Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"Exchange Your Love"
Part 1
by SilverStar01
Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Roswell.
Summary: Max and Tess are bonding as an exchange student sweeps Liz off her feet.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This story is based on some of my personal experiences. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Look at them. Smiling at each other like that. And what are they laughing about so much? Why is it always her that gets the attention? And always him to give it to her? It makes me sick.

Liz Parker sat there, staring at Max Evans and Tess Harding, on the other side of the quad, through the early summer heat as her best friends, Alex Whitman and Maria De Luca argued over which movie to rent on Saturday.

“Seriously, we should rent Final Fantasy. I heard that the computer special effects are great! And the surround sound is suppose to be awesome.” Alex informed them with a certain tone, which implied that, that was obviously the better choice.

“Ugh. It’s all animation. And what about the story? We should rent A Knight’s Tale, I heard that it’s really funny, but sweet…” Maria sighs, completely dismissing Alex’s suggestion. “Besides, my mom finally got us a DVD player and it would be totally stellar watching it at my place with the home theatre installed.”

“No way! Final Fantasy is way better than some cheap reproduction of Romeo and Juliet. And I thought that we agreed to watch the movie at my place…right Liz?”

“Liz? Earth to Liz.”

She couldn’t hear them. All she could concentrate on was Max and Tess over there, now play fighting. Max was apparently tickling Tess so much that she was laughing so hard that she fell to the ground, in hysterics. How could he even enjoy being there?

“Hey, Liz!” Maria waved her perfectly manicured hand in front of Liz’s face.

Liz blinks then finally peels her eyes away from the mini performance across the quad and returns to the discussion at hand. “Huh? What?” Dazed and confused. “What were we talking about again?”

Both Maria and Alex sighs loudly at Liz’s question. “Where did we agree to watch the movie, Maria’s place or mine?” Alex repeated.

“Uh, yours.” Liz said, still unsure.

“Great. That settles it. We’re renting Final Fantasy and watching it at my place.” Alex declared, smirking at Maria, just to tick her off.

“What? Uh …not gonna happen. Liz, which movie do you wanna see. Final Fantasy or the obvious choice, A Knight’s Tale?” Maria asked, determined to not let Alex win.

“Honestly. I’m not in the mood for romance. Final Fantasy sounds better. Sorry Maria.” Liz said.

“I would’ve figured that. What’s up with you anyway? You’ve been spacing out a lot more than you should lately.” Maria asked, a little concerned.

“Yeah. If you ask me, I’d say that you’re a little preoccupied.” Alex added.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that, I don’t understand Max, you know? He changed so much, but even beyond that, it bothers me seeing him flirting with other girls, especially when it’s Tess.” Liz explained.

“Of course. I would if that was what Michael was doing. If I were you, I’d walk straight over there and grab him by the arm, drag him back here and never look at Tess once while doing it.” Maria slammed her fist on the table, causing other students to stare at her in surprise.

“Not me. I’d just not even think about it. Remember, Liz, it’s just harmless flirting. It doesn’t mean anything. So don’t worry about it.” Alex reassured his best friend.

“Thanks.” Liz said, surprised that she could even be capable of smiling.

“Even if Alex is right, aren’t you afraid that it’ll get worse?” Maria asked innocently, catching Alex giving her a ‘Don’t Do It’ look. “I mean, this could end up like Dawson’s Creek.”

“I’ll risk it.” Liz said, flatly, quietly pondering on Maria’s words. By now, she was tired of watching those two fooling around, and looked at the disgusting pile of goop in front of her. She pushed her lunch tray as far away from her as she could, while suddenly feeling sick to her stomach. A cold rush of anger and jealousy appeared, which just seemed to have swept right through her.

Liz looked up to see the new student walking towards their table. Damion Carswell. The tall, blonde, spiky haired, blue eyed exchange student from New Zealand took Liz’s breath away. He had this intense look to him, but also a sensitive and mysterious side to him as well. His thick accent mesmerized her, everytime he talked to her in Biology. Besides Max, Damion would be the new love in her life, only if she could get over the fact that Max was potentially dating Tess. The short, blonde, home wrecker. How she despised her. But none of that mattered to her, not at that moment anyway, because Damion was walking straight towards her, smiling as the sun danced across his face, giving him a certain glow.

“Hi, Liz.” He said, standing in front of her, blocking her view of Max and Tess.

“Oh, hi Damion.” Liz said shyly, forgetting for a second that Alex and Maria were present.

“Hey, you’re the exchange student right?” Alex asked in a friendly tone.

“Yeah, from New Zealand.” Damion’s accent must’ve caught Maria’s attention, because right then, she jerked her head up and gazed at his face for a long while.

“Um…so, can you give us some advice? Which movie would be better to rent, Final Fantasy or A Knight’s Tale?” Maria finally coughed out.

“Hmm…personally, I’d rent A Knight’s Tale, since Heath Ledger’s in it and well, he is Australian.” Damion proposed, seeming proud that he was from the South.

“Great! That’s two against two. Maybe we could ask Isabel.” Alex suggested, obviously wanting to have a reason to talk to Isabel.

“Fine. But, we’re not asking Michael.” Maria gets out of her seat, lunch tray in hand, “see you in science Liz.”

“Yeah, talk to you later Damion.” Alex follows Maria across the quad. “Besides, I don’t think he even showed up for class today.” Alex added.

“So, can I help you with anything?” Liz asked as politely as she could.

“Uh, yeah. I need to borrow your English notes from last week. Mr. Sturnberg wants me to be caught up, even if I just arrived yesterday.” Damion explained.

“Oh, of course.” Liz said, reaching for her notebook, “I don’t need them anyway.” And handed the notes to him.

“Thanks. I’ll see you later then.” Damion smiles then turns around before disappearing through the double glass doors.

Liz looked up, expecting to see Max and Tess still there, but instead, they were gone. Now where’d they go? The bell rings for class and she reluctantly gets up and carries her lunch tray to the trash before, heading back inside.

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