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"Don't Speak"
Part 2
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: Don't own the Characters or the title. Never have, never will. Would love to :-)
Summary: Michael, Max, Maria, Isabel, Liz, Alex, Tess and Kyle's lives seem back on track. With Max and Liz's wedding quickly approaching, all seems perfect. Then the mysterious Jennifer arrives in Roswell and things quickly spiral out of control. Maria leaves Michael, Isabel learns one of the group is keeping a secret, and Max and Liz begin fighting. Taye is drawn to Jennifer, yet doesn't understand why. When Tess questions Jennifer's motives, she disappears. Who is the mysterious Jennifer? And will life as we know it in Roswell ever be the same?
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks to Cari for helping me come up with a title for this piece. I owe you one! You must have read "Secrets", "The Journey" and "Letting Go" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see them at Fan Forum if you need the other fictions.
"Michael!" Maria breathed. His hand traced the curves of her body as his lips came down on hers. They moved slowly from her lips, to her neck and then to her ear. His big, strong hands, touching everywhere that felt right. Maria didn't understand how he could still be going. She guessed it was one of the alien perks. She allowed her mouth to find his. The kiss was long and passionate. When it finally broke, Maria rolled over.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked, tracing his hand across her cheek.

"Nothing." She said, smiling softly. "It's just, well we've been in here for almost four hours. Don't you think Tess and Taye are going to get suspicious?"

"So what if they do?" Michael said defensively. "I can't help I want to be with you."

Maria almost believed him. It seemed that since they'd returned to earth, Michael's sex drive was in overdrive, not that she minded, her own wasn't much slower.

"I just don't want us to get bored with each other." Maria said.

Michael shook his head. "I would never get bored with you."

She put her arm across his stomach and laid her head on his chest. "I know you wouldn't."

He stroked her hair as she lay there. He wondered if now would be a good time to propose to her. He knew he wanted to be with her for their rest of their lives, yet couldn't find the right time to ask her. This was the perfect moment for it. "Maria?" He began.

"Hmm." She said, rolling over onto him so she could look him in the eye. She kissed his bare chest, slowly making her way up to his neck.

"Hmm." Michael sighed. All thoughts of his proposal left his mind. All he could think about were those lips.

She stopped kissing him right before she reached his lips. "What did you want?" She asked.

"Never mind." He said, pulling her face to his. Their lips meet and a connection was formed. She saw her and Michael as anyone who walked into the room would see them. She saw how Michael saw her everyday, and how much he really cared for her. She saw a tiny figure in a small bubble-like structure. She pulled away quickly, breaking the connection.

"Now what's wrong?" Michael asked, obviously annoyed.

"I'm sorry!" She cried, putting her head into her hands. Tears began to fall down her face.

Michael pulled her close. He could feel her trembling. Something was wrong and he knew it. His annoyance softened to concern. "What's the matter? You're shaking."

"No I'm not." She said, trying to pull out of his embrace. "I just remembered I needed to get something today for mom."

"But why are you crying?" He asked.

"I'm not crying over that!" She yelled. "God why don't you just believe me?"

"Because maybe you get so defensive when you're not telling the truth! Now I know there is something wrong so you might as well tell me." Michael returned.

"Just because I'm crying doesn't mean there is anything wrong! Can't you just accept that!" She cried.

"Maria calm down!" Michael had stood up and pulled on his jeans. "If you say there's nothing wrong, then fine. What exactly do you have to get for your mom?"

Maria looked at Michael. What she had seen during the connection had scared her. There was no mistaken what it was. The little tiny figure was a baby. But whose baby? Was she pregnant? She knew there was only one way to find out. She needed to get to the store. A wave of fear fluttered through her body. If she was pregnant, how would she ever be able to tell Michael. "Since when do I have to tell you everything!" She demanded.

Michael sat back down on the bed beside her. He was trying to be as patient as he could with her. "Look, you don't have to tell me anything. I know something's bothering you. I'm tired of fighting about it. Whatever it is, you'll tell me if you want me to know. Maybe you'll feel like talking more tonight."

"I don't even know if I'll feel like talking to you again." Maria said harshly. Michael starred at her. He couldn't believe the words that had just escaped her mouth. Everything had been going so well for them since they'd returned to earth and now.well he didn't know what was going on now but he wasn't going to let that interfere with how he felt about her.

He reached over and pulled her close. She put her head on his lap and cried. Neither of them said anything, but Michael knew that was what she needed. She needed him to hold her and let her know that whatever was bothering her, he'd be there, even if they didn't talk about it.

Maria sat up. "I should go." She said, wiping away the tears that had fallen from her face. Michael's jeans were stained where her mascara had run. She laughed. "Sorry about your jeans."

A smile formed across Michael's face. At least she was talking in a civilized manner. "It's ok, they'll wash."

She smiled and got out of the bed. It only took her a second to get dressed and she was ready to go. Michael stood up and walked her over to the door. "I'll talk to you later on, OK?"

Maria smiled up at him. She lifted her mouth to his and kissed him lovingly. When she finally pulled away she smiled. "Thank you." She turned to leave, but if as an afterthought, stopped. "You know I love you, right?" She asked.

Michael smiled. "I know." And he drew her lips to his, savoring the kiss.

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