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"Fade to Black"
Part 3
by Love
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"Michael, I need that order!" Maria's voice was strong and loud enough that Liz heard her in the storeroom. She's upset, Liz realized, then smiled. Maria was always upset about something. It came with the territory.

"Hold on. I don't have special powers, you know." Michael's voice held a peeved tone, but what he said made Liz laugh.

"Yeah, right," she muttered to herself. She slammed the refrigerator door closed and walked back into the well-lit restaurant. She stopped when she saw a figure standing in the doorway, shadowed by the door. Her heart started beating faster, and she started to perspire on her forehead. Oh this is not good. The thought slammed into her brain as she cautiously stepped towards Marc. What is he doing here?

"What are you doing here?" She spoke the words aloud, praying that her voice wouldn't shake.

"Well, I heard that this was the best place to find food, and I'm hungry. That's not a crime, is it?" His voice was challenging, and Liz noticed something different about him. His eyes were bluer, his hair blonder, and his body more muscular. How can that be? She wondered silently. Marc shifted impatiently.

"Can I sit down?" Liz blinked, refocused her eyes, and nodded dumbly.

"Yeah, go ahead. Find a seat anywhere." She turned around and walked back towards the kitchen, passing a dumbfounded Max and a worried Isabel. When she reached the back, she pulled Maria by the arm into the back room, causing a yelp of surprise to escape Maria's mouth.

"Okay, ow." Maria glared at Liz, who looked back with glazed eyes. "Liz, what is wrong with you? You've been acting so weird today."

"Maria, it's that Marc guy. He's really starting to scare me." She felt so alone, so vulnerable, and she felt even worse when Maria shook her head.

"Liz, you're losing it. Marc is a perfectly normal, perfectly handsome guy. Just chill, okay?" Maria gave her a tight smile and walked out the door, leaving Liz staring after her.

"Easy for you to say."

Okay, Marc thought. She broke up with her boyfriend, who just so happens to be not human, because he has a destiny to fulfill with another not human. She wants time to turn back. I can help her there. That was the information he had gathered from Cecil when they had switched powers. He smiled; an evil smile filled with malice and hate against the world. From his position in his booth, he saw her come out of the back room, grab a menu, and walk swiftly over to him, keeping her eyes down. "Welcome to the Crashdown," she mumbled. "Can I get you anything?" He pretended to look at the menu, not at all interested in what was on it.

"I'll just have a Coke," he told her, handing the menu back to her. "Oh, and Liz?" She stopped walking away. "I have to show you something when you get back." She eyes him curiously, warily, but finally nodded.

"Okay," she whispered, turning her back and walking away. He smiled again, this time with triumph.

"It's time."

"I don't like him." Isabel looked at her brother in amusement.

"You don't like any guy that comes onto Liz." He nodded.

"True, but I really don't like him." Isabel rolled her eyes, but consoled him with her next statement.

"I don't think you have to worry. She doesn't like him either." Max looked at Isabel, a grateful smile on his lips.

"Thanks for saying that." She smiled back.


Liz brought the Coke to Marc's table, careful to keep her eyes down. She set it carefully in front of him, refusing to meet his gaze even slightly. "Come on Liz. I have to show you something."

"Then show me." She didn't really want to know, but she had the feeling that if she denied him, he'd just keep pursuing her.

"It's outside." Liz gulped, shook up at the prospect of being outdoors with Marc. Calm down Liz. It's outside. No one can hurt you there.

"All right, fine. But you'd better make this quick. I have to get back to work." She finally met his gaze, and was startled to see a hidden evil buried deep within his vibrant eyes. I'm going to regret this, she realized, but it was too late. He already had her by the arm, pulling her to the door. She shot a helpless glance back, locking eyes with Isabel. She mouthed the word he lp, and saw Isabel nod before she was dragged out the door. "What did you want to show me?" She looked around the empty street, and her gaze settled on a car. Not just any car, though. It was the car from her premonition. Oh my Lord.

"This," he replied, shoving her roughly against the car and pressing his smooth palm to her forehead. The electricity crackled between them as he concentrated hard, locking eyes with her. Liz opened her mouth and screamed in pain.

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