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"Countdown to Departure"
Part 3
by Patricia
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Roswell, but wish I did!!!
Summary: Max & Liz are married. So are Michael & Maria. Liz is pregnant. All of them, along with Isabel & Tess are about to leave Earth. These are the events that led up to that ... & their first experiences among the aliens....
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: My first fan fiction. Feedback is very welcome!
Isabel Evans and Alex Whitman sat uncomfortably across from one another in the finest restaurant the town of Roswell, New Mexico had to offer. The conversation was stilted... sometimes overly polite, sometimes impassioned.

"Why?" Alex thought as he gazed at her face on the last evening they would ever spend together. "Of all the girls there are to fall for, why did I have to pick one whose home is on another planet? It isn't just because she is beautiful.... Other girls are as great looking. There is just something about Isabel that I find totally irresistible...."

He tried again. "You know, Isabel, it's not too late. We could still drive to Las Vegas and get married. I would go with you to your planet. You know I would. It is no secret to anyone - least of all YOU - how much I love you!"

Isabel smiled fondly at him. "Alex, you know that I will always consider you my friend... and a special friend. But, Alex, I am not in love with you. A marriage between us would not make sense... especially for you. Believe me."

Alex shook his head, totally puzzled. "Isabel, what do you get out of this trip? Do you still think you are meant to marry Michael? Because if he is taking Maria all the way to another planet only to move on to ANYONE else I won't let her go! Somehow I'm not worried that Max would ever let anyone pry him loose from Liz."

"No, Alex. I will never marry Michael. I have no desire to... and you are wrong about him. He loves Maria every bit as much as Max loves Liz.... And he really admires you.... You are a wonderful friend!"

He ducked his head in embarrassment and took a sip of his drink. He asked, yet again, "Are you sure it's safe for them to go to your planet? I mean, they ARE human and...."

"Alex, relax. So are we."

"Huh? But you - It's YOUR planet.... And....."

"We are human too. If Maria and Liz could not survive in comfort there, neither could the four of us. Hybrid, remember?"

"Oh. Yeah. OK." He took another sip and reflected that the meal was the most expensive one he had ever had no appetite for.

The lights in the restaurant dimmed to a more romantic level. The two at the table did not speak. Alex hoped she could not see the tears in his eyes as he thought about the loss of her... and Maria... and Liz in his life.

Finally he spoke. "I won't ever see any of you again, will I?" He coughed to clear the catch in his voice and hoped he had covered it up.

Isabel was starting to feel that the whole evening had been a mistake. She knew how much this was hurting Alex. She was very fond of him and had wanted to give him an opportunity to say good-bye in his own way. Somehow it had all turned out to be pouring salt in wounds that might never heal. She had never meant for that to happen. Her reply was gentle. "I don't know, Alex. It is possible that we can establish a way to visit back and forth. It is just too soon to tell. We have a planet to stabilize first. The war isn't over yet, you know."

Another mistake. "So you could all just die out there and I would never know.... That's true, isn't it? It could all be for nothing!" He put his face in his hands, no longer pretending that he was unemotional about all this.

"Alex. Listen to me." Isabel pulled his hands down so that she could look directly into his eyes. "I might be able to stay in communication with you."


"You know that I can dream walk. Time and space have no effect on that if all that we have studied is true. I should be able to stay in touch with YOU, Alex. There is no one else on earth that would make it possible. But you could. If you want me to...."

Alex looked at her thoughtfully. One part of him wanted to jump at the idea of staying in contact with them. Another wanted to close the door, call it over, and go on with his life alone. The dominant side won. "OK. I want you to dream walk me any time you want... unless the time ever comes when I ask you not to. I don't know if that will ever happen. It is possible, though, that if I ever DO find someone else I want to marry, she may not like to have me in contact with a glamorous alien I used to love...." He laughed a little.

"I could understand that." Isabel smiled too. This was getting better.

"Come on. Let's take a walk before I take you home."

"I can't, Alex. I want to have some time with my parents before we leave. They don't know anything about it and they won't until after we are gone. It would be just too hard to explain everything after all this time. And I don't want to say any more good-byes." Now she looked misty eyed. "I just HAD to say good-bye to YOU. You have been too special in my life not to. You are the only guy on earth who has known me for who and what I am and loved me anyway. How could I not let you know how special you are?" She kissed him... a long, loving, final kiss.

He somehow was holding her in his arms... where he always wanted her. "But not special enough to marry, hmmm?" His voice was wistful and regretful.

"Way TOO special to marry when I'm not in love with you. Someone else who also thinks you are extraordinary WILL be in love with you some day. SHE'S the one you want to marry.... Thanks for the dinner.... And I WILL be in touch with you... often." Isabel gave him a last hug and quickly left the restaurant.

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