FanFic - Other
"Inside the Beautiful"
Part 1
by Desirae
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters -- they belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims ;p
Summary: Isabel looks back at some things in her life, wondering why and longing for true love. *very short*
Category: Other
Rating: PG
She sometimes drives out to the desert and thinks. Just thinking about things in general, like why did everyone in their "group" pair off except her. Why was she the odd one; the person who never really found out what she was looking for.

It was kind of ironic, though. Everyone always thought she was so beautiful. But beauty, as she found out, was a burden. Beauty wouldn't bring her a great love, beauty wouldn't make her happy. Maybe she could smile and hide herself under the latest fashions and makeup and let beauty make people assume that she was happy and perfect. But she wasn't.

She sometimes looks at Max and Liz, or Michael and Maria, and smiles a whimsical smile... a smile that's longing. But when she looks at Tess and Alex is when her heart really aches. She could beat herself up a thousand times for not being able to commit to Alex -- it was something that was inside her that made her drift away. And she didn't understand it, because all she wanted was a commitment ... and someone to love.

She liked her life, for the most part. She loves the sightseeing, the trips to other countries, the exotic people she met. She made beauty her career, so that she could make believe that she was happy. It was something to help cover the gaping hole in her heart that was waiting for someone to fill it.

Love, even if you were an alien, was still confusing. Maybe one day she would let someone see the beauty that was on the inside. Maybe someday she would find the person who would be her soulmate.

It hurt to think that every one of her friends found someone to be with, and she was still searching. She never let anyone know, because in some ways she was still Isabel Evans, the 'ice princess'. But in more ways than one, she was still that little six year old girl, waiting for someone to take her hand and lead her to her *true* destiny.

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