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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 15
by John
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(Alex and Max couldn't get Devin home fast enough. It was obvious to them that their friend was in trouble. Max dropped Alex and Devin off at the Whitman's. It's just after daybreak as Devin hit's the computer for a rebuild...)

Alex: OK man, let's just see if we can capture your source code when you go online with your lab. I'll have to hack a bit, so be sure to tell me if you feel anything unusual.

Devin: (Getting more confused) Suppose I, you want my butt to see.

Alex: I don't really want to see it again, but I more time for you, my friend.

Devin: Alex, if this works and I'm free of the lab, I'll be kissing yours.

Alex: Please...a "thanks Alex", will be more than adequate.

Devin: I just mean, this is the last thing that's keeping me from...from...

Alex: From being a totally free individual

Devin: Yeh! Got it you.

Alex: Your still gonna have to rebuild...but at least you'll be able to do it yourself, whenever you need to.

Devin: And I won't have to check in with the lab or be afraid of being away from a computer for too long.

Alex: I hope so.

Devin: Setoma said the same thing. A computer programmer by trade he is. He said if he had my code source, he could help me.

Alex: So, you told him about yourself?

Devin: He kinda figured it out. I just confirmed it.

Alex: Sounds like I need to talk to the guy. Hang on we go.

(Devin connects with the lab and begins his rebuild, while Alex punches keys on the computer that he's attached to Devin's well hidden serial port.)

Devin: Ouch!

Alex: You OK?

Devin: I just felt a jolt through my whole system.

Alex: I'm in pretty deep. Hang with me, bro. I don't know how else to do this. I have to strip your processor down so it will request a source code reload.

Devin: I hope...awck!

(Devin suddenly lies completely motionless, his voice interrupted in mid sentence. He looks lifeless, just staring off into space. Alex is frantic as he punches the keys as fast as he can. He thinks to himself, " Damn! Something is blocking me...and I've got all the data that is Devin...all his memories and functions...all his personality routines... everything that makes him be's all stored in my computer now. This should be just like a transfusion...but I can't keep these things in tact very long. Separated from his source code, the data will become corrupted." Alex desperately punches keys, trying to get Devin's processor to request the source code. He thinks to himself: "Come on...come on...please...I may have to give this up. If it don't get the data back into his processor in the next couple of minutes, the Devin I know will be gone. I can't let that happen... I can't...Michael might disagree, but doing that would be murder. I can't loose him...he's come too far. He's actually become a good friend. And Setoma needs him. He may just have to live with lab rebuilds. I better...wait...". Just then Devin's head jerks and Alex sees the data transfer he wants beginning to happen. Alex thinks to himself "Thank God! It's coming in. I'm capturing it too. Now if it just doesn't take too long to download...come on...faster...faster...Done!)

Alex: Now Devin my friend, I'll load your essence back on top of your source code...if all goes well, you'll be back with me in just..."

(Alex continues typing. After a few very tense minutes, Devin looks up at Alex...)

Devin: Whew! What happened? I feel like I died and came back.

Alex: Did you see a bright light?

Devin: What?

Alex: Never mind! Are you OK?

Devin: Yes! I feel fine now. The rebuild worked. Did you get what you needed?

Alex: Yes, I got it. But you gave me scare. I was afraid I was going to have to abort.

Devin: I doubt they made it easy for you.

Alex: Now...I'll just meld your source code with my rebuild program and...there...voila!

Devin: Am I a free man?

Alex: Almost! Hold on to may feel this as I overwrite...

Devin: (Shudders.) That tickles, man!

Alex: Sorry!

Devin: It's fine...I...

Alex: OK! I think now whenever you need a rebuild, you just need to project my rebuild program and stare at it. It will adjust itself to what you need and give you the same rebuild the lab does.

Devin: You should feel like Abraham Lincoln, Alex. You just freed a slave.

Alex: Don't let it go to your

Devin: I think I prefer the head metaphor. I can't thank you enough, Alex.

Alex: Thank you for not kissing my butt.

(Devin and Alex enjoy a laugh together. They both decide to go freshen up and change clothes. Even an android needs a bath once in awhile. Devin wants to fill everyone in on his dimensional trip. They agreed to meet at Michael's at 9:30. That should give him time to fill them in before the Crashdown needs Maria, Michael and Liz to open up. Now that his brain is normal again, Devin can't wait to talk to Anna. Finally about 9:00 o'clock he decides it's late enough to call her...)

Devin: Hi! You awake?

Anna: Devin! Thank God! I haven't slept for two nights worrying about you.

Devin: I told you not to worry about me.

Anna: And I told you I was going to.

Devin: Wanta go somewhere for lunch?

Anna: You bet!

Devin: I've gotta go somewhere right now, but I'll pick you up about noon.

Anna: I'm just glad you're back, Devin. I think I'll try and sleep a little now.

Devin: See you soon!

(Devin didn't want to tell her that he may have to go away least he didn't want to tell her right then. He's frustrated by not being able to tell her what's going on, but doing so would mean she'd have to know everyone's secrets, including his own, and that just can't happen. Shortly, it's time to fill in the others on the dimensional trip. Devin wakes up Alex who decided to take a short nap and they go to Michael's together. Devin tells everyone about his visit to the other dimension.)

Isabel: You had quite a visit, Devin.

Devin: I'll go again if I need to. And I can stay longer now; Alex has freed me from the lab.

Alex: He won't be getting in rebuild trouble again. I'm going to miss our local version of Yoda.

Max: That was my line.

Alex: Actually, I was kidding. I was really feeling bad for Devin when he was so mixed up.

Michael: So, what are we going to do?

Devin: I think the real question is, do you want to help Setoma?

Isabel: Do we have a choice? He's one of us, isn't he?

Devin: I told you his story. I have no reason to doubt him.

Maria: So you want to try to steal formula from the alien compound?

Alex: It not alien. They're just humans from another dimension.

Max: And neither Setoma nor his friends know why they are sending people into our dimension?

Devin: On that question, I'm not sure. Professor Jelaned said he didn't know, but the way he said it made me think there was something he wasn't telling me.

Isabel: What did he say?

Devin: It was something like, "I don't know. They don't tell me".

Liz: Sounds pretty plain to me.

Devin: You had to have been there. It's just a gut feeling I have.

Michael: So now you have gut feelings too.

Devin: Figure of speech.

Max: Get off his case, Michael. Devin's doing us a great favor helping out with this.

Devin: It's OK Max. He doesn't have to like me.

Michael: I like you, Devin. And I do appreciate what you did.

Maria: Then show it, Michael. You're always putting him down.

Alex: I still think Michael's just jealous because HE can't sing with you, Maria. Speaking of that...both of you...tomorrow night...Hope Club...7 o'clock!

Devin: I hope I can still didn't forget to put that routine back in did you Alex?

Michael: (Under his breath.) We can hope.

(Maria slugs Michael's shoulder for that comment.)

Michael: Ouch! What was that for?

Maria: You know!

Isabel: We're off the subject again.

(Alex has been surfing on Michael's computer...)

Alex: I was working on the subject while I was talking to you. I found it...

Max: What?

Alex: The location of the phone number Devin gave me. He got it off the phone in the room in the building where Professor Jelaned sent him. It's part of the compound where the people from the other dimension are hiding.

Maria: I think I'm confused.

Michael: About what?

Maria: Devin said there are people from the other dimension in this dimension. What for?

Devin: That's what we've been talking about here. We don't know.

Maria: I know what you said, but I'm still confused.

Alex: Taking over from Devin, huh?

Isabel: Alex!

Alex: Sorry!

Max: What were you going to say, Alex?

Alex: As a result of my hacking, I figured out where the phone number is.

Michael: Well?

Alex: Laramie, Wyoming.

Isabel: Where's that?

Alex: In Wyoming.

Isabel: I know that, dummy. What I mean is, where around Laramie, Wyoming is the room?

Alex: How would I know?

Devin: It's inside a three-story concrete slab building. It was very quiet there. That's all I can tell you. There were no windows that I saw and I couldn't get near a door.

Max: Professor Jelaned said they have formula there?

Devin: Yes! And I heard the guards talking about it too. It's in a safe in the room I was sent in to.

Michael: Safes I can do! So, when do we leave?

Max: It's not that simple. I'm not sure we should all just descend on Laramie, Wyoming. Besides, we don't where to look once we get there.

Devin: There's someone in the compound that isn't very happy to be there. Maybe we should try to contact him. His name is Bilillia.

Max: I'd be careful on that score. He might be unhappy, but he might also be loyal enough to turn us in if we try to enlist his help.

Devin: It's just an option. It's one of the few things we know about the compound.

Michael: Max is right when he says we shouldn't all go.

Liz: It's going to be hard for everyone to leave. It wouldn't be fair to my folks and the Crashdown. They might have to close.

Isabel: So who goes?

Max: I think I can get off work again. Izzy, we can try to tell mom and dad what we're doing and why. They won't like it...they may not even understand it...but they'll let us go.

Isabel: I like being able to be honest with them.

Max: There is something to the trust we've established. Isabel, I think that you need to go in case we need connections or dream-walking. I better go in case anyone gets injured.

Isabel: Devin needs to go, since he's been there and will recognize the place if we find it.

Michael: And I need to go in case we need some pure brawn.

Alex: Why would you need dishwashing liquid?

Isabel: (Kicks Alex.) Brawn, not Dawn!

Alex: Oh!

Liz: What can we do for a cook at the Crashdown if Michael and Devin both go? And I'm not sure I want to let Max go so far away from me.

Max: It's better if you're here, Liz. We don't know what we'll find. At least our powers can help us stay safe.

Maria: I don't want any of you to go. We may be getting into something we can't easily get out of.

Isabel: I feel like we need to do this to help Setoma.

Alex: I feel that too. And if what Devin says is correct, stealing the formula from this dimension is the best approach. It will preserve Professor Jelaned as a contact to the other dimension. If he gets involved in stealing some over there and gets caught, the authorities would surely curtail his experiments. We'd never be able to pursue dimensional interaction again.

Devin: That's my thinking, exactly. Professor Jelaned seems to be OK with bending his government's rules a bit.

Alex: As much as I'd like to go...maybe I should stay here and...Liz...maybe you could teach me to cook at the Crashdown?

Isabel: You? Cook? This I've got to see.

Alex: Except you won't see it, because you'll be gone. Sob!

Max: It's settled then! It's Isabel, Michael, Devin, and me who'll go. It's going to take a day or two to get ready. We'll leave Sunday.

Alex: And if you need help, call for reinforcements. We'll find a way to get there.

Max: Sounds good!

Liz: I'll tell you what sounds good to me.

Max: What?

Liz: Since were going to be separated for awhile, how about a date, Max Evans? Just you and me!

Max: Ohhh...I'd like that! Tonight?

Liz: Yes...tonight!

Max: It's a date. Pick you up at seven.

Maria: Michael?

Michael: Yes!

Maria: I like Liz' idea. How about you and me...

Michael: Don't you have to sing with the band?

Maria: That's tomorrow!

Michael: In that case...Yes! Let's do it! Seven o'clock!

Alex: Izzy?

Isabel: Of course, Alex! I need you to calm my nerves.

Alex: Do you think we can find three different secluded places?

Isabel: If we think that we can find a mysterious compound in Wyoming, it stands to reason that we can handle finding seclusion here.

Devin: I'm picking Anna up for lunch. I'll have to ask her about tonight, but I think we ought to make it four secluded places.

Alex: Is Roswell that big?

Max: Bigger than Laramie!

(Hmmm! Plans for tonight! Plans for the future. I guess more of what's happening will have to wait until our next episode. I sure hope the gang knows what they're doing. There is a rumor that Mrs. Zoombash, the eight-six year old, very proper owner of this network is on vacation. If that's true, we might be able to show you a bit of date night on our next show. If not, we'll at least be back with more of the preparations for the trip to Wyoming. Whatever we bring you, it'll be worth coming back for. And...stay tuned now as the B.S. Network presents: "Xerox: The Duplicate Princess"...)

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