FanFic - Other
"Dear Diary"
Part 1
by queenofroswell
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Tess writes in her diary
Category: Other
Rating: PG

Dear Diary-

None of them like me. Not really anyway. I'm the one they don't want around. They pretend to like me, but I know the truth. Not exactly the homecoming I was expecting. But I think Isabel used to like me. We were friends of some sort. I think. But I guess I blew that too. What am I doing? Why focus on the bad parts? Come on, Tess.

Tess looks up from her diary. It was just depressing her. Why did she insist on writing in it every night?

Knock, knock, knock. "Who is it?" she called out. There worn't many people it could be thought. It wasn't like any of the pod squad would even want to talk to her.

"Why do you even ask?"

Yep. Exactly who she thought it would be. "Come on in Budda Boy."

"Would you please drop that. It's getting really old."

"What do you want, Kyle?"

"You ah. You left another one of your...bras in the bathroom again, and I, well, here." He threw the bra over to her on her bed. Tess picked it up and started twirling it around her finger. She knew it was taunting him, but that's why she did it. She loved to see the look that formed on his face whenever she toyed with him. It was fun.

"Is that all, Kyle?"

"Ahh, yeah. Yeah that's it. That's all there is." Kyle was still standing in her doorway, watching her. She'd put down the bra now, and was twirling her finger around one of her blond curls. Kyle was getting nervous. She could see it in his eyes. Those deep, beautiful eyes.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked him. This small play of emotions was almost pushing Kyle over the edge. Okay, time to stop.

"All right. Time to go. Ah, goodnight, Tess." Kyle turned and left the room.

Well, he handled that a lot better than last time, she thought. Tess reached over and picked up her diary.

Dear Diary-

At least I have Kyle.

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