time, lost in a fantasy world. She never knew that just kissing someone could feel so amazing. Alex pulled Isabella closer. Just as the kiss was reaching its peak, the doors to the elevator opened.

Isabella heard a small giggle and looked up. She saw Liz standing there, covering up a smile. "I uh…think the elevator was stuck," said Liz. "Surprise! I fixed it."

"Oh, thanks," said Isabella, thinking that Liz had the worst timing in the world. She turned back to Alex. "Uh, well, I guess I'll see you later…"

"Yeah. Uh, thanks Liz," said Alex, as he and Isabella got out of the elevator. They each went their separate ways. Liz followed after Isabella like a little puppy.

"OH MY GOD, ISABELLA! You and ALEX WHITMAN were kissing! I can't believe…I can't believe that happened to my best friend! Wow…I am so happy for you! What was it like?"

Isabella kept walking, not looking at Liz. "Liz, there are no words to describe what kissing him is like. I mean, it's like totally inconceivable to someone who hasn't kissed him…I mean, WOW!"

Liz giggled and slung her arm around Isabella's shoulder. "You just may have found yourself some of that magic you want so badly with a guy."


That night Isabella talked Amy into letting her be the waitress in the classy little restaurant that was housed in the hotel. She wanted to see Alex again, even if it meant she had to wear the ugly black dress waitresses had to wear.

She took a deep breath and walked out of the kitchen, into the restaurant. Her smile was wiped off her face instantly. She saw the rest of The Whits and their security guards and managers…but not Alex. She walked up the large banquet table they were at and passed out menus. "Isn't Alex Whitman dining with you tonight?" she asked nonchalantly.

"No, man, it's weird," said Markos. "He said he had other plans. How could he have other plans? This is just a small hick town with nothing good in it."

Isabella nodded. He was right…it was just a small hick town with nothing good in it…well, except for Alex. As she headed back to the kitchen to get beverages she tried to think of what kind of plans Alex could have. As far as she knew he hadn't been anywhere all afternoon except his room and the elevator. How could he have plans? Isabella trudged back to the table, setting down wine glasses and filling them generously. She took their orders and headed for the kitchen once again. She handed the order to the chef who worked there in the evenings. "Here you go, Brody. Knock yourself out."

"Thank you," he said, expertly chopping up vegetables and dumping them in a pan.

Isabella stood around and watched Brody cook. There was nothing else to do…there were no other people to wait on, and Alex wasn't around…

Finally Brody finished preparing all of the orders and passed plate after plate of food to Isabella. She had to make three trips before she was done. She went back to the kitchen and collapsed against a counter.

"What's wrong?" asked Brody. Isabella smiled. He was so sweet. He'd always looked out for her…he was like a big brother.

"I'm just kinda bummed because Alex isn't out there."

"You like him a lot," said Brody.

Isabella looked up sharply. "What? Brody, how would you know…"

"I can see it in your eyes…and Liz told me about the infamous liplock in the elevator this afternoon."

Isabella blushed. "Yeah, ok, I like him a lot. And he kissed me. But…well…I need to talk to him. I want to know if this is going to go anywhere…I mean, he's famous. He could have any girl he wants…I doubt that the girl he wants will be me."

Brody lifted Isabella's chin so she was looking at him instead of the floor. "Don't be so unsure. You're beautiful, witty, smart, nice, funny…he kissed you because he likes you. I can practically guarantee it."

Isabella smirked. "Practically? Not totally sure?"

"Well, I'm not a psychic, am I?"


Isabella finished sweeping the floor of the restaurant and leaned the broom up against the wall. She turned the lights off and walked into the kitchen.

"OH MY GOD!" she yelled.

"Sshh…it's ok! It's just me!"



"You have got to stop running into me in dark places."

"Sorry…I just needed to talk to you."

"Yeah, I wanted to talk to you too."

"How about we go in the lobby?"

"Ok," said Isabella, leading the way. "Where were you tonight? Everyone at dinner said you had some other plans."

"I needed to go out and think."


"About the kiss in the elevator."

Isabella stopped walking and faced Alex. "Yeah…was that just like, you know, a random thing, or was it…"

Alex leaned in and kissed her. He pulled back and said, "No, it wasn't just some random thing. I really like you Isabella." She blushed and looked away.

"I really like you too…but you're famous, so…"

"So what? You think you're not worthy? That I should be with someone famous? No. I want to be with you."

Isabella looked up into his eyes and started to tear up. "What…did I say something wrong?" asked Alex, instantly concerned.

"No," said Isabella. "You said something right." She hiccuped and said, "I've waited so long to feel a certain way about someone…and now I think I'm feeling it."

Alex smiled down at her. "I felt it when I walked in and saw you cleaning windows. I just knew that there was something special about you…that we would connect."

Isabella looked at her watch and sighed. "I'm sorry, but it's late, and I need to get some sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow to clean…the auditions are the day after tomorrow…"

"It's ok. I should get some sleep too. But let me walk you to your room."

"Thanks." Alex grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers. Isabella smiled to herself and showed him the way to her room. They stopped outside the door and faced each other.

"I really need to kiss you," said Alex.

"And I really need you to kiss me," said Isabella, leaning in to capture his lips with hers. He pulled her into his embrace and deepened the kiss. They finally had to come up for air. They looked into each other's eyes, foreheads resting against each other.

"I think…I'm falling…"

"In love," said Alex, finishing the sentence. He smiled and gently brushed his lips against Isabella's one more time. "I think I better go back to my room," he said. "Or else we'll be out here kissing all night."

"I see nothing wrong with that," said Isabella, with a mischievous grin.

Alex smiled. "Yes, but I want to do this right. Take things slow. This is too perfect to rush."

"Well then, goodnight."

"Goodnight Isabella."

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