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"I'm Glad You're Back"
Part 1
by Jez
Disclaimer: Do you REALLY think the neighbourhood squeegee kid owns Roswell?
Summary: Max's POV of the first meeting with Michael.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Happens along side of 'Hello Again' and 'Stay Forever.'
I like to sit on this fence. You can see almost everything from here. I can see all the way from the swings to the sandbox. That's at least half of the playground. I like this fence, because it's the best spot to look for him. My brother.

I lost my brother a long time ago. Back before I was Max Philip Evans. Back when I was nobody. I remember the day I was born. How many kids can say that? Only, I wasn't born a baby. I was born six years old with my sister, Isabel, and my brother. I don't even know his name. We were split apart before we had any names.

I still look for him. I try to find him. I can't help it. It's like a piece of me is missing because he is gone. I know that Isabel misses him too. She cries for him at night. Mom and Dad worry about her because of it. I worry too, but I worry for both of them. I wish I knew that he was safe.

I should have taken his hand. That thought passes through my mind a hundred times a day. I should have taken my brother's hand. He was scared. I knew that he was scared. I should have went to him. I should have grabbed his hand and drag him to the road. But I didn't. I let my brother down. And now, I don't even know where he is.

I wish that Isabel was here. She has to go to therapy every Monday at recess. That means every Monday recess I am left alone. So I look for my brother. Sometimes, I watch Liz Parker too. She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I can see her from here, making daisy chains with Maria DeLuca. Sometimes I wish that I could tell her who I am. . .

But I can't. I know I can't. I made a promise with Isabel. Even if I couldn't keep my brother safe, I will keep her safe. And that means that no one can know about my powers. Our powers. No one can know that we are different from regular people. That we have some kind of magic.

I wish that I could be normal. That I could have a normal family. I wish that Mom and Dad were really my parents. Our parents. And I wish that my brother was here. I wish that we could all live together and keep each other safe forever and ever.

I never told Isabel, but sometimes, when I look at the stars, I can feel him with me. Like he's right next to me, holding my hand, wishing on the very same star as me. And I stand on the grass, trying to keep him with me just a little while longer. But in the end, the feeling blows away from me like leaves in the wind. Because he was never there.

Could I have imagined him? He was real, right? I know he was. Even though sometimes he seems like a dream, I know that he's out there, waiting for us to find him. He has to be. I am always watching the kids around me. Just in case he is around the corner playing basket ball or tag with some other kids. I look at every kid I see and try to feel them like I can feel Isabel. But I never do.

I wonder sometimes if he is even looking for us. Maybe he just didn't want to come with us at all. But I never believe that for long. My brother was scared. My brother was scared, and I walked away. But I didn't know that I wouldn't see him again. I swear. Cross my heart. I thought that he would come after us. I thought that he would hide in the shadows for a while and come out again. But he didn't have a chance to. Because we drove away and left him all alone.

There is a fight in the play ground. At the jungle gym. I walk along the fence, hanging back from the crowd. I can see two boys fighting. I don't know who they are. But I can feel one of them. I can see his anger like fireworks all around me. It's my brother. I can feel him. He is fighting with one of the older boys.

It scares me that he is so mad. He's even hitting the teachers. And I know that it's my fault. I wasn't there to protect him. I should be fighting with him. Why is that older boy picking on him anyways? Can't he tell that my brother is hurt inside? I guess not. That boy is normal, and he can't feel my brother's pain like I can. How can one boy get so angry? I don't think I really want to know.

He's looking at me now. I think he recognizes me. Hello again. He is calming down a lot. Good. I hate to see him so upset. The teachers are taking him away. Where are they going with my brother? I start to walk after them, but there are too many other kids. Wait! Don't go! Stay forever!

When I finally squeeze through the crowd, they are gone. Suddenly, I am so scared. I can't lose him again. I have to protect him. He has to protect me. He's my brother, and he can't go! Me and Isabel need him!

I sneak into the school. I would get into so much trouble if I were caught. Kids aren't allowed in the school during recess. I can feel him, but I don't know where he went. I can feel Izzy too. Maybe she can help me find him. I know that she wants to find our brother more than anything in the world. I just hope that Ms. Watson will let her out.

There are lots of people in the hallway. Teachers. One of them was out in the playground today. He has a bloody nose from when my brother kicked him. Ms. Watson is out there too. All of them are talking in angry voices. They don't even see me.

I sneak past the teachers and slip into Ms. Watson's office. Isabel is in there. Hugging our brother. She looks at me. Isabel is crying.

"Look, Max! It's him! It's really, really him!" I walk over to them, and Isabel pulls me into the hug. She smells like tears, and my brother smells like blood. I'll try to fix those cuts for him later, when we're not in school.

I hug them both as tight as I can. It's hard because my arms are so small, but I don't let either of them go. He pulls away from us first. His eyes are watery, but he isn't crying. He runs his hands through his hair, making it stand up all over the place. Isabel sits back in her chair, wiping away all of her tears.

I stand beside her, and smile at our brother. "I'm glad you're back."

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