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"Countdown to Departure"
Part 10
by Patricia
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Summary: Max & Liz are married. So are Michael & Maria. Liz is pregnant. All of them, along with Isabel & Tess are about to leave Earth. These are the events that led up to that ... & their first experiences among the aliens....
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The dowager queen greeted their return with relief, then turned to the others. "There is no more time. We must act now! Together. Are you ready?"


"Good. Jafra, you and Larek place Tess between you. Michael, take Maria's hand and Liz's. Maria, stand beside Jafra." She seemed reluctant to finish even though she was urgently placing each of them. "Alain?"

Michael saw Maria look at him inquiringly. He shook his head at the unfamiliar name.

A man entered the room. He went toward the queen and knelt before her.

"As I told you long ago, vows are not to be taken lightly. You pledged your life to the Creator of all before my daughter was born. You should have had the signs taken first so that you would not have been so foolish with your soulmate's arrival eminent. Velandra was born and my late lord was sentimental enough to allow you to tutor her. Naturally she fell in love with you. If you had not taken vows she would have been betrothed to you from the cradle instead of to Rath. Well," she paused. "I was mistaken in my refusal to release you from your vows. After everything that has happened, I must do so in any case. The lives of my son and my daughter depend on it. Get up. Stand next to me."

The man rose, dignified in his pale blue robe. He turned toward the group. Those from earth gasped. His dark hair and very blue eyes were similar to those of Alex Whitman... but his features mirrored Michael's. Michael was stunned as Alain smiled at him and leaned toward him. "I am your brother. Our mother is sister to Jafra and the queen. I look forward to speaking with you at greater length...."

"Me too," Michael managed to say before the queen again demanded their attention.

They now formed a small circle. "Please join hands. Remember that our people are depending on us. We are an invasion force." She smiled at Liz and at Maria. They each felt a small tingle and, looking at one another, saw that they had become invisible. "We can still see you…" the queen assured them. "You simply have not learned how to really see yet.... Kivar and his forces won't know how to see you either. Michael, keep Maria by you... Alain, please guard Liz carefully; she carries our future king within her. As soon as we arrive, turn outward in full force. Use your power. Watch for Isabel and Max to join with us." At these words she sent her thoughts out to meet her children.


Isabel bent over Max. "Wake up! Hurry! Something is happening!"

Max rose with some difficulty, rubbing his head where he was stunned. "Our mother will be here any moment with our forces.... We have to be ready...."

The room lit up as the energy of the invasion force materialized. Isabel helped a groggy Max over to the circle that stood alertly positioned. Her mother directed them into the circle so that Max stood next to Liz and Isabel was next to Alain, a stranger who seemed surprisingly familiar.

"Now what?" Isabel asked.

Her mother smiled coldly. "Use your links and your powers. Feel where the enemy is... Then touch him and those allied with him with the lethal extent of your power... Now!"

The walls of the room seemed to disappear due to all the commands for exit and entrance as the enemy was engaged. Tess was invaluable with her balls of fire. She and Isabel worked together in confusing the enemy with illusion. Max, Michael, Larek, and Alain fought like men who were invulnerable. Then Kivar entered.

He took in the image of the older queen. "You're tired. Leave us." With a wave of his hand she was gone. The bright glow and some of the power in the room left with her.

"Come, Velandra! You don't want to get into the habit of making the same mistake twice! These people are doomed."

Isabel felt a deep cold pull at her, disentangling her from her mother's forces. A warm hand squeezed hers and she looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen... and a face at once dear and familiar. Warmth flooded her being and Kivar had no hold on her.

Once the link between Alain and Isabel was established the invasion force shimmered with power. Max put Liz behind him, Michael did the same with Maria. Then Alain, Isabel, Tess, and Larek joined them in a full barrage of supernatural power toward Kivar. His shield held for a few moments, then collapsed. His body exploded in a wave of energy. Isabel closed her eyes and saw his essence still in the room.

"I don't think anyone is going to want to bring you back," She said thoughtfully. With a wave of her hand the last of Kivar was gone.

"Does he still exist? Could he really be brought back?" asked Liz.

"Oh, yes..." Jafra assured her. "We are as immortal as you are."

"Where did he go?" Maria wanted to know.

"To hell." Isabel replied. "Or the closest equivalent I could devise. He is gone. No one is stupid enough to want to bring him back."

Then she turned to Alain. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Only from always, Highness." He kissed her hand.

"Oh...." She said.

Michael grinned. "Stop teasing her and kiss the girl!"

To everyone's delight, Alain did. Isabel felt her reserve desert her. This man had real potential. He was even tall enough to make her feel petite! Isabel looked up with a flirty smile. This was going to be fun!


Max looked around at what was left of the old palace. It would always hold memories of horror. It was there that he had grown up long ago, in a life of ease where he took his role as prince for granted. There his sister had betrayed him when Kivar had attracted her after her love for Alain was rejected by their parents. His father had died there shortly before the revolution. The place was the tomb for their former bodies and was the place where their mother's considerable supernatural powers had gathered their essences and arranged for a trusted scientist who had royal blood to use science and alchemy to bring them back. Finally, it was here that his family became a solid force... a power for the good of their planet... and, maybe, for the universe. Max did not want his son to be born there.

He joined with his cousins Michael and Alain to obliterate all that remained of it. Max ordained that the grounds be turned into a memorial garden.


Max watched covertly as Michael and Alain worked together in a smooth pattern. Every now and then their glances would meet and they would smile. As soon as the work of destroying the palace was complete, Max drew Michael aside.

"So... Cousin...?" Max grinned at his oldest friend, acknowledging the new bond between them.

"Looks like it, Maxwell." Michael could not help returning the grin, but within moments his eyes shifted to find the man who was his brother.

"You two have a lot to discuss. I'll leave you alone for a while." Max left to find his mother and his wife.

Alain came over to Michael. "Our mother is waiting with joy and impatience to see you again and meet Maria."

"Wait until we tell her about her granddaughter." Michael's eyes twinkled and he unconsciously drew up a bit taller in his pride.

"No! Already?!!" Alain gave him a spontaneous hug. "Congratulations!"

Michael was still for a moment before returning his brother's embrace. It felt so right... and he knew he had been missing it all his life.

"Thanks! Our mother.... What is she like?"

"I think I'll let you come to your own conclusions.... We will be with her tonight."

Maria came in search of Michael. She hesitated to interrupt his first talk with his brother. A new look of peace was on his face. She was turning to leave when Michael saw her. "Don't go...."

She went to stand next to him. One of the things she especially loved these days was the way his arm immediately moved to embrace her as soon as she came near him. Her husband smiled down at her. "I wanted my brother to meet you.... We will be spending the evening with my mother."

"That sounds wonderful, Michael.... It's great to meet you, Alain...."


The dowager queen's power had been severely tapped when Kivar challenged her because she did not have the energy reserves of her body. Now that she was with them in person she was once again herself.

She sat with her daughter-in-law, answering some of Liz's questions. "So only those of royal blood carry the genes for various magical abilities.... You and Maria also have some magic of a basic kind which we will teach you to develop. That was part of the reason earth was chosen as a refuge for my children... Humans are very much like us... But the history lessons can wait... Here comes Max." She smiled as Max strolled up to them.

"One more question, please?"

"Of course...."

"What was all of that special positioning about before we went into battle?"

"Powers - anyone's powers - are stronger when they are linked by close vibratory ties. Each person is at his optimum when in the presence of his soulmate - the one person who completes him. Links to other relatives will work also however... the closer any two are, the better the link. I was establishing the closest possible links within our group. Do you realize that within our circle we had four pairs of soulmates? I knew that it was vital to include both the soulmates for Max and for Isabel in order to be able to include them so quickly from a distance. Their lives depended on it! All of that gave us our force necessary to override Kivar's blocks. Do you see?"

"I think so."

Max added, "I think it is time we settled down and built our own home. This world will be better than it has been for centuries...."

"Yes," his mother nodded approvingly, "When did you find that out?"

Max smiled. "I have my talents also.... When I was working on the old palace - to see it in all its actualities, I saw a lot more than I had known before. I saw myself wandering through life as if oblivious...."

His mother interrupted, "You were loved! The people loved you - as their prince and also later as their king!"

"But I betrayed them by being unaware of all that was out of balance." Max continued, "Father had died... a major change in dynamics. I saw my ascension to the throne merely as a continuation... but it was more than that. Larek, my friend and relation was loyal, but deeply unhappy that I was to marry the girl he loved. Ava did not love me but was loyal to me and to her father's commitment; she was also my friend. That loyalty caused her death. Alain might as well have been imprisoned in ice he was so withdrawn, while Velandra burned with resentment. Rath was surly because Velandra made it clear that she did not want him and Alain could not talk to him; his loyalty cost him his life also. Kivar waited on the fringes of the family.... He played a bold game which should never have succeeded.... It did only because we - our family - was fragmented so badly. Today we were able to defeat him because our unity and love were so strong that nothing on the planet could overcome it...." His smile lit his face at the memory. He looked at his wife and his mother. "And you and Maria were a part of it...!"

"You think so?" She teased.

"Mmmmhmmm." He pulled her up from the seat and kissed her.


"Well, space boy," said Maria. "Looks like we have a pretty good place to raise a family. Lots of friends and relatives...."

"Yeah. Well...."

Maria turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I know, Michael...."

He didn't meet her look directly... "Know what?"

"What all of this means to you.... And I love it.... Because I love you!!!" She kissed him passionately. "So.... Do you think your mother will like me?"

Michael's eyes were tender and affectionate as he finally looked into her eyes. "Of course. How could anyone help loving you?"


Larek had barely taken time to pay his respects to Max. He was eager to take Tess to his home and make arrangements with Jafra for their wedding.


Alain's blue eyes lit with a flame he had never allowed himself to feel since he realized what a ruin he had made of his life. His beautiful soulmate stood in front of him. He rose and put his hands on her shoulders as he looked into her beautiful eyes....

"Just don't think this is a walk in and take it. You still have to woo me, you know." Isabel said.

"I'll take my chances,"Alain said.



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