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"Freaks and Geeks of Roswell"
Part 16
by kari
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Summary: What happens when a dare goes too far? Who will get hurt?
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Rating: PG-13
THUMP! Liz hit the floor.

"Liz!" Max leaned down next to her, patting her cheeks gently to try to bring her out of the faint. "Liz, are you okay?"

Liz slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times before she realized who she was looking at. "Max? Max! Get away from me!" She pushed him away and tried to stand up, but she stumbled and fell back into Max's arms.

"Liz, you need to take it easy. Let me help you."

"No, Max. Leave me alone. You're…you're some kind of freak! Let go of me! I need to find Alex." Liz started to walk away, walking like she was drunk. Max followed after her, pleading.

"Liz, please. Let me explain. Give me a chance. I'm the same person you've always known…but now you know my biggest secret. Liz, please just listen to me. Liz…"

She walked away, not wanting to look back at him. She didn't trust him…and she was scared. She didn't want to hear the whole story from him or anyone. She wanted nothing to do with him. She had to find Alex and have him take her home.

Max stood there, watching her and then ran after her and grabbed her arm. He started to pull her out of the gymnasium.

"Max! Don't!" Liz started to whimper…she really looked scared of him.

"Liz, I need to explain this to you. You need to know the truth. Please don't be scared of me…I could never hurt you."

Liz struggled as he lead her to the eraser room. They went inside and stood on separate ends of the small room.

"Max…I…I don't really want to hear about your weird alien stuff…"

"Liz, just let me tell you. I want you to know about my life…and the others."

"Others? You mean…oh my god! There are other aliens!?"

"Yes, Maria, Michael, and Isabel are also aliens. Tess already knows about us." Liz put her hand to her forehead and leaned against the wall.

"I think I'm feeling faint again," she said. "There are four aliens in Roswell."

She gave a little nervous giggle. "Of course…Roswell is the UFO capital of the world…where else would you find aliens?"

"Liz, we're not horrible little green creatures with laser guns who want to take over the world. We are hybrids. Our alien DNA was mixed with human DNA. We came here in the crash of '47. We were in some kind of incubation pods…we hatched in 1989 and we all looked like normal 6 or 7 year old kids. Maria and I were adopted together, and Michael and Isabel were adopted together."

"So…where are your real parents?"

"We don't know…we're pretty sure they died in the crash, but first someone got our pods to safety. Anyways, we have some small powers, and that's how Tess found out. She saw Maria and Isabel using their powers."

"What kind of powers? Can…can you kill someone? If you can, you'd better kill me…before I tell Valenti about you…"

"We've never tried to kill anyone…and I don't want to kill you Liz. I don't believe you'd go to Valenti…"

"He's my uncle, Max. I could go to him and tell him everything you just told me…and he'd believe me."

"But, why? Why would you want to turn me in?"

"You should have told me before…before I fell in love with you…" Liz looked down at her feet.

"You…you love me?" Max asked, thrilled at what she had just said.

"I did…I can't now. You didn't tell me before. This is a big thing…something I deserved to know from the beginning…now you can't be trusted, at least in my eyes. And I have to tell Valenti…for all I know, you could be a killer and just don't want to admit it to me." Liz turned and ran out of the eraser room, leaving Max alone, tears in his eyes.

Liz had fallen in love with him, but now she was afraid and repulsed by him. She might turn him and the others in…Max ran for the gym. He needed to tell the others so that they could hide or leave Roswell.


Liz ran into the gym and spotted Alex across the room, dancing with Isabel, smiling and totally clueless. 'Not for much longer,' thought Liz. 'Soon he'll know the truth about Isabel…and then he won't be so head over heels in love with her.'

She ran over and grabbed him by the arm. "Alex, come on, we're getting out of here right now."

"Whoa, wait!" said Isabel. "What's wrong Liz? Did Max do something wrong?"

If looks could kill, Liz's glare at Isabel could have killed the population of China. "Don't you dare even speak to me you alien freak!"

Isabel's face paled and she gasped. Alex looked at Liz and said, "Geeze, Liz. Rude much? What is wrong with you?"

"Alex, please. We have to leave now!" She dragged him out of the gym and outside.

They started to walk home.

"Ok, Liz. This was just like the best night of my life…so you better have a damn good excuse for being so rude to Isabel and to me!"

"Alex…Max, Maria, Michael, and Isabel are aliens."

Alex looked at Liz. "What the hell are you talking about? Aliens? Come on Liz, we aren't little kids any more."

"Alex, I'm not kidding. Max kissed me and I saw these flashes…these images. I saw the ship crashing…and Max and Maria using their powers to fly a kite. Max explained to me that they were in the '47 crash."

"Liz, will you listen to yourself? You're absolutely crazy! The '47 crash was nothing more than a weather balloon…everyone knows that!"

"No, listen to me, Alex! I'm not kidding! They were in some type of incubation pods and they hatched in 1989 and looked like little kids. They all have powers…I don't know exactly what they can do, but they could be dangerous!"

"Liz, you know this is extremely hard to believe, right? Cause right now I want to rush you to the nearest loony bin…"

"Alex, I'm telling the truth. We need to go to Uncle Jim and tell him, right now!"

"I…uh…sure…I'll go with you…but Liz, I still don't believe you."

"I'm not lying to you Alex. There are four aliens in Roswell."

"Ok. I believe you believe, Liz. I hope that's enough for you, cause that's all I can give. I believe you believe."


Max ran faster than he ever had before. He reached the gym and grabbed Isabel away from the refreshments table and then grabbed Michael and Maria, who were making out on the bleachers. "Come on, we have to get out of Roswell. Liz knows…and she said she's going to tell Valenti."

"Oh shit!" said Isabel. "That's why she called me an alien freak! Why the hell did you tell her, Max? You know that after Tess found out we all swore never to tell another human…"

"It was an accident. We kissed and she saw flashes. She asked me…I couldn't lie to her. She passed out and when she came to again, I told her…everything. I thought she'd take it better, but she totally freaked. She hates me now…and she's taking Alex with her to go and tell Valenti."

"We can't just leave Roswell, Max," said Maria. "Then we'll be verifying that we are aliens…we need to convince Valenti that Liz is lying."

"We need Tess to help us," said Michael. "She is with Kyle now…she can somehow convince Kyle that Liz lied, then he can tell his father."

"Great idea for once, Michael," said Max, slapping him on the back. "I'll go get Tess." He ran back into the gym and grabbed Tess right out of Kyle's arms. "Sorry, Kyle. I need to talk to Tess. It's urgent."

"Max, what is it?" she asked as he dragged her back to the rest of the group.

"Liz knows…about the four of us. She's going to Valenti. We need to you convince Kyle that Liz is lying, so that he can convince his dad."

"Whoa…I don't know if I can do that. Why don't you just leave Roswell?"

"It's too dangerous," said Isabel. "We'd be proving it to them. If we stay here and act normal, they might not suspect us…"

"Yeah, but if Valenti does believe Liz, you'd be captured in no time…at least if you run you have a chance."

"A chance of what?" asked Michael bitterly. "Getting caught by the FBI and tested on? No thanks."

"But Valenti could turn all of you over to the FBI anyways," argued Tess.

"We'll handle that if it happens," said Max. "Right now, think of how you can convince Kyle that Liz lied. Kyle will probably find out about this tonight from his father, so you better talk to him first thing in the morning. We'll be hiding out in the desert, in the cave by our pods."

Tess nodded and headed back into the gym. "Well, let's go then," said Maria, grabbing onto Michael's hand for comfort.


Liz and Alex finally reached the police station. They ran inside and were going past the front desk, towards their uncle's office, when they heard Deputy Hanson call out. "Hey, kids. Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"We need to talk to the sheriff," said Liz. "It's an emergency."

"Oh, well, sure, go on then," said the Deputy. They ran to the sheriff's office and walked in, not bothering to knock on the door.

"Hey…Liz, Alex? Why aren't you at that dance down at the high school?"

"We need to tell you something," said Alex. "Well, Liz does."

"Uncle Jim…there are four aliens in Roswell." Jim Valenti stood up so fast he was light headed for a few seconds. He believed Liz. He had always believed in the existence of alien life forms. He'd always wanted to capture one and be famous for it. Now was his chance.

"Who are they Liz? I need to know names."

"Max and Maria Evans, and Isabel and Michael Guerin." The sheriff jotted down the names and looked back up at his niece and nephew.

"Kids, thank you for telling me. And now, I need you to stay out of this. This is not to be discussed with anyone. None of your other friends can know this…ok?"

"Ok…uh…Tess Harding knows about them. She has for a while, I guess." The sheriff jotted her name down too and muttered, "We'll have to capture her too."

"Well, uh, we'll see you later, Uncle Jim," said Alex.

"Ok, and remember…no one else can find out about this."

"What…what are you going to do to them?" asked Liz.

"First I need to capture them and get some information out of them. If they don't cooperate I may need to call in the FBI and have some testing done…nothing you kids need to worry about. Now, head on home. You were never here tonight, got it?"

Alex and Liz nodded and slowly left the sheriff's office.

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