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Part 1
by !alien!
Disclaimer: You've heard it all before, you know the deal.
Summary: We've seen what heat does to the characters so what do angles do? Read to find out...
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I'd like feedback. I don't really expect you to like this fic but please don't flame me. You can post this anywhere just tell me where it's going. Thanks.
Angles. They expand, bisect, makes things mathematical, set things aside.

Maria ran down the street. She'd valiantly put up with everything for months now, the FBI chases, Michael's rejection, keeping the secret, but she just couldn't take it anymore. She had no idea what to do about her change of heart or where to go. It was dark out and only a small crescent moon shone light on the street. She ground to a halt in the middle of the street and began sobbing uncontrollably, almost hysterically. Her tears were blinding, possibly the reason why she didn't see the car heading straight for her. Michael had been drawing Maria for years. He followed her, watched her, drawing every one of her moods until she filled his sketchbook. He was walking along the street, as he did many nights, and he felt his breath catch in his throat as he caught sight of her. Maria looked peaceful and yet at the same time tortured. *Maria* he thought, *always the contradiction*. This particular mood was one Michael had never seen before and whipping out his sketchbook he realised it was the perfect time for a drawing. Michael drew exactly and beautifully everything he saw, her figure, the way she was lying. *Perfect*, Michael thought to himself as he finished. He nodded his head pleased, roadkill was definitely not an angle he'd tried before.

Isabel sat on her bed and sighed, it could be so frustrating living with Max. He was lying there moping and yabbering on to her about something or other. She had taken the only sane option and tuned out. Max paused and looked up, from his expression Isabel gathered that he was obviously at a very important stage in his tirade and she was supposed to comment. 'Uh...', as Isabel was beginning the caring sister mumble she was distracted by a honking from outside. Rushing over to the window she saw Alex standing downstairs holding a boquet of flowers so huge, it blocked her view of his head. As Alex staggered around trying to hold up the flowers and Isabel debated whether not being able to see Alex's head was an improvement, Max slowly rose from the bed. His soulful eyes had turned hard and cold. Grabbing a lava lamp that was sitting on the windowsill he pushed Isabel aside. By this stage Max was seething and with accuracy that only an alien could have, he dropped the lam! p onto Alex's head. Alex, finally having cleared enough flowers away from his face to be able to see, looked up hoping to find out if Isabel liked his gift. The last thing he ever heard was a shrill giggle. Isabel had to laugh, she couldn't help it. Sure she felt a bit sorry for Alex, the guy tried so hard, but this new Max... Homicidal, now that was an angle of him she felt sure she hadn't seen.

It's July 14, 2000. I'm Liz Parker, and these angles have made everyone crazy. Me, start a diary entry without introducing myself? No, I don't think that's an angle I'll be trying anytime soon.

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