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"In A Boy's Dream"
Part 5
by Karen
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but an active imagination. All Roswell characters are the property of someone at the WB. "Reunion" is from Collective Soul.
Summary: Good vs. Evil with our Izzy in the middle (Guess who wins)
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Feedback appreciated. Just be gentle with me - it was my first time!!
When Max climbed back through his window, he found Michael sitting on his bed, flipping through a magazine.

"Where have you been, son?" Michael asked, mimicking Max's dad perfectly.

Max laughed at this. "When did you learn to do that?"

Michael changed his voice to sound like Max's. "Good thing I can do it - your parents would have called out the search hounds by now."

Max was astounded.

Michael spoke in his own voice. "Your mom knocked on the door fifteen minutes ago," he explained. "I changed my voice to sound like you and told her I was studying." He shook his head. "Good thing I was here. With your jeep being in the drive and all, they may have suspected you were, I don't know, abducted by aliens."

Max tossed a pillow at him. "What are you doing here, Michael?"

Michael stretched, tried to look casual. "Nothing really. Just wanted to see if everything was okay."

Max shot him a look. Did he know about the dreams? How could he know? Had Isabel.... Had Isabel been dream walking into his dreams again?

"Why wouldn't everything be okay?" Max asked defensively.

Michael held up his hands. "Down, boy."

"What did Isabel tell you?"

Michael sat up. "Max, I haven't talked to Isabel. What are you being so defensive about?"

Max paused, then sank to his squeaky desk chair. It was too late to turn back now. "I've been having some horrible dreams, Michael. I think maybe premonitions. Of bad things that are going to happen."

Michael leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "What kind of bad things?"

Max shrugged in defeat. "I don't know. I can't remember. I wake up and then the visions go away."

"How long has this been happening?"

"I don't know - maybe a week."

Max noticed Michael's intent gaze.

"What, Michael?"

"Have you talked to Isabel about this?"

Max shook his head. "No, I didn't want to alarm her."

Michael stood up. "Let's go get her."

"Michael, what is it?"

Michael turned to his friend. "Last week on my birthday, I got this jolt of fear, like something awful was going to happen."

Isabel paced her room, wringing her hands. She had tried for the last week to get into Max's head while he was sleeping. She hadn't been successful. Evidently as her powers to enter had increased, Max's powers of resistance had also.

Now she was hearing similar stories of horror from Michael. That day in the classroom came rushing back to her, as did the sound of Max's voice desperately speaking her name.

"Is, calm down," Max said, reaching for her arm as she passed and missing.

"Calm down, Max? How can I calm down? This is bad. Me, you, Michael - all getting the same message."

Michael was rocking on two legs of Isabel's vanity chair. "Not really, Isabel. You and I just got the fear. It seems that maybe only Max is getting the whole message. If he could just remember it."

Max put his hands up in resignation. "I'm sorry. I wish I could."

"Maybe you don't have to," Michael said.

"What do you mean?"

Michael turned his gaze to the pacing Isabel.

"Oh, no." Max stood and walked toward Michael. "I'm not going to let her do that."

Isabel stopped pacing and turned to the boys. "Do what?" she asked tentatively.

Michael looked from Max to Isabel. "If you could dream walk Max tonight, maybe you could see what is going on. Then he wouldn't have to remember."

Isabel's hand shot to her mouth as she remembered the flash of terror she'd received last week. "Oh, no," she squeaked, repeating Max's initial response.

"Come on, Is," Michael pressed. "I'd do it if I could - but you are the only one who can."

"Would you, Michael?" Max shot back. "It's so convenient for you that you can't do it."

Michael put the legs of the chair to the floor and stood up eye to eye with Max. "Yeah, I would. What are you trying to say, Max? That I would put Izzy in danger?"

"Sounds like it to me."

As the boys argued, Isabel felt a calm come over her body. She stopped wringing her hands and let them drop to her side.

"I'll do it," she said softly.

Both Max and Michael stopped mid-sentence and looked at her.

"What?" Max said, taking her arm.

Isabel shifted uncomfortably. "I was trying to get in there anyway, Max."

Max's dark eyes widened. "WHAT?!"

"I was worried," Isabel explained. "So I tried to get in, but the only time I could was when - " Isabel stopped, remembering Max's threat to kill her if she told Michael about him sleeping with her when he was scared. "When you had the first dream."

"What did you see?" Max asked, suddenly nervous.

Isabel smiled. "Just the Liz Parker show."

Max reddened.

"Michael's right," Isabel said, smile fading. "And I was going to do this anyway," she repeated. She swallowed, nodded. "Tonight."

Max shook his head. "Not tonight. Let's wait until tomorrow night. Mom and Dad leave for that convention in Vegas tomorrow. They wouldn't be here in case - " he glanced from Isabel to Michael and then back again. "In case anything weird happens."

Isabel and Michael agreed.

"Thank you, Isabel," Michael said, trying to express the fact that he knew she was putting herself in danger.

Isabel nodded her understanding, then turned to Max. "One more thing, my dear brother."

"What?" Max asked, afraid of which Liz Parker show she'd seen.

"Take down that steel curtain you have over your dreams. I couldn't get past it for the life of me."

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