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"Family Ties"
Part 11
by Syndee
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Eddie and his partner are met and relieved of duty by two Santa Rosa members of the NHC. They station themselves outside of the Lake-house and will escort Max and Liz back to Roswell.

Max and Liz haven't eaten all day so they pick up Chinese take-out on their way to the Lake-house.

They eat pretty much in silence. Liz is thinking of her grandmother's letter and Max is thinking about the new threat; one that his uncle is so worried about that it warrants that they all have around-the-clock protection.

"You didn't eat much." Max nods toward the mound of Lo Mein that Liz is pushing around on her plate.

"I know. I'm not very hungry." Liz pushes away from the table and takes her plate over to the sink.

Max joins her there where he takes the plate out of her hand and places it in the sink. He positions her arms around his neck as he pulls her close to his body and takes his mouth on a journey of exploration over her face while she quivers against him. Her response is quick as she strains to become whole with him, messing her soft body to the hard planes of his.

His hands move from her face, through her hair and over her shoulders. As the kiss roughens, his hands slide down her back to cup her butt and he lifts and carries her over to the counter.

Max breaks the kiss as he gently sets her down on the hard surface before resting his head against her chest. He reaches for and unfastens the button of her jeans and starts to slide the zipper down when the phone rings.

"Saved by the bell." Max says as he lifts his head and bestows a quick kiss on her forehead before reaching for, and handing her the phone.

"Hello," Liz's eyes grow large and her mouth hangs open before she covers the mouthpiece of the phone. "It's your mother."

Max straightens and slaps his palm against his forehead. "I was supposed to call her when we arrived."

"Yea, we arrived about thirty minutes ago. Do you want to speak to Max?" Liz tries to hand Max the phone and he backs away from her shaking his head and mouthing the word "NO."

"We've just finished eating. I'm sure he was going to call you as soon as we finished with the dishes." Liz nods her head, "We'll be careful. Goodbye Mrs. Evans."

Max gets a silly grin on his face as he returns to the counter, takes the phone from Liz and returns it to its cradle. "Man, is this what comes from letting your parents in on your secrets? She's more protective of me now than she was when I was six."

"Lucky you." Liz jumps down from the counter and fastens her jeans. "I don't know about you, but a phone call from Mom tends to dampen my desire." She laughs and smiles at him over her shoulder.

"Not mine." Max responds sullenly as he follows Liz out of the kitchen and towards the study.

Liz stops in front of the double doors of the study and places her hand along the side of Max's face before bestowing a light kiss upon his lips. "And besides, that counter is marble. I can think of a much more comfortable place for what you have in mind. But later, okay." Luckily for them, Mr. Parker had left the scrapbook on the large oak desk in the study because Liz wouldn't have known where to begin looking for it.

Max takes a seat in the worn leather chair behind the desk and beckons for Liz to sit on his lap.

"I don't know about that Mr. Evans. I really want to look through this overstuffed scrapbook for clues of our ancestors' connection." She puts her arm around the back of the chair and leans down close to his ear. "By the bulge in your pants I venture to guess that we won't get very far in our perusal of the scrapbook's contents." She leans over and nods towards his obvious arousal.

"Come here." Max grabs her arms and pulls her around the chair and into his lap.

He rolls the chair closer to the desk and Liz leans forward and opens the book and they begin their search for family ties.

There are pictures and news articles of archeological finds and discoveries in the Four Corners region of the Southwest. Both her grandparents were archaeologists so this wasn't unusual.

A star chart tracking the planet Venus from the 16th century through the year 2004 is a bit alarming especially given the importance Venus has played in Liz and Max's life of late.

"What the hell?" Max's unexpected expletive surprises Liz as he picks up a hand-full of news clippings and begins to leaf through them-imprisoning her between his arms.

Liz understands his enthusiasm as she spies news article after news article of reported sightings in and about Roswell going back to as early as 1906.

"Why do you suppose no one knows about all of these?" Max leans back in the chair and relinquishes the stack of clippings to Liz for her perusal.

Liz sifts through the stack of yellowed newspaper and realizes that they're all from local papers and that none of these papers are still in existence.

"Max, look!" She leans her head back against his shoulder and points to the headers of the articles. "All of these articles are from small town local papers. There's a chance that no one out of the area ever knew about these sightings."

They place the clippings aside but agree that further investigation is warranted.

Family pictures that never made it to a frame or picture album clutter the last pages of the tattered scrapbook.

Several 8x10 black and white photos of the interior of the Parker ancestral home catch Liz's attention. The first is of a wall length tapestry, which appears to depict the family history.

There's a picture of the family Coat of Arms as well as a portrait of a waterfall surrounded by what appears to be strawberry patches.

Another picture is that of a portrait of Aisling similar to the one her dad had showed the group a couple of days ago. She looks very regal except for the necklace she is wearing.

"Max, can you make out what that is?" Liz points to the pendant attached to the necklace around Aisling's neck.

He shakes his head "no", as he leans in closer to get a better look.

Liz reaches over and opens a side drawer of the desk. She pulls out a magnifying glass and turns on the nearby lamp.

With their dark heads together and the light directed at the faded picture magnified for better viewing, the young couple is stunned by their discovery.

"Oh my god! Max, it's the Orb Symbol on a turquoise pendant suspended by a leather tie. It's Native American." Liz meets Max's stare before they both let out the breath that they've been holding and lean back in the chair.

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