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"Comparison Essay~Max Evans and Bisons "
Part 1
by Nina
Disclaimer: You know the drill. I don`t own anything and I`m not trying to make any money with other peoples` wonderful ideas.
Summary: Something I felt like writing explaining the Max seems to resemble a Bison (Not my usual serious work).
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: If you think I`m crazy that`s OK. But don`t worry cuz I`ll probably never write anything like this again.
Max Evans and Bisons

I have heard many analogies comparing Roswell characters to wild animals. There have been statements saying that Isabel could be compared to a ocelot, for example, and I have even heard about Max also resembling quite closely a turtle. But one I feel most strongly about is the similarities between the bison and the alien Max Evans.

There is first the most basic of qualities, the color of both. Bisons can be of a very dark color, which could be compared to Max`s dark personality, his quietness, his style of clothes, his masculine qualities as well. I have also heard of white bison as well, but this does not destroy the close comparison as you may think it does. For take into consideration the place where white bisons would live. A decent mind would know they would be found in snowy areas, having that color of fur to camouflage with their environment and hide from predators. Now, when you hear of environments with lots of snow you probably imagine a wide, plain, white, spacey, desolate and quite vacant area with very few moving characters in view. As a result, you could very well say that places like this are "hidden." and now let`s go back to the personality of our friend Max Evans. We said earlier that he had a dark personality, but this darkness to him seems to reffer more to the way he hides away and stays insignificant and quiet most of the time. Are we not describing the Max that Liz, Alex, and Maria saw him as until he saved Liz and opened up his inner wonderful character to them? The point I`m getting at is that he is certainly not completely dark, and it is simply all an illusion to anyone who thinks that he is nothing but dark and that they`ve seen all there is to see of the very tall kid in class named Max Evans. They are completely wrong, but it is not their fault, for the lighter, sweeter, more open part of Max is hidden away. Just like the dark-colored bison of the world are located in more obvious areas, and the white ones are hidden away in the snowy areas where humans and many other walking things will seldom ever step foot. But what if I`m wrong about your impression of the phrase "snowy area." Might I also add that in the same way the white bison friends are using the wonderful art of camouflage for their safety, Max is hiding his inner remarkable personality to protect himself from anyone he cannot reveal himself to: Sheriff Valenti, Agent Pierce, Topolsky, any enemy "alien hunters" that may threaten his life. Of course he does reveal himself to Liz eventually, as we know, and just like this one white bison up in the snowy mountains may decide to roll it`s fat body mass down the mountain to the forests below for the sake of attracting a wolf or other dangerous predator away from a lovely she-bison, so making it`s body quite obvious and noticeable out in the woods where it will not blend in worth a shit. Hopefully that will probably never happen with that certain side of this comparison paper, due to lack of attractive female bisons and not to mention the commom stupidity of this species, which fortunately will not later be discussed as a resemblance to Max Evans.

You may now be assuming that there is really no resemblance between Max and bisons as far as physical appearance, and all similarities that can be found are probably all mental. Not so. Get out an encyclopedia and look up "BISON." If it doesn`t have a picture in it, or even worse, God forbid, no article for the word "Bison," do promptly dispose of the crappy encyclopedia and bitch to your parents to get a more modern set with pictures that are at least in color, for God sakes, and meanwhile stroll down to a library instead or find some stuff on the net on bisons, because you have to face it sometimes: there are other things your computer has to offer than Roswell fan fiction. Although you are probably realizing by now as you read this one that maybe it`s making you go insane and fanfic isn`t all it`s cracked up to be, and you need to get out more because reading so much is driving you so crazy that now you`re hallucinating about a paper comparing a television alien to a close relative of the buffalo. Anyway, examine the body shape of a bison for a dedicated moment. Notice the way it is a little less unattractive than that of the commom buffalo. Then pay close attention to the curves and bulges and chunks of the form of Max Evans. Some specific qualities of his shape I have noted before are so: his shoulders are quite sunken down, causing odd curves from his neck to the top of each of his arms. His head is set upon a noticeably thin neck, and sometimes seem to lean forward, as if it is a tad too heavy for his thin neck. His hands also seem to be heavy sometimes, the way they swing loosely at his sides when he walks. He truds lazily, letting his feet weigh down his legs as he walks, not bothering to lift them off the ground very effortfully. Then, of course, as anyone female fan of Max`s attractiveness will have noticed by now, there is his chest. It`s pretty much the average chest everyone wants. Big. And his muscles compliment it neatly. To say the least, if Max`s chest were not as bulky as it is, he would look a lot smaller. In the same way, the manner that Max`s head leans forward sometimes can be found in the bison too, as it`s head is against a huge, bulky neck that is risen in back, making the big head look lowered down in a way. The way Max`s seemingly "heavy" hands and feet swing lazily are comparable to the way bisons and their many relative animal friends walk. They, too, walk as if their feet are a heavy, and hell, they probably are. Then of course the six-pack abs and bulky chest is an obvious characteristic that is a possible comparison to the bison. For while the white or dark-colored animal is very chunky and full in it`s front half, the bottom of it seems to lift up in the other half where the back legs are attached. It can look in a way like a bison costume where the unlucky human who had to be the back half, or the ass, of the bison, in too tall for the front person who probably gave the other some kind of amount of money to be in the front part of this bison costume. To sum up this topic, Max is chunky, the bison is chunky, you want to hug them both anyway.

Then there is one small personality both characters can possess at many times. It is being dangerous. You are probably thinking, "My Maxy? Dangerous? what the fuck?" but we all know when we think about it that being an alien, Max Evans can be a weapon. He has the ability, but it will of course seldom be used, if ever. Nasedo has killed. He can too. It`s a fact all us fans of this TV show have to face. But it`s nothing to be sad about. The ability will never be used in a bad way. Very similar things can be said of bisons. Yes, they can be extremely dangerous. Bisons huge weapon is, of course, their mass, and also perhaps their horns, I might add. Max`s big weapon is his powers. Just as Max will never use his powers to kill unless himself or someone he loves is threatened, neither will the bison unless he is threatened. I must also add unless another bison threatens to steal the good-looking female it was interested in as well. But when his powers are not being used dangerously, Max Evans is soft and, to say everything in one phrase, a nice guy. And when the bison is not being aggressive and using it`s body mass or horns in defense or in a fight for a mate, it is calm, peaceful, and quite lazy, sort of like a male lion, and will stand out in the plane eating grass like some ass with no life. It could be cute, sort of like a cow, if you didn`t know any better, and an acceptionally phychotically stupid human being may even try to pet it a little while it eats, but of course you know how that story ends, and it wouldn`t be a happy ending by any means. And in this way Liz Parker may have thought of Max as cute, if she was the kind of person to think someone like him was cute when they`d been friends since third grade, and would have been nothing but scared of him though after she found out the truth about him. So Max too can lose his "cute" qualities in others` eyes after his weapon is revealed.

Then there are many other physical qualities of bisons that can resemble a quality of Max. Take for instance the bison`s thick coat. No matter what color, brown or black or white, it makes the bison look mean, tough, and most of all large. Then there is Max`s very nice black leather coat as seen in "Max to the Max" and many other episodes. It makes Max look big, a little tough, and complete. And we all know that a bison would be absolutely incomplete without it`s coat of thick fur. The fur on a bison is especially thick and full on it`s back and around it`s neck. For all we know perhaps the bison is not as big-shouldered as it looks without it`s fur. Then there`s the quality of Max`s appearance mentioned before about having slouchy, low shoulders. You`ll notice that when he has his jacket on, his shoulders look a lot less slanted and much more bulky.

So I hereby conclude my statement describing that Max Evans and the bison are very close friends. And maybe, if you are decent enough, next time you see the dark image of Max Evans, acknowledge the Bison and it`s many traits that can compare to this soulful-eyed character.

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