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"Heart of Maria"
Part 4
by Michelle
Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the WB, but the incidents are my work of fiction.
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One week later. Dolphina Spa and Resort, Kingston, Jamaica

"Forget Roswell, I vote we MOVE to Jamaica!" Isabel had just returned from a facial, but her glow seemed to come from the inside.

"If we could move into the spa, I'd be with you on that," Liz said. Her long dark hair was shining brighter than ever after a session with Dolphina's hair stylists.

A waitress knocked on the door, bringing their room service breakfast. Maria dug into the fruit basket, and a huge smile spread over her face. "Well, if we can't move here, we should at least smuggle the fruit back!" she said.

Liz and Isabel joined her. "Oh my God, this is the epitome of fresh!" Liz said.

Maria glanced at the clock. "My aromatherapy massage is in ten minutes. I better get going. Do you have anything scheduled for this morning?"

They shook their heads. "I think I'll write to Max." Liz pulled out the postcards she'd bought the day before.

"I should write to Alex, but maybe I'll buy him a T-shirt instead," Isabel said. "What do you think? I guess I'll check out some of those gift shops and see what there is."

As her friends got busy talking about their boyfriends, Maria left for her massage. She kind of wished there was someone back home for her to write to. But Michael was out of her picture, and no one knew where Kyle was. Besides, after his mother died, why would he want to hear what a great time she had in Jamaica?

By this time she was at the massage room's front desk. "You'll be with Marley," the woman said after she gave her name. "He's at the table in the back."

Maria changed into the robe the spa gave her, then went to the table in the back. A tall Rasta was standing there. His skin was a deep chocolate color. His dreadlocks looked smooth, and his brown eyes shone.

"Oh, MON," he whispered as she came closer. "Are you Maria?"

"Yes," she said, stunned by his face and his accent. "Marley?"

He nodded. She got on the table and lay down. She caught a whiff of bergamot coming from him, or maybe it was just the little vials he had on the table next to him.

"So, what kind of aromatherapy would you say you need?" he asked.

"Oh, ever since I got here, I have been so happy," she said. "But back home, my boyfriend left me before we really started anything, and this guy in my class ran away. But other than that, I've been fine."

Marley pulled out a vial and sprinkled droplets on her back. It WAS bergamot. She breathed in deeply, but her breath caught as Marley touched her. His hands were smooth, strong, and the perfect temperature. She reveled in the massage, getting more into it as her added jasmine oil to the mix.

"How long will you be here?" he asked her.

"Just for the rest of the week," she said. "I won that Dolphina contest, and a week here was my prize."

"Congratulations," he said. "And you've been at the spa most of the time?"

"Almost all day, yeah," she said. "My friends and I go out to dinner sometimes, but we're trying to make the most of this spa by doing everything."

"You've not even begun," Marley said. "How about I show you the island tonight?"

Hours later, Maria and Marley walked on the beach under a starlit sky. "You really took a trip to Roswell?" she asked.

"Yeah, mon," he said. "It was part of a trip to see America. But all the alien designs scared me, so we left as soon as possible."

They stopped. "It's getting pretty late," she said. "I better go back before Liz and Isabel send out a search party, and didn't you say you had an early morning massage?"

"Yeah, mon," he said. "Will I see you again?"

"I hope so," she said.

Marley gently kissed Maria. At first that was all she noticed, but then a few other things got in the way.

A younger Sheriff Valenti with a woman and a baby. Kyle in seventh grade with a history test he flunked. A little boy playing with a mutt in the desert. Maria's face. A basketball going through a hoop. Kyle sitting in the waiting room with Liz, waiting for news about her grandmother. A toddler throwing popcorn when he saw E.T. at the movie theatre.

[There's something familiar about this,] Maria thought, trying to make sense of it and still kiss Marley. [But what is it?]

A segment from MTV's Spring Break in Jamaica. A Bob Marley CD. Kyle growing his hair into dreadlocks.

Maria had never seen anything like this before...except when she kissed Michael, another alien. She pulled back, startled. "What's wrong?" Marley asked.

"I'll tell you what's wrong, KYLE! What are you doing in Jamaica when there's an APB on you back home in Roswell?"

"Who is this Kyle, mon?" But Maria had seen the look of fear on "Marley's" face. That gave it away for her.

"Drop it, Kyle. Do you have shape-shifting powers, or is this just a wig?" She pulled a dreadlock, as if pulling a wig off. As he winced, she realized they were stuck to his head. Shocked, she rushed back to the hotel.

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