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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 28
by John
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(It was not a very restful night. Max and Isabel alternated trying to sleep in the old greenhouse bathroom. They were afraid to flush; fearing the sound would attract attention. You know how things can get in bathrooms if you don't flush. Michael and Devin kept waking up. Well, Michael mostly, to see if he could determine if Setoma had made it. Alex and company tried to sleep, but a group of rowdy cowboy types hooped and hollered around the motel parking lot most of the night. Even Bilillia didn't sleep much. He's nervous about the possibility of getting caught helping our friends and he's wondering if committing himself to this dimension is really the right thing. Down in the holding rooms, several of the alien prisoners were feeling what might be described as a "disturbance in the force". As a result, today's happenings may not come as a total surprise to them. With the guards meeting at 1:00 P.M., everyone involved is getting a bit nervous. It's now about 11:30 A.M.)

Bilillia: (Opens door to room where Michael and Devin are being held.) You two! Front and center!

(Closes door.)

Michael: I'm glad I'm not really in your unit.

Bilillia: That could be arranged.

(Michael and Devin look panicked.)

Bilillia: That was supposed to be a joke.

Michael: I'm sorry. I guess I'm not in a mood for levity.

Bilillia: I'm trying to get my mind off what I'm doing.

Devin: You're not having second thoughts?

Bilillia: No, just thirds and fourths...

Devin: We can probably do this without any further help from you.

Bilillia: No! I said I'd help you and I will. Besides, adventure awaits in your dimension, right?

Michael: That's the attitude!

Devin: Did you happen to get over to the portal building?

Bilillia: Yes! I glanced behind the couch where you told me to look.

Michael: And?

Bilillia: We better hope they don't turn on a life form sensor over there.

Michael: Glad to hear it.

Devin: So what's the people layout?

Bilillia: OK! You know that the guards, except maybe one or two, will be in our meeting. There sometimes is a guard that stays with the Colonel and always one on duty at the portal building. Since we meet in this building, no one thinks an extra guard on duty near the holding rooms is necessary, especially with the electric locks. If Setoma can make a noise or something and cause the guard in building three to go upstairs, he can lock him in easily. Just jam the lock on the stairwell door. There is no other way down or out.

Devin: So I discovered.

Bilillia: You know you drove them nuts with the pillow thing. What we still don't know is why you didn't show up on the life-form sensor?

Devin: I told you, it's because I'm a clone of him. (Looks at Michael.)

Bilillia: You'll excuse me if I don't believe you?

Michael: Anyhow, go on.

Bilillia: OK! As I told you, I'll come out of the meeting room on some pretext. I'm assuming you'll have already opened the door here. The guard who has been outside since we put you in this room will be downstairs in the meeting. You guys should slip down the stairs, but stay in the stairwell. There's a window in the stairwell door so you'll be able to see across to the big meeting room. As soon as I come out, seal off the meeting room door. It's possible someone could eventually climb through the ceiling so we won't have much time. I'll run down and release the holding room locks. Everyone down there should run upstairs. Direct them out to the fence line. One of, you...will have to cut through the fence, but again I suspect it won't be a problem.

Michael: What do Max and Isabel need to do?

Bilillia: Whenever we have these meetings, we station one of the maintenance people out at the guard station. He will have to be taken care of. The other maintenance people usually hang around the front part of the greenhouse building where the staff quarters are. They'll need to make sure no one comes out of there. Your friends are in the far back lower level of that building; the part that is mostly closed down. I told them how to get to where they need to be.

Devin: Anything else?

Bilillia: The Colonel's quarters. The Colonel may or may not come to our meeting. If he does, there will be only one person left in those quarters. If he doesn't, they'll be two. I suspect with the recent happenings that he'll be at the meeting to give us a pep talk.

Michael: Where are his quarters?

Bilillia: They are in the ground level annex to this building, kind of between here and building two. If your friends just come outside, they should be able to see them. I'm not sure how best to seal off those rooms since they have windows. Your's Max I believe... said he'd come up with something. That's it! Keep everyone trapped inside and we're outta here.

Michael: Outta here? Sounds as if you've been listening to more than just Rush Limbaugh lately.

Bilillia: I've been tuning the radio box. I figure if I'm going to be part of your dimension, I better learn all I can. Wow...some of the music your dimension has! I ought to go now. Good luck to all of us! Stand up and looked worried, will you. I need the guard outside to think I've been questioning you intensely.

(Opens door.)

Bilillia: You may say you have told me everything, but I'm not convinced. I'll be back after lunch to continue this.

(Michael makes a silent connection to Max and Isabel. He tells them everything Bilillia just told them. Things should be ready to go. It's shortly after 12:00 noon so it won't be much longer. Michael begins pacing the floor. Devin decides that without powers like Michael's he's just along for the ride from here on out. The door opens and a guard brings them lunch.)

Guard: Here! I'm glad I don't have to eat it. How long are they going to keep you in here anyway?

Michael: I don't know. Bilillia asks more questions that we have answers.

Guard: If you know what's good for you, you'll answer them.

(As the guard leaves, he slams the door. The vibration causes the sprinkler pipe mount that Michael had weakened earlier (as a possible way to knock out a guard) to come loose. The pipe falls down, hitting Michael squarely on the head. Devin runs to help his friend. He sees a big gash on Michael's head with blood rushing out. Michael falls to the floor.)

Devin: Michael! Michael! Michael Guerin! Please, please be OK!

(Michael is out cold. Devin thinks to himself, "damn, why couldn't I have been wrong?" Devin looks around. He needs to stop the bleeding. He straightens Michael's legs and props them up as best he can. He has a rag that he had been keeping his cell phone wrapped in so it wouldn't be obvious what it was. He unwraps the phone and uses the rag to apply pressure to the gash. "Good thing I watch ER", he thinks to himself.)

Devin: Michael, my friend. Now is not the time for you to be unconscious. Please! The clock is ticking. The guards meeting will be starting in a few minutes. Of all the doors, the one in this building, the one behind which all the guards will be meeting, is the one that HAS to be sealed. Michael, you have to be able to do it or it's over for all of us. Please, Michael. Come back to me.

(Michael continues to lie motionless on the floor. Devin checks for pulse and breathing. Breathing is shallow, but Michael's definitely alive. Devin continues to put pressure on the gash. There is some water in a cup that was delivered with lunch. He uses part of it to clean the wound, but decides to save some in case Michael wakes up and needs a drink. Suddenly, Devin feels very alone. He wonders if there's a way to somehow call off the escape attempt. He tries the cell phone, but as it did the last time he tried, it lit up "no service". He wishes he could connect with the others like Michael does. Devin looks at his watch; it's twenty minutes to one. Just a few minutes until the others make their move. Just a few minutes until either the guard's door is sealed, or the Dimensioners have 3 additional prisoners, two of them with coveted alien blood. The third would be one of their own, but a traitor to their cause. Things would certainly not be pleasant for Bilillia. And no doubt the truth about Michael and himself would also soon be discovered. Everything hangs on Michael regaining consciousness. Devin again kneels down next to Michael, grasping Michael's hand in his own. Devin remembers going to church once with Alex's family. He recalls people saying prayers. He decides if there's anything to that human custom, now's the time to try it. "God, so much hangs on Michael. Bring him back to me, please." Devin continues to grasp Michael's hand. A quiet minute goes by; then Michael lets out a moan. He turns his head and raises his arm to shield his eyes from the light emanating from the light bulb directly above him.)

Michael: Light...too bright!

(Michael lifts his hand towards the light bulb. It explodes, glass falling to the floor.)

Devin: Michael, buddy! At least your powers are still functional.

Michael: Where am I? Who are you?

Devin: Michael! I'm Devin. Don't you remember?

Michael: I have a terrific headache.

Devin: See that broken sprinkler-pipe. It hit you on the head.

Michael: What? Why? Where are we?

Devin: You don't remember?

Michael: I...I...we're supposed to do something. Maxwell! Where's Maxwell?

Devin: He's in the building next to this one. He's counting on you to seal some people inside a room here so we can all escape. Some bad people are holding us here. We've been locked up in a compound they run.

Michael: would would I seal them in?

Devin: The same way you took care of the bright light.

Michael: Maria! Where's Maria?

Devin: She's waiting for you outside. But you have to lock in those people who are holding us here. They won't let you out to see her.

Michael: But I have to see Maria. I love her. They can't keep me from seeing her.

Devin: They will, if you don't seal them inside the room.

Michael: I don't know how...

(Meanwhile, outside the compound, Alex, Liz and Maria have pulled the vehicles into the agreed upon positions. They know all they can do is wait. Suddenly...

Maria: Alex! Something's wrong. It's Michael...

Alex: He's fine, Maria. I'll bet you see him within the hour.

Maria: No! Something's not right. I've been feeling that he's OK, but now, every time I think of him, I feel pain and confusion. Something's wrong, Alex!

(Alex isn't convinced, but decides to try and connect with Michael or Isabel.)

Alex: (* Silent connection.)


*Isabel: Here Alex. Are you guys ready?

*Alex: We are, but Maria says something's wrong with Michael. Have you connected with him recently?

*Isabel: About forty minutes ago. He was just having lunch.

*Alex: He's OK then?

*Isabel: He was! Let me check again.

Michael, you good to go? (Pause)

*Isabel: Michael? (Pause) Alex! I don't sense him, do you?

*Alex: No! Usually I can if I try. I did before from out here.

*Isabel: I don't like this.

Isabel: Max, something's not right with Michael. I can't connect with him and neither can Alex.

Max: Let me try.

*Max: Michael, you ready? Michael...


*Alex: Max, what's wrong?

*Max: I don't know.

*Alex: Maria was the one who sensed this a few minutes ago. She told me she felt pain whenever she thought about Michael.

*Max: I'm not feeling pain. I'm just not connecting with him.

*Isabel: Do we abort, Max?

*Max: I don't see how we can. We're too far into this.

*Alex: But what if Michael isn't there to do his part? And how do we get him out if he's being guarded or something?

*Max: I can't tell you until we know more. We just have to go ahead and hope he's there. Let me try once more. Michael...

(Back with Michael and Devin.)

Michael: Maxwell! I hear Maxwell!

Devin: He's trying to connect with you. Answer him.

Michael: But he's not here. How can he hear me?

Devin: Think about him and then answer him with a thought. He'll hear you.

*Michael: Maxwell! I hear you.

*Max: Michael? What happened?

*Michael: I don't see you but I hear you.

*Isabel: Michael, are you OK?

*Michael: Isabel? Is that you? Where are you? I'm hearing you but I can't see you either.

Devin: Tell them you got hit on the head by a pipe and that it hurts.

*Michael: Maxwell...there's a guy with's Devin. He says to tell you I got hit on the head with a pipe. I know I must have. My head hurts and it's bleeding. I'm kinda mixed up.

*Isabel: Do you know where you are?

*Michael: Devin said some bad people are holding us in a compound. He said we have to escape from here so I can see Maria. He said some men will try and stop us if I don't seal them in a room, but I don't know what to do.

Max: He's really confused, Isabel.

Isabel: Is Devin OK?

*Max: Michael, is Devin OK?

Michael: Devin, Maxwell wants to know if you're OK?

Devin: Tell Max that I'm fine and I'll try to help you do what you have to so you can see Maria.

*Michael: Devin says to tell you he's fine and he'll help me do what I have to so I can see Maria. Why couldn't he tell you that himself? Where are you?

*Max: We're in the next building, Michael. You've connected with us mentally. Devin can't do that.

*Michael: Why not?

Isabel: He doesn't remember why he has powers.

Max: This is going to be interesting. I hope Devin can lead him through this.

*Isabel: You can connect with us for the same reason you can seal those men in the room. You are special. You have special powers. Put your hand on your head and see if you can heal yourself.

(Michael puts his hand on the gash, but the power coming out just makes the wound wider. The bleeding gets worse. Devin pulls Michael's away.)

Devin: Tell them that didn't work.

*Michael: Devin says to tell you that didn't work. It really hurt though. It made it bleed worse. Maybe Devin could heal it for me.

*Isabel: I'm afraid he can't.

*Michael: Isn't Devin special?

*Isabel: Yes he is, but in a different way. He doesn't have the powers you do, but since you're hurt, you must trust him and do exactly what he says.

*Michael: I will, Isabel.

*Setoma: Hello?

*Isabel: Alex! Was that you?

*Alex: No! I thought the best thing I could do was to be quiet.

*Setoma: It's Setoma.

*Max: We didn't know if you could connect with us? We had verified you were there though.

*Setoma: I heard voices in my head. My father used to communicate with me this way, but it's been along time since I've tried it.

*Max: I'm Max. My sister and I are in the old greenhouse building. We'll take care of this end. You know what you need to do?

*Setoma: Coax the guard away from his station and lock him down.

*Max: Right on! Then join us in the front yard as we run out. But we have a complication.

*Setoma: So I gathered. Your man in the building with the prisoners is hurt.

*Max: We think it's under control. Devin's there to help him.

*Setoma: Devin is a good man. He'll do everything he can, I'm sure. He amazes me. We spent a lot of time talking during his visits to my dimension.

*Alex: Setoma? Real quickly! This is Alex! I just wanted to say hello. Devin talks about you all the time.

*Setoma: Alex! He talks about you too. I can't wait to talk about computers with you.

*Max: Then let's get this show on the road!

(The guards meeting is beginning...)

Devin: Michael, we need to go now. You need to lock those evil men up so we can leave.

Michael: I'll try. I'm having trouble moving.

Devin: Here, let me help.

(Devin helps Michael to his feet and tells him to lean on him as they walk.)

Devin: Let's go.

Michael: The door is locked

Devin: But you can open it, Michael. Put your hand on the knob and think about making it unlock.

(Michael does so and a glow appears at the end of his hand. The door unlocks.)

Devin: Great! Now, we need to go downstairs and watch for Bilillia to come out. Then you'll have to weld a door closed.

Michael: Weld a door? I don't know if...wait...I welded a locker shut at school once.

Devin: Do you remember how you did it?

Michael: I think so.

(They reach the landing and are watching the door of the meeting room. Bilillia comes out as planned. Devin opens the stairs door...)

Devin: Now, Michael. Pretend that door is the school locker. You need to weld it shut.

(Michael raises his hand and a force begins to emanate from it. Devin takes Michael's arm and slowly helps him trace the door's frame. In a few seconds, the door is sealed.)

Devin: You did it, Michael. You did it.

Michael: Thanks for helping me.

Devin: Anytime! Let's go find Maria.

Michael: Maria! Yes!

(Bilillia has already headed downstairs to free the other aliens. He leads them up the stairs as Devin is helping Michael out the door. Meanwhile, Setoma has managed to lock the portal building guard in an upstairs room. Isabel has secured the staff living area and Max has put a force field up around the Colonel's quarters. Max said it would last for a several minutes. They all gather outside and head for the fence.)

*Isabel: (Silent connection) Alex...get the cavalry on the road.

*Alex: Yes ma'am!

(Alex and the others pull the cars into position. As they head for the fence, Max is in the lead. Isabel finds Devin and Michael. They stop for a moment.) Devin: Isabel! Can you help Michael? His head is starting to bleed badly again and I'm almost having to carry him.

Isabel: I'll try.

(Isabel places her hand on Michael's head and heals the wound. She leaves her hand there a few seconds longer to heal the concussion. Michael is back to normal, but Isabel, Michael and Setoma are now way behind the others. Bilillia is running behind the alien prisoners, shouting at them to hurry. He looks back and sees the three stragglers...)

Bilillia: Come on...catch up!

(Max has reached the fence. He is preparing to use his powers to cut it open when suddenly a man steps out from the guard shack with a gun in his hand. In the confusion, they had forgotten about the guard shack position although Bilillia had told them about it. The man yells "stop" and points his gun at Max. Bilillia is the closest one of the escapees to the guard shack. As the man takes aim at Max, Bilillia raises his hand and the gun flips out of his hand and falls to the ground. The man is so scared, he runs away from the scene back into the guard shack. Isabel sees the man pick up a phone, but no one is answering him. By now, Max has the fence open and everyone is piling into the waiting cars. Michael and the others catch up to Bilillia. Michael, Bilillia, and Devin pile in on top of some others already in the Jeep, which Maria is driving. Max jumps in with Liz who's driving the Cherokee and Isabel won't be denied the seat next to Alex who's behind the wheel of his own car. As the vehicles spin out...)

Michael: Is there something you haven't told us, Bilillia?

Bilillia: Did you tell me everything about yourselves?

Michael: Almost! You could have told us. We'd have felt a lot more comfortable.

Bilillia: If this had failed my life would have been over. I was afraid to say anything, even to you! I'm sorry. I can see now I should have told you. Remember I told you I used to be a guard at the old alien village in the other dimension? Well, I was a prisoner there first. I was one of the children living there, having been born to an alien couple. One of the humans from the outside who manned the food and clothing distribution center used to bring her daughter with her when she came to work. She would often send her daughter to play in a park they had made for us. Sometimes I'd be playing there too and the young girl and I used to talk a lot. She'd tell me what the world was like outside the village. We kind of grew up together, although she stopped coming with her mother when she got older. One day shortly after I turned eighteen, the mother handed me a package that was supposed to be new clothes. When I opened it, I found some hair dye, a guard uniform and a military ID card. The picture on it was of me, only with blonde hair. A couple of weeks later, I dyed my hair and put on the uniform. I lined up with the guards when they did a shift change. I walked out of there freely. I came back the following week wearing the uniform and showing the ID card. I worked as a guard there every other week for a long time. They never suspected a thing. I tried and tried to come up with a way to get those people out of there but I was never able to do it. I did try to make sure they were treated well. The mother quit right after she gave me the package and I never saw either her or her daughter again. After they closed the village, I was ready to quit the military when this assignment came up. I took it, continuing my hope of freeing the few former villagers that still survived. When you guys showed up I just knew I had to help you.

Devin: That's quite a story. You did help us and I know it took courage! We're out...they're out, largely thanks to you.

Michael: Devin! I owe you big time! I was so hosed by that knot on my head...Without you I...

Devin: Hey! Everyone did what had to be done. This was a group effort. It's over! I just want to go home.

Michael: Me too.

Maria: Is anyone following us...besides Alex I mean.

Michael: I don't think so.

Maria: Devin Whitman! Front and center! You're driving!

(Maria pulls off to the side of the road. She turns from the drivers seat and jumps on top of Michael. Devin takes over driving as ordered.)

Maria: Michael! I was so not kidding when I told Max I was never letting go of you again.

Michael: OK...but don't hug me quite so tight if, forget that...come closer, You can squeeze me as hard as you want!

(Whew! They're out! So, what's next? As you can see, the end is nigh. We're checking with Mrs. Zoombash (the owner of this network) to see if our "summer special" can be on at least once more. The B.S. Network has new fall shows to premiere, like "Who Want's To Kick the Boss's Butt" and a hidden-camera show: "The West Wing Bathroom". (It was going to be "The West Wing Bedroom", but Mrs. Zoombash put her foot down.) The network can't wait to get us off the schedule to make room for these exciting (?) programs. I'm guessing when they see their ratings, they'll want the "We Six" back; but we'll be laughing, just enjoying our free time. Just in case we can get on again, check back in a few days. We might get a slot of time around midnight to tie up some loose ends. Devin has a major problem developing for him back home he doesn't know about. And what will happen to Setoma and his family? What will become of the other aliens? Will the cabin roof leak? Besides these nagging questions, the gang really needs some quiet time together, don't you think? We could tell you "The Rest of the Story", but only if Mrs. Zoombash gets enough Tabasco sauce in her mail. In any case, our advice to you is to always stand ready to "Czech Your Dimensions". Good day!)

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