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"Freaks and Geeks of Roswell"
Part 14
by Kari
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Summary: What happens when a dare goes too far? Who will get hurt?
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
The Spring Fling Dance was quickly approaching, but Max still hadn't found the right was to ask Liz to go with him. He knew Michael and Maria were going, and Alex and Isabel were also going. They were always talking about how much fun it was going to be, making Max feel left out.

Finally, a week before the dance, he decided to just go for it. 'What the hell,' he thought. 'I've got nothing to lose. I'm already a pathetic lovesick fool.' As he was passing her in the hallway between 5th and 6th periods, he handed her a note. She took it, but didn't say anything.

Liz walked into her English class, picking a seat in the back corner. She slowly unfolded the note from Max, took a deep breath, and started reading it.

Hey Liz,

I really need to talk to you. Please meet me in the eraser room after 6th period. Pretty please? (With sugar on top!)



Liz sighed, knowing this would be a good chance to do what she wanted to do. She just didn't know if she was completely ready…


Max waited impatiently in the small, dusty eraser room. He looked up as the door opened. He gasped and had to look away. She was so beautiful. Every time he saw her, the urge to kiss her was stronger.

"Max, I need…I need to say something," Liz said, her voice trembling.

"Liz, let me just-"

"No, Max. Let me say what I have to say first. Please?"


"I…I like you. I like you more than a friend." She looked into Max's eyes and felt like she was floating. "And, well, the reason I said I didn't want to go out with you is because of what someone told me."

"What? Who?"

"Maria. She told me you were different. She said that us having a relationship wouldn't be good for either of us. That you just couldn't be with someone like me. And then…I got scared. See, she asked me…about these dreams." Liz looked down at her feet in embarrassment. "She told me you'd been having them too. I was really confused…"

Max tried to compose himself as he angrily said, "I can't believe she said all of that to you. She is going to regret-"

"Max, calm down. She's your sister. I'm sure she's just trying to look out for you."

"She's younger than me…I don't need her looking out for me."

"Max…can we just focus here for one minute? This is really hard to say, I'm trying to keep from blacking out here."

"Just say it."

"Will you go with me to the Spring Fling Dance?"

Max thought he'd heard her wrong. "Liz? Did you-"

"Yes, I just asked you. I…I want to go with you."

Max smiled. "Liz, I'd love to go with you." Liz stood there, nervously playing with the hem of her shirt.

"So, Max, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Uh, actually, I was going to ask you to go to the dance with me."

Liz nodded, and then looked at her watch. "I should go."


"Bye Max. See you later." Max watched her go, feeling happy enough to do a little jig.


After 7th period, Tess saw Kyle walking down the hallway. She quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him into the eraser room.

"Tess? What are you doing?" asked Kyle. "I have to go to track practice-"

He was cut off as Tess kissed him. After a few seconds she pulled back.

"Wow," said Kyle, in shock. "What was that?"

Tess giggled. "That was a kiss."

Kyle blushed. "I know that. I meant what was that for?"

"I just felt like it. And now I feel like asking you to take me to the Spring Fling Dance."

"Uh, um, sure! I mean, I'd love to take you."

"Ok," said Tess, slipping out of the eraser room, leaving Kyle alone. 'What's the matter with me?' he wondered. 'I usually don't get nervous around girls. But with Tess…I'm a dork!' He shook his head and concentrated on thinking about good things…like the way Tess had kissed him.

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