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"At the Beginning"
Part 1
by C. Parks
Disclaimer: "Roswell" characters and trademarks are the property of Fox Studios and the Warner Brother Television Network. "Roswell" is based on the novel series by Melinda Metz.
Summary: In part one, Max Evans realizes he can't let Liz Parker escape from his life, while across town a mysterious figure makes an unexpected appearance.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story takes place shortly after the events in the season one finale, "Destiny".
The White Room. That's what Agent Pierce had called it. There seemed to be no doors, no windows. Just white paint on each wall or floor tile. The ceiling was a wash of bright, white light. Inside this small room, Max Evans was a prisoner. And worse than that, he was alone. He closed his eyes, trying to remember how he had ended up there. Everything was hazy, and Max put a hand to his temple. His head hurt. *Must be the drugs*, he thought. Several men in white coats had injected him with something when he had first arrived. He remembered struggling fervently against their grip, finally succumbing to their overwhelming force. They placed his wrists and ankles in leather binds, securing his body to a table. The next thing Max could remember was waking up inside the white room, all alone.

Max concentrated harder, trying to clear the mists in his mind. A face appeared to him. It was Agent Pierce. He was trying to show something to Max, something painful. In front of him now, Max could see an image on Liz, lying down, as if asleep. Only she wasn't. Blood trickled down from her lips, and a paramedic was pulling a blanket over her head.

"Noooo!" screamed Max, frantically trying to push the image away.

And suddenly, Max Evans sat bolt upright in his bed, eyes wide open, his body trembling with a cold sweat. Looking across the darkness of his bedroom, he could see the final images of his nightmare fade out of existence. But the memory stayed with him, a painful reminder of his recent encounter with the evil Agent Pierce. The man who had shown Max just briefly what it felt like to lose the one he loved. Liz Parker and Max Evans had seen into each other's souls, and on their journey together, had discovered a love for one another more passionate and more intense than anything they could have ever imagined. But in a small, white room, a corrupt FBI agent forced Max to experience that journey come to an end. And it was in that moment that Max realized how important it was to stop running away from the most important thing in his life. Liz Parker was a part of his destiny. They were meant to be together from the very beginning.

Shortly after his ordeal with Pierce, Max and his fellow aliens had discovered their true origin, and Liz had walked out of his life, choosing to let go of her love, so he could pursue his destiny along side his alien family. But Max had convinced himself that Liz "was" his destiny and decided he could not experience losing her again. Somewhere in another part of Roswell, New Mexico, Liz Parker lay sleeping in her bed, so close, yet somehow so far away. As Max let himself slump back into bed, he knew the source of his fear wasn't his experience with Pierce at all. It was the memory of what he had shown him - a life without her. And Max decided he couldn't give up on Liz. He couldn't let her run away. Somehow they would be brought back together, and that knowledge carried Max Evans peacefully back to sleep.


Across town, a dark figure stepped out of the shadows and made its way toward the back of the Crashdown Cafe, stopping in front of the ladder that led to the balcony. Looking around to see if it was alone, the figure carefully climbed the ladder and made its way to the window. Inside, the figure could see a young girl sleeping soundly in her bed, unaware that she was being observed. "Liz Parker", the figure whispered, confirming to itself that it had finally found the one it had been searching for. "Finally, after all this time...Sleep in peace for tonight, you and I will meet face to face soon enough."

With that, the mysterious figure returned to the ground, and disappeared once more into the shadows.

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