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"Honey, I Can't Remember"
Part 1
by John
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(Scene: The Crashdown Café.)

Liz: Maria…come with me…we have a BIG problem.

Maria: What now?

Liz: The walk in cooler in the back…it's not cold…all our food for the weekend is going to spoil. What a great time for my dad to be gone!

Maria: Is a fuse blown or something?

Liz: I checked the breaker switch marked cooler. It seems to be on.

Maria: This is bad. What about the freezer?

Liz: It feels OK, but it's way too small for all the food…and besides we can't wait to thaw everything when we need it.

Maria: Maybe Max and Michael could thaw things for us using…

Liz: Maria…no…don't say anything more out loud.

Maria: Could Alex fix it?

Liz: I don't know. He can fix computers but I don't know about coolers.

Maria: So what are we going to do. We can't let all the food spoil.

Liz: This happened once before about six months ago. There's some kind of switch or sensor in the back of it. I know my dad went in there and tapped on it and it stated working again.

Maria: Well?

Liz: I don't know where it is.

Maria: Let's go look inside.

(The two women walk inside the rapidly warming cooler.)

Maria: See anything?

Liz: No…but there's so many cases stacked in here. We could start moving some of this upstairs to our apartment refrigerator. That might save some of it.

Maria: I could take some home and use ours. I bet we could ask Isabel too. Mrs. Evans might let us put some things in theirs…I know they have an old refrigerator in their garage they use for party stuff.

Liz: That's all going to take time…and the food might spoil before we get anything done. Let's see if we can find the switch.

(The girls stumble around amongst all the food trying to locate the temperature sensor.)

Maria: Help me move this box of hamburger.

Liz: This shelf pulls out…maybe it's behind here.

(Moves the shelf.)

Maria: There's a small box on the wall back of this shelf with wires coming out of it.

Liz: I'll bet that's it.

(Liz taps on the box. As she does so, she hears the cooler motor start…then abruptly stop. The lights inside the cooler go out. The door, which was being held open my an electric magnet, starts to close.)


Liz: Quick…get the door before it….

(The door slams shut and the women are in near darkness. The only light is from a small window at the top of the door. The electric latch won't release to allow the door to open.)

Maria: Bang on the door…maybe the cook will hear us.

Liz: It's pretty noisy in the kitchen…and Steven's new. He may not think to come back here for awhile.

Maria: There going to start looking for us. There's only one other waitress and we're pretty busy.

Liz: They will…but will they look in the cooler?

Maria: Sooner or later they'll need some food from here. The little cooling tray only holds so much.

Liz: But I just filled it…that's when I noticed that the food wasn't as cold as it should have been.

Maria: Liz, do you smell something?

Liz: Probably food starting to spoil.

Maria: No…it smells like a gas…it's stinging my throat.

Liz: Cough…cough! Yes…mine too. Oh Maria, what is it?

Maria: Don't refrigerators use gasses to make them work. I remember studying something about them in science class.

Liz: Yes…and older ones like this have the kind of gas that hurts the ozone layer.

Maria: Does it hurt humans too?

Liz: I don't know…but even if it doesn't we may run out of air soon. We've got to get out of here. Bang on the door again.

(The women bang on the door, but no one hears them. Soon, the air is poisoned by the refrigeration gas and they begin to feel weak. They continue to pound on the door. Finally, Steven, their new cook hears them.)

Steven: Liz, Maria. Is that you in there?

Liz: (Weakly.) Yes Steven…get us out!

Steven: I can't open the door. The electric button doesn't work and the big handle is jammed.

Liz: The cooler power went out…try to pry the door open…hurry…we're running out of air and we smell refrigeration gas.

Steven: I'll get some help.

(Steven calls 911, then resumes trying to get the door of the cooler open.)

Steven: Hang in there girls, I've called for help.

Maria: I can't breathe.

Liz: Try to lie down…the air should better close to the floor.

(The paramedics arrive, but they can't move the door either. They finally decide they'll have to try to drill through it. Just then Max and Michael walk up and see all the activity.)

Max: (Asking a bystander.) What's going on?

Bystander: I guess some people are stuck in a big refrigerator.

(Max gets a flash of Liz and Maria, almost unconscious. Max and Michael both run into the back room. Michael tries the manual handle of the cooler but finds it stuck. Max starts assisting the paramedic crew as a way to divert their attention for a moment. Michael pretends to struggle with the door handle, but really uses his powers to free the jammed mechanism. He opens the door just as the paramedics rush into the room with oxygen equipment. Michael runs to Maria, but finds her unconscious.)

Paramedic: Get back everyone, we need everyone out of here. We need to get them some oxygen.

Max: Are they going to be OK?

Paramedic: Probably, but we need to get them to the hospital.

(The paramedics check their vital signs. They are both alive, but unconscious. After administering some oxygen, they prepare to take Liz and Maria to the hospital. Michael calls Maria's mom and Steven the cook tries to call Liz's parents cell phone. Max and Michael follow the ambulance to the hospital. They are in the waiting room.)

Max: Do we know what happened?

Michael: All we know is they somehow got trapped in the cooler…apparently it malfunctioned.

Max: A bit more serious than a hair dryer.

Michael: What?

Max: Oh…nothing…never mind.

(Just then Maria's mom arrives.)

Amy: Michael! What happened? Where's Maria?

Michael: She and Liz are in emergency. They got trapped in the walk in cooler at the Crashdown. They were both unconscious when the paramedics brought them here.

Amy: I'm going to find a doctor.

(Just then, Isabel and Alex arrive.)

Alex: We went to the Crashdown to find Liz…they told us what happened. How are they?

Max: We don't know anything yet They're still in emergency.

Michael: They were both unconscious when they were pulled from the cooler.

Isabel: I guess all we can do is wait. Did anyone contact their parents?

Max: The cook at the Crashdown was trying to get to Mr. & Mrs. Parker…I don't know if he got them. They were out of town. Maria's mom is here. She went to find a doctor that can tell her what's happening.

Alex: How did they get trapped?

Max: I don't know much. The cook said the cooler was not working right.

(Maria's mom walks back to the group.)

Amy: They're out of the emergency room. They've been taken to room 306. The doctors want to keep them overnight.

Max: Can we see them?

Amy: The doctors told me to wait a few minutes and then come up. We probably shouldn't all go in at the same time.

Isabel: I'm going to go back to the Crashdown and see if they located Liz' parents.

Alex: I'll come with you…then we can come back and see them.

Max: Good idea!

Michael: I don't know why, but I feel like something's wrong.

Max: Something is wrong. Our women almost suffocated.

Michael: I know…I mean beyond that.

Amy: I think we can go up now.

Max: Isabel and Alex...come back as soon as you can and let us know what you find.

Isabel: We will.

(Alex and Isabel head out while the others head up to room 306.)

Maria: Hi mom.

Amy: How are you feeling dear?

Maria: I'm a bit disoriented. Why am I in the hospital?

Amy: They said you were deprived of oxygen and breathed in some kind of gas.

Maria: How? Where?

Michael: You don't remember?

Maria: You…You're Michael Guerin…what are you doing here?

Michael: (Assuming she'd realize how and why, he gives he a knowing glance.) I helped get you out. Max and I followed the paramedics here. We were concerned about you and Liz.

Maria: Is Liz here too?

Amy: She's in the bed next to you.

Maria: So tell me what happened?

Michael: You two were trapped in the walk in cooler at the Crashdown. It gave off some kind of gas. Max and I arrived just after the paramedics.

Maria: You said Max. Max Evans?

Michael: Yes…of course.

Amy: Do you know why you were in the cooler?

Maria: No…the last thing I remember…uh…I was preparing to go back to school for the fall.

Amy: The fall? It's springtime honey!

Maria: What? How long have I been unconscious?

Michael: No more than two hours.

Maria: It seems like six months.

Amy: Think Maria…you've been working with Liz at the Crashdown…going to school…you and Michael have been seeing each other.

Maria: Michael Guerin and me…together? We're…

Amy: You certainly were when I found him with you in your room in the middle of the night not too long ago.

Maria: What? When? That couldn't be…

Amy: Don't worry about it now, honey. We're both here and concerned about you.

Maria: Michael…uh…I'm sorry. I appreciate your coming here to check on me. I'm sure you're a nice guy and all…but I just don't remember us…uh… together.

(Michael feels fear and frustration. He finally let someone in to his life and now she doesn't remember.) Michael: Like your mom said, don't worry about it now Maria. You'll remember. We've been through too much together to get to where we are. You have to remember.

Maria: What about Liz? Does she remember what happened?

(Meanwhile…Max has been holding Liz' hand…she was barely conscious…but she's coming around. He's hoping Liz hasn't lost her memory like Maria.)

Max: I think she's coming to.

Amy: I wonder if they found her parents?

Liz: What about my parents? Where am I?

Max: You're in the hospital. You were unconscious.

Liz: Who…why? You're Max Evans.

Max: Last time I checked.

Liz: Why are you here. Where's my mom?

Amy: Liz? Are you…

Liz: Amy…is Maria here?

Amy: She's in the bed next to you. You were both trapped in the cooler at the Crashdown It malfunctioned and you breathed in some kind of gas.

Liz: I don't remember that. I must have passed out.

Maria: Hey Liz! I think we have some catching up to do. Do you know what month it is?

Liz: Sure, September.

Maria: They tell me it's springtime…not fall.

Liz: I don't know what you mean… I thought we just started school. As far as I know, it's September.

Max: What else can you remember?

Liz: Uh…I'm going to a football game with Kyle tonight.

Amy: There's no football in the spring.

Liz: It can't be spring…I just started school a few days ago.

(Max thinks: "oh no…not Liz too". Just then Isabel and Alex return and enter the room.)

Alex: Steven the cook contacted Liz' parents. They are on the way.

Liz: Alex…I'm so glad to see a familiar face.

(Max feels hurt; turns away.)

Liz: Where are my parents?

Alex: They were out of town arranging for a new outdoor sign for the Crashdown, but, as I said, they're on their way here now.

Max: Liz…I…uh…do you remember why you and Maria were in the cooler?

Liz: I don't even remember going to work today. What day is it?

Max: It's Wednesday.

Liz: Oh dear…I'm so confused. Alex, Isn't that Isabel, Max' sister?

Alex: Yeh. She and I are kind of together. Don't you remember?

Liz: You and Isabel? You're together? Now I'm totally confused. What about you, me, and Maria?

Alex: We're all still friends…it just that now we have significant others. I have Isabel, Maria has Michael, and you have Max.

Liz: I'm with Max? Max Evans? I've always wanted…I can't believe…Oh…This is so weird.

Max: We've been very happy together lately, Liz. I've never been so happy in my life.

Alex: Trust me Liz; you and Max are…well…inseparable.

Liz: Well…I don't… Alex, is this all true?

Alex: Absolutely! Liz, you've just got to remember what we have going. Six is better than three. Trust me!

Max: Let's give them both some time. I'll bet they'll remember everything by tomorrow.

Amy: Maybe you all better go now. I'll stay with both of them until Liz' parents get here.

Michael: Isabel and Max…let's head to my place…we need to talk.

Liz: Thank you all for caring for us. Max…you don't know how much I want to believe this is true. I've been in love with you from afar for such a long long time.

Max: I know…you've told me…and I've been watching you since the third grade. Fortunately, it hasn't been from afar recently. I love you, Liz.

(Max kisses Liz. She feels comfort…a peaceful feeling…like an old familiar song…but she can't understand why.

Max: (pause) Liz Parker…this just can't be happening. You've got to…

Liz: I…I…Max honey, I can't remember…

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