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"Future Fantasies"
Part 1
by Cheri
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Summary: It’s a week before school starts their sophomore year. Alex, Liz and Maria are having a sleep over at Maria’s and decide to make up their own version of what the next year will bring. Set before The Pilot.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: During another boring day at work I came up with the idea for this fic. I thought it would be interesting to put them in this situation. I hope you like it. Feedback would be appreciated! Also, to make their story flow, it was hard to use quotations. Instead I used their initials.
“Maria, thank you for inviting me over tonight. I don’t know if I cold handle another puking session with Kyle tonight.”

“I still don’t know what you see in him. You could do so much better, Liz.” Maria said.

“So true, Deluca.” Alex said.

“Maria, how did you convince your mom to let Alex stay over tonight? I mean, she’s not even going to be here is she? I thought Alex had been banned from our sleep overs.”

“Easy. I told her that there is no way either of us really sees Alex as a guy. No offense, Alex.”

“None taken.”

“That he is one of our best friends and that his gender doesn’t really count.”

“Gee, thanks, Maria.” Alex said. “Did you tell her I’m gay, too?”

“No. Should I have? Well, anyways, then I told her it would be much safer if he was here. And when she didn’t buy that I flat out begged her.”

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Alex asked not knowing what they did at sleep overs anymore.

“Well, I thought we’d give each other facials and do each other’s hair.” Maria said.

“I thought we were going to do pedicures. I have the perfect shade of purple nail polish that would look great on you, Alex.” Liz added.

“Funny. So, funny.” Alex said sarcastically.

“Actually, I thought that we would veg in front of the TV with a video and then have a gab session. It’s been so long since we’ve done that.”

“What movie?” Liz asked. “Hopefully not Titanic, again.”

“No, the video store had rented them all out already. Besides, Leo is losing his appeal, anyways.”

“So, what did you get?” Alex asked.

“The old standby.”

“The Breakfast Club? Do you realize that we’ve watched that movie atleast once a year together since fifth grade?” Alex said.

“So, I suppose you have a better idea? The Brat Pack not good enough for you, now, Alex?” Maria teased.

“Are you kidding? Molly Ringwald putting on her lipstick without using her hands, that is cinema perfection!” He said with a smile. “I’ll go make the popcorn.”

***** After the movie they all sat in Maria’s room on the floor.

“So, have you got your schedules yet?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, it came yesterday.” Liz said.

“I can’t believe that school starts in a week. Where did the summer go?” Maria said.

“I know.” Both Liz and Alex said together.

“So, what do you think will happen this year?” Maria asked.

“Anyone’s guess, really.” Alex replied.

“Hey, I have an idea. How about we make up what we think could happen.” Liz said.

“Like a make believe fortune telling session?” Maria said excitedly.

“Yeah. And it can be as over the top as we want it. Alex, you start.”

“Uh, not me. Maria, you go.”

So Maria started…..

Maria: Okay. I see our Sophomore Year as being one of the craziest years ever. Alex: Yeah, it really starts out with a bang! Liz: I see us making new friends. M: I see you with someone other that Kyle. A: Me, too. I see you falling in love and finding your soul-mate. M: I see you with Max Evans! L: I don’t think so, Maria. Not Max. Anyone but him. M: Please, girl. This is our fantasy, remember? So, you’re with Max and everything is perfect. L: Well, if I’m with Max, then you’re with Michael Guerin. M: Michael Guerin? EEEWW! Why him? L: Well, he’s Max’s best friend and you’re my best friend, so we should stick together. A: Okay, applying what you just said, than I’m with Isabel. After all she is Max’s sister. M: Oh, Alex. Good reasoning. So getting back, you and Max have this perfect relationship. But then one day you find out he’s been hiding something from you. He has this huge secret that could destroy us all. L: And what might that be? A: He’s an alien. In fact, they all are. L: Alex, they can’t be aliens. M: Why not? This is Roswell. You know- Alien Capital of the World. A: Okay, so they’re aliens and Max is like their leader. M: Yeah, and Isabel is like a Princess. Gee, could almost be true…. L: Maria! So if Max is the leader that means Michael is like second to the throne. M: So Max is hiding this secret to protect you. A: But then something happens and he tells you everything. M: And of course you tell us! A: Then, the whole next year we are on the run because it leaks out what they are and we are all being hunted. L: Yeah, but we all stay together, because friendship is so important to all of us. M: Yeah and then their people come for them and they have to decide whether or not to go home. A: Or stay on Earth with us. L: And they decide to stay of course. And then you and Michael run away and elope. A: And have hundreds of human-alien babies, because it turns out they breed in litters. M: Funny… So, Isabel and you do the break up- make up game. In fact, that is how your relationship continues. L: Because she doesn’t trust her feelings, but she loves you. And she knows how you feel about her. A: Let’s see… You and Max eventually marry. That makes you Queen. You have your own small litter of kids and live happily ever after. M: Surrounded by friends.

“Wow! We do have great imaginations.” Liz said.

“Speaking of greatness, I picked something up for you the other day, Miss Scientist.” Alex said pulling a package out of his backpack.

“A journal. I was going to get one this year.”

“I know.” Alex said handing Maria another package.

“An aromatherapy set? Oh, Alex. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

“Alex, why are you giving us gifts.

“Because you are two of the greatest girls in the world. And you deserve to be pampered once in a while.”

“Both girls got up and sat down next to Alex and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked smiling.

“Because you are the best guy friend a girl can ever imagine having.” Liz said.

“And these girls in Roswell are fools for not seeing how wonderful you really are.” Maria added.

“You’re making me blush.” He said.

“You know I hope that atleast part of our fantasy comes true.” Maria said.

“Which part?” Liz asked.

“The part where we stay friends forever.”

“That’s going to happen, Maria.” Liz told her

“And here I thought it was the part involving you and Michael.” Alex teased.

“OOH…Quit it. You’re going to give me nightmares! I will NEVER EVER think about Michael Guerin that way!

“Okay, Maria. You don’t have to yell.’ Alex said.

“Do you suppose that we could find love like we talked about?” Liz asked.

“Only if you stop dating Kyle Valenti.” Maria chuckled.

***** Later that night after Alex was asleep on top of his sleeping bag on the floor, Liz and Maria were talking on her bed.

“Maria, why did you choose Max as my ‘true love’?”

“Are you blind? The boy is hot, besides I think he likes you.”

“No he doesn’t. I mean why would he? I am so ordinary.”

“Ordinary? You? Liz, you’re smart and beautiful and so nice. What guy wouldn’t want to date you?” Maria explained. “Wait. Do you like him?”

“It doesn’t matter, because it would never work. Besides, I’m going with Kyle.”

“Somehow I don’t think that Kyle is your destiny.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Liz laughed. “Maria, why did you get so defensive about Michael?”

“Huh? I didn’t get defensive.”

“You almost took Alex’s head off." Liz said adding, "I’ve seen you notice him when he comes into the café, Maria.”

“Taking a look is different. Michael is cute and all, but it could never work.”

“Why not?”

“Well there’s his hair, his clothes, the fact he looks like a stalker.” She rambled.

“Sounds like a love connection to me!” Alex said from the floor.

“Let’s get him!” Maria yelled as both girls jumped on him and pounded him with their pillows.

***** Eight o’clock the following morning, Amy Deluca opened Maria’s bedroom door to discover both girls snuggled up to Alex- one on each side. She had seen this scene many times from when they were kids.

But now it seemed different, almost grown-up. The way Alex possessively held the girls, even in sleep, like he was protecting them.

Amy’s one wish that morning was that they would always have each other and that they would remain friends.

The End

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