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"Crab Nebula in Taurus"
Part 4
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme of Treasures Found and Tess to TESS (CD Fanfic) The Human/Alien alliance use information recorded in Claudia Parker's journal to establish the best time to activate a third Orb found with alien artifacts.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I recommend reading "Treasures Found" and "Tess to TESS" first but a Prologue is included.
Isabel is jolted out of her reverie by Alex's return carrying a bundle of clothes.

"Kyle, do you live out of your trunk?" He questions the still immersed all-American boy.

"Very funny Whitman. Is the skunk still burrowing into our clothes?" Snaps an irritable and frustrated Kyle.

"Oh yeah and it has a guest." Alex states matter of factly as there are now two skunks making themselves at home is his Banana Republic pants.

"Alex, will you please give me something to put on so I can get the hell back to town and away from certain people who are getting more cranky by the minute." Teresa reaches out to him from behind Isabel and almost looses her footing, which would put her back in the water with Kyle.

Teresa opts for the sports jersey, which comes to right above her knee. "It smells," she says as she wrinkles her nose in distaste.

Kyle finally lifts himself out of the water and turns to Isabel for her to dry his shivering waterlogged body.

"Don't do it Isabel, let him freeze." Teresa grabs her hand to stop her friend from warming the teeth chattering Kyle.

Isabel looks from the miserable Kyle to the pouting Teresa and decides to help Kyle. She looks around to make sure the stranger hasn't returned before waving her hand over his body just as she had done for the others.

"He's driving and besides we need him. We can't afford for him to be incapacitated tomorrow." Isabel offers as explanation for defying her friend's wishes.

Alex distributes the rest of the clothes and they quickly dress. It will be dark soon and they can't play the waiting game with the skunks any longer because they need to get back to the loft and the others.

Kyle holds the passenger door open for Teresa and she chooses to get in the back seat leaving the front passenger seat for Alex.

"You're just acting this way because I refuse to fall for your charms and take you up on what you are so obviously offering." Kyle lowers his eyes, his gaze coming to rest on her lips as her month falls open with undisguised contempt.

"Why you arrogant excuse for a human being." She fumes and springs forth to attack him but is restrained by Isabel and Alex.

"You know it's true, everyone knows it." He seems to be struggling with some inner demon and looks as though he wants to take back the harshness of his words.

Teresa narrows her eyes and regains her composure, "Pas si vous etiez le dernier homme sur terre."

Kyle continues to stare for a moment before his counter attack. "Pas si vous etiez la derniere femme dans l'univers.

Teresa is taken aback, "How did you - you sneak."

"My maternal grandmother is French Canadian." He explains to the others before taking the drivers seat and starting the car.

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