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"The Roswell Stories Episode 2: Doubts"
Part 1
by Chris Uecke
Disclaimer: All of these characters are the property of Jason Katims and Warner Bothers studios. No Copyright infringements are intended. And I would just like to thanks them for developing such a good show that inspires me to continue the story during the summer hiatus.
Summary: This is my version of what should take place starting next season. This is just part one in a longer Story Line. This story picks up with where Episode 1: Too many decisions leaves off.
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Rating: PG
Opening Scene: The scene opens up with Liz sitting on the roof outside her window. It is night time out and she is wrapped in a blanket writing in her journal. The camera begins to pan around her as we begin to hear what she is writing.

Liz: Have you ever had one of those days when you start to doubt everything? I start doubting if I have made the right decision in pushing Max out of my life in order to follow his own. What ever it may be. I just donít want to be the one who stands in the way of what he must do. Bu I canít help but wonder if I had made the right choice. I know I love him, but I doubt that things will ever be the same between us againÖ

[The camera begins to pan off of her and to the starry sky as sheís speaking the last words and then fades.]

Scene: Alex and Isabel are sitting at a table eating lunch together. Alex is opening up some cupcakes, while Isabel is drinking some bottled tea.

Isabel: I canít explain it. Michael and I were having the same dreams, and in the dreams we were kind of together.

Alex: Together?

Isabel: You know. Like a couple. It was like flashes of our lives together. One minute we are together, the next we have a child. It was all really weird.

Alex: And you say that Michael was having these dreams as well?

Isabel: Yeah. It was as if he was there with me.

Alex: Kind of like when you dream walk?

Isabel: No, not quite like that, more like we were living someone elseís lives.

Alex: Tess told you that they were intended to guide you. Not necessarily tell you what is destined to happen. Right?

Isabel: Yeah.

Alex: Has Max had any dreams like these?

Isabel: Heís had a few daydreams involving Tess, but nothing quite like this.

Alex: Heís had them while he was awake, not while he was sleeping?

Isabel: Not that I know of. Why do you ask?

Alex: I was just thinking. Have you ever had any of these dreams while you were awake?

Isabel: Um, no.

Alex: And these dreams started occurring when Tess showed up in Roswell. Right?

Isabel: Uh, yeah. I canít remember having any of them before she showed up. What are you trying to say? That Tess is somehow involved with these dreams?

Alex: I canít say for sure, but it does seem a little odd that you didnít start having these dreams before she showed up in town. Doesnít it?

[The camera is focused on Isabel as she looks like she is deep in thought, and then pans away]

Scene: Later that day, Alex and Isabel have met up with Max, Michael and Maria at the Crashdown Cafť. Maria is working but is standing next to their booth keeping in the conversation, generally ignoring the other customers in the restaurant.

Alex: Michael, you and Isabel had the same dreams when you were asleep. Right?

Michael: Yeah.

Alex: Have you had any dreams like this before?

Michael: Dreams of Isabel and me? No [He kind of gives a glance towards Maria and she blushes a little and gives a quick little smile.]

Alex: Thatís not quite what I meant. I mean, have you had any dreams that were meant to guide you. You know, before Tess showed up?

Michael: [A little upset] What are you trying to say?

Isabel: He thinks that Tess may be linked to them somehow.

Michael: Yeah, I think that her presence here has awakened something in all of us. You know, she has completed the four of us. Like she was that missing piece of the puzzle.

Customer: Uh, miss can we get a little service here?

Maria: In a minute. Canít you see that Iím helping this table here?

[Alex seeing that heís getting nowhere with Michael turns to Max.]

Alex: Max have you had any dreams like the ones that they have been having. Isabel mentioned something about daydreams.

Max: Yeah, Iíve had a few daydreams, but the were not like Michael and Isabelís dreams. Mine were like fleeting moments, kind of like little snippets of the Tess and I in some, dare I say, erotic involvement.

Alex: Yours didnít point towards some possible future?

Max: UhÖno, not exactly.

Alex: My only question is how come none of your dreams ever involve the four of you?

Michael: Itís because they have only just begun.

Maria: But what if heís right?

Michael: You would take his side?

Maria: Why do I even try?

[She leaves to go help the other table and the camera fades away.]

Scene: Michaelís apartment. He is busy trying to practice his telekinesis and he makes the cup move a few feet across the counter but you can from his frustration that he had not intended on moving it that far. He grabs the cup and outs it back in the spot it was in before and is about to try again, when there is a knock on the door. He goes and opens the door to find Tess standing outside it.

Tess: Itís good to see that you are keeping up your practices. How is it going?

Michael: I wish I could say that have the hang of it, but itís taking a lot of work.

Tess: I know what you mean. It took me a long time to learn to be able to manipulate matter in different ways. But that isnít the real reason I came by.

Michael: Then what is?

Tess: Itís Max. He seems to be avoiding me. I keep trying talk to him, but every time he just seems to push me away.

Michael: You will just have to give him time. He has never been very good at change. And you have to admit there is a lot of information for him to sort through.

Tess: I would like to help him, if he would just let me.

Michael: He is very different from you and me. Isabel and him have been raised by a loving family and have grown accustomed to them. Not like us, who have had our share of hard times and have always been ready to move at a moments notice. So as you can see, itís much harder for them.

Tess: I guess youíre right, itís just hard.

Michael: Heíll come around. Youíll see.

Tess: So, that out of the way. Lets see what we can do about your control problem.

[He tries to move the cup again, and it slides further than he intended for it again. Tess grabs the cup and moves it closer to him again.]

Tess: Okay, thatís good, but lets try to do something a little different. When you see the cup in your mindÖ

Scene: At the Crashdown Cafť. Liz and Maria are working in the backroom cleaning up after a long day at work. They are carrying several trays of dirty dishes into the backroom.

Maria: You should have come to the table and talked with us earlier.

Liz: I just canít bring myself to talk to him, plus someone had to take care of the customers you were ignoring.

Maria: I wasnít ignoring them, I was just prioritizing. Wait, stop trying to change the subject.

Liz: Iím not changing the subject.

Maria: You canít just go on everyday, hiding your feelings. Youíve got to talk to him.

Liz: I know, itís just so hard. I want to be the one he goes to in his times of need, but that would just be selfish. Iíve got to let him go. To follow the new path ahead of him.

Maria: He can do that, without losing you.

Liz: But you saw the book. Tess is the one heís meant for, not me.

Maria: It may say that in the book, or where ever, but have you stopped to think what Max wants.

Liz: I just canít be the one who stands in the way.

Maria: But, pushing him out of your life is not the solution. You should try to help him in any way possible. This has taken us all by surprise. Alex, you and I, not to mention Max, Isabel and Michael.

Liz: I guess youíre right, but what should I do.

Maria: Well, moping around the house and work all day doesnít seem to be accomplishing anything. You should at least talk with him.

[Maria sees her indecision.]

Maria: Go on, get out of here. Iíll finish cleaning up.

Liz: Are you sure?

Maria: I can handle, plus thatíll be another one you owe me.

[Liz takes off her apron and runs upstairs to change. Maria just watches her go with a little smile on her face.]

Scene: Maxís bedroom. Itís late at night now, and he is sitting at his desk, just kind of staring blankly at the book, as if he wasnít even aware that it was there. He is startled back to reality when there is a tap on his window. He turns around to see who it is and is surprised by seeing Liz there.

Max: Liz. Iím glad you came around.

Liz: Sorry, to knock on your window, but it was late and I didnít want to disturb your parents.

Max: Of course, come right in.

[He helps her climb through the window and she sits down on his bed. Trying not to meet his gaze right now. Because she knows the minute she does she will simply crumble.]

Liz: First, I wanted to apologize for ignoring you. Itís not that I didnít want to see you. Itís just that I wanted to see you so bad.

Max: I know how you feel. I donít want you to think that you are no longer a part of my life. There is a lot of things going on, but you will always be an important part of it.

Liz: I know, but I donít want to be the one who stands in the way of what needs to be done.

Max: You never will.

Liz: You canít know that. Tell me, should the time come for you to go to where you belong, will you be able to just get up an go?

Max: I donít know.

Liz: See, you shouldnít have to make that kind of decision. You should be able to leave without worrying about what you left behind.

Max: But, you donít get it. No matter if I were human or not, that would always be a hard decision. Thatís what makes life the way it is. You make your choices and live with them.

Liz: But donít you ever doubt if you are making the best decision possible?

Max: Of course I do, but if all the answers were handed to you on a silver platter, it wouldnít make life that interesting. It would be like living in a movie.

Liz: But you have a higher purpose. We were both there, you saw the message too.

Max: Itís just a message. Itís not who we are now. You heard it yourself. We were modeled after these people, but we are not them.

Liz: How can you say that. You do have a higher calling, that you need to follow.

Max: Yeah, there is a lot that can be learned from it, but it doesnít say who or what we are. For all we know that message could have been recorded long before the war was over. Thereís no way of knowing right now.

Liz: ButÖ

Max: No buts, there is something that needs to be done, but the message didnít tell us what that was. Maybe we are supposed to associate ourselves with the humans in order to help. Only time will tell, but I am not willing to lose you in process.

Liz: I know how you feel, but is it the right choice.

Max: Whether or not, it is the right choice is yet to be seen, but it is my choice to make and Iím willing to take the risks.

Liz: [Crying] I love you so much.

Max: But not as much as I do.

[He pulls her head to his chest and lets her cry for a minute, before pulling her away from him. Then looking deep into her eyes he slowly pulls her forward to kiss her.]

Scene: The next day. They are out in the desert away from the city. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are all there. Max has the book open and lying on the hood of the jeep.

Max: So, how long was if after the three of us left that you emerged from the pod?

Tess: Iím not sure, but it had to be a little while. When I came out there was no one around, and the pod room was sealed.

Max: So, when did Nasedo show up?

Tess: It wasnít very longs. I had just gotten myself accustomed to the darkness, when the door opened and the room was filled with a bright light, and there he was standing. He was surprised to find only me there. He frantically searched around for the three of you, but you were already gone.

Isabel: How did you know you could trust him.

Tess: Iím not sure, I just knew I could.

Michael: Why did he give up the search for us so quickly?

Tess: He said something like he was being followed and couldnít stay there too long, in the chance that the pods being discovered.

Michael: So, he took you with him, and didnít come back to look for us later.

Tess: Michael, itís not like he wanted to leave you. He did try to find out what had happened to you, but there wasnít anything to find, until recently he got wind of some Alien activity in the Roswell area. Thatís when he brought the two of us back to try and learn more.

Michael: So, why didnít he try to contact us the moment he got back into town?

Tess: He was worried that it might be some government trap trying to recapture him. Weíve been living like that for years. Moving from one place to the next in order to stay ahead of Pierce and those before him.

Max: How in all that time, did you not find out anything about him. How he killed people? How did he manage to hide that from you?

Tess: I never knew about it until you told me. He was always secretive around me, only telling me what I needed to know.

Isabel: Do, you think that we can trust him, covering for us? I mean if he hid things from you before, what makes you think he wonít do it again?

Tess: I wouldnít worry about that. No matter what happened, his number one priority was to ensure my safety, and now that we are all together, heíll make sure nothing jeopardizes out safety.

Max: Even if it means killing.

Isabel: Wow, this is going to take some time to sort through.

Tess: But now that we are together, we can figure it out together.

Michael: Yeah, just like one big happy alien family.

[Max just gives him a look, like ďI canít believe you just said thatĒ]

Max: So, did you and Nasedo ever set up a way that you could contact him?

Tess: Unfortunately, no. We were always together and there wasnít a need to.

Max: So, how are we supposed to contact him, should we need to?

Tess: Iím not sure, but he always seems to know when he is needed in some weird and mysterious way.

Max: Well, we should be heading back to town. Our parents will be starting to worry if we arenít back for dinner.

Michael: Yeah, and I have to go to work. Somebody got to pay the rent until the day we go home.

[They all get in the jeep and head back start driving back home. The camera pans from them to the cloudless sky.]

Scene: The next day at Tessís House. Michael is there and they are talking when Tess is going through her mail.

Michael: So, is there anything else that Nasedo showed you how to do? I know about your ability to make people see things that are not there and the matter manipulation, but is there anything else that Iím not aware of?

Tess: Well, itís hard to say. There are powers that Iím not even aware of. And as you have already seen with your time with Max and Isabel, what one of us can do, may not necessarily be what the other can do. Like Maxís healing power, are either you or Isabel capable of doing it?

Michael: Well, we can, but only to a small amount, not as well as he can.

Tess: Itís kind of like that with me. I can heal myself, but others is a whole other story.

[She opens a letter and looks at it intensely enough to catch Michaelís eye.]

Michael: What is it?

Tess: Itís a letter.

Michael: I can tell that much. I was more asking who is it from?

Tess: Itís, uh, from Nasedo.

Michael: I thought that you said that you have no way of contacting him.

Tess: I donít. But it is pretty easy to find me. Since he did live here.

Michael: So, what does it say?

[He walks to her side so that he can read it to. When he sees it it looks like a letter your grandparents would send you telling about their trip.]

Tess: It basically says that she is going around posing as Pierce. So far they have not caught on to the ploy yet, but he is being cautious. He is currently down in southern California checking on some supposed activity down there. He said that he is leading them away from Roswell for as long as he can, but he doesnít know how long he can keep that up.

Michael: How the heck did you get all of that out of this letter. I just looks like a list of places someone has visited and what they did while they were there.

Tess: It was something that Nasedo was famous for. Heíll try to hide meaning into the simplest letter. That way if someone would intercept it or find it later, they wouldnít be able to read it.

Michael: Oh, that makes sense. Is there anything else in there?

Tess: No, thatís about it. Just says that we should stick together and watch our backs.

Michael: Good advice. Well, I better get going. Iíve got to go to work and then Iím supposed to take Maria to some chick flick.

Tess: Uh, okay. If you must go. Bye

[She seems a little disturbed by the letter, almost like she isnít saying everything and Michael notices it before he walks out of the house.]

Scene: A Little later. In Michaels apartment. He seems a little restless, walking back and forth. Suddenly there is a knock on the door, and he jumps to open the door.

Max: Okay, Michael whatís the emergency?

Isabel: Yeah, I had an appointment at the hair stylist.

Michael: Your hair looks beautiful. No, thereís something Iíve got to tell you.

Max: Okay, what is it?

Michael: Well, I was over at Tessís.

Isabel: Why were you over there?

Michael: Thatís not important, but while I was there she got a letter from Nasedo.

Max: I thought she said that she didnít have a way to contact him.

Michael: I questioned that too, but it seems that he just happened to send her this letter to update her on the progress and to warn us.

Isabel: Warn us about what?

Michael: Well, she said that he was in southern California trying to lead them away from Roswell.

Max: So, his cover as Pierce is still good.

Michael: So far no one has questioned it. She said that he was covering all the tracks he could, but he had a feeling that there may be others that he is not aware of and that we should be careful and ready to move at any time.

Max: Nasedo, just wrote this letter to her that anyone could intercept?

Michael: No, it was in some weird code that they had apparently worked out. I looked at it and it looked like someoneís letter to their family talking about their vacation. But thatís not the weirdest point?

Isabel: Thereís more?

Michael: Well, not so much as what she said, but more of what she did.

Max: What did she do?

Michael: Well, not quite what she did, more like what she didnít do.

Isabel: Michael!!

Michael: Well, when I told her I had to leave, it seemed like there might be more to the letter than she was letting on. She said that that was all that was in the letter, but it looked like she was still reading it as I left. I mean she might have been reading it again, butÖ I donít know. It just seemed strange, like there might be something else in it.

Max: And you said that you saw the letter?

Michael: Yeah, but there wasnít anything to see. Nothing that I could, see that would say anything. Which is what was weird. Even after I left she was still reading the letter, like there was something that she didnít understand or not telling me.

Max: Do you think that she was hiding something?

Michael: I donít know, but it did seem that way.

Isabel: Max, do you think there is anything wrong?

Max: Iím not sure, but there are things that are beginning to make me wonder exactly how much she is telling us. If we are all supposed to be a team, then why would she be hiding something from us? Well, for right now, I think that we should keep this to ourselves, and watch what we say when we are around her. Maybe sheíll come to tell us what is in it, but until then weíll act like nothing is different. Agreed?

Isabel: Agreed.

Michael: Yeah.

Max: Okay then, weíd better try and get some sleep and try to sort this out tomorrow. Michael, are you going to spend the night?

Michael: Do you mind?

Max: No. you know where everything is.

[Isabel leaves to go to her room, as Michael takes a sleeping bag from the side of Maxís desk and rolls it out and goes to sleep.]

Scene: The next day at school. The halls are busy with activity as students are going from one class to another, stopping at the lockers and going on their way again. Tess is walking down the hall when her phone rings. She grabs is and answers it?

Tess: Max is that you?

[When she hears the voice on the phone she realizes itís not max, and starts to look around. She finds a closet near by and making sure no one notices her goes inside it.]

Tess: I thought I told you not to call me at this time.

Yeah I know that I havenít been in touch, butÖ

No, things are alright. Just going slower than expected.

No, they donít know about itÖ

Yes, Iíve been working with MichaelÖ

I think Max is finally starting to come around.

Yes, he does. And Isabel too.

No, Iíve got things under control.

Iíve got Michael and the others will follow.

Yes, but I think I might need more time.

Iím sure I can.

Iíll be in contact soon.

[With that she hangs up the phone and puts it away before leaving the closet, but making sure that know one noticed her while she was in there. The camera pans back into the closet after she leaves it and up to a vent in the wall. It begins to zoom into it and then appears on the other side of the vent and slowly pulls away from it to show that the room is the menís bathroom. Then you see Alex, standing there in total silence having heard every word on the other side of the vent.]

Scene: The Crashdown Cafť after school. Alex is sitting at one of the bar stools and Liz and Maria are on the other side of the counter talking to him. Every so often He looks around to make sure no one is listening to their conversation.

Alex: And then she said she will contact the person soon.

Maria: And you are sure it was her.

Alex: I didnít see her in person, but Iím sure it was her voice. Itís not like I could run out of the bathroom and ask her if she was just on the phone in the closet with some mysterious person.

Liz: And youíre sure that she was talking to them about Max and the others.

Alex: Yes, definitely. Their names were even used at several times.

Maria: So, what exactly did she say?

Alex: Well, something about how Michael is ďComing alongĒ and that the others would soon follow. That things were going slower than expected and she wasnít sure how long it would take.

Liz: Maybe she was talking to Nasedo.

Alex: But she said that she has no way of contacting him.

Maria: Yeah, thatís right.

[Michael walks up and joins them.]

Michael: Whatís right?

Maria: Um, That we are Ö all going to see that new movie.

Michael: What new movie?

Maria: Um theÖnew one.

Michael: Okay, youíve got to learn to lie better. So, are any of you going to tell me whatís going on here, or do I just have to keep guessing?

Liz: Okay. Alex heard Tess talking on the phone with someone about the three of you?

Michael: You did?

Alex: Well, I didnít actually see her, but I heard her voice through the vent in the bathroom.

Michael: What were you doing listening to the vent in the bathroom.

Alex: Itís not like that was what I was doing. I just heard her voice and stopped and listened.

Michael: So, what did she say about us.

Alex: Mainly that you were ďComing alongĒ and that the others would soon follow.

Michael: She was probably talking to Nasedo.

Alex: But you said that she had no way of contacting him.

Michael: You said that she was called by him, he would know he cell phone number. Wouldnít he?

Alex: But then why would she say that she would contact him?

Michael: I donít know. MaybeÖmaybeÖ Oh what ever.

[At that Michael leaves the three of them. He is visibly upset, but confused at the same time.]

Maria: So, what should we do now?

Alex: Thatís what I was hoping that you guys could tell me.

Liz: I think that we should let Max and Isabel know.

Maria: I agree, since it looks like Michael wonít believe us, maybe they will. Iíve always thought that there was something weird about that girl, and itís starting to look like I was right. Itís all in the aura I tell you.

Alex: Aura? Uh, sure whatever you say Maria.

[Scene fades away.]

Scene: The scene starts out with a shot on the sun then pans down to the dessert. Thee camera focuses in on the outcropping of rocks where the cave is located, that contains the pod room. We see a lone person walking up the side of it and the camera slowly zooms in on him. We see that it is Michael and he is walking to the chamber. It appears that he has a lot on his mind and heís looking for the entrance to the chamber. When he gets there, he waves his hand over the spot and the glowing handprint appears. He places his hand on the print and the hidden door opens. He slowly enters the chamber, which is lit by the equipment inside as well as the sunlight passing through the open door.]

Michael: [To himself] Okay thereís got to be something here that can help. Okay, letís see. There is the pods we came out of. Those are probably the controls for the chambers.

[He walks over to the pods and works his way towards the controls. Passing his hands over several of the controls, but non of them are making any sense to them. He finds some of them have writing over them, similar to the writing in the book and from their dreams, but not exactly the same. For some reason he can tell that there is a difference, but for the life of him he canít figure out why. He turns away from the controls and turns back to the pods.]

Michael: [To himself] Come on, thereís got to be something I can use.

[He walks over to the pods and finds a plaque over the one closest to him. It has similar writing to that on the controls. They look like he should know what they mean, but itís not quite making sense to him. He just stares at them for a few minutes, and then something weird starts to happen. Itís like the symbols start morphing before him.]

Michael: [Reading the plaque] ďBiogenetic Incubation Chamber 4Ē

The Camera fades to black.

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