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"An Affair to Remember"
Part 7
by Andaluchia
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Michael looked at his watch, 11:15 p.m. They would be at their destination in 15 minutes. He turned over, careful not to wake Maria, and just looked at her sleeping form. He gently rubbed her cheek and slowly a smile formed on her face as her eyes opened.

"Hey," she said in a groggy voice.

"Hey," he whispered. Maria began to stretch.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"We only have 15 minutes left," he said. "I don't know if I can wait 3 months to see you again."

Maria leaned in and kissed him softly. "Hey now, we made a promise. We have to keep it so we know it's real."

Michael brought his hand up to rub his forehead. A burning ache shot through his forehead and he knew that he was about to cry. "It is real."

Maria wiped a tear that fell down his cheek. "I know it is, but we have to stick to this promise." "But, we already know it is," Michael said.

"Michael, you can't go back now. We made a promise and I swear to you that nothing is going to keep me from you on May 15th at 5:30 p.m. We said that only something very important will keep us away and you're the only thing that is important to me," She said as she wiped away more of his tears.

"You're right. Besides, our relationship will be a lot stronger," he said.

"Exactly. Besides, I fully intend on becoming Mrs. Maria DeLuca Guerin," she said. Michael chuckled, "You're going to have both names?"

Maria gave him a surprised expression. "Of course buddy, I'm a singer, I need to have at least part of my stage name."

The train came to a screeching halt and the passengers began piling out of their rooms. Michael and Maria walked out hand in hand towards the exit before they parted so that Kyle and Isabel wouldn't see. Before Maria left to a separate direction she turned around and mouthed the words, I love you.

Michael stepped out and was a little reluctant to let Maria go, but he knew he had to. But, when he saw Kyle pick her up and happily twirl her around the smile on Maria's face made his heart fall. What if she changed her mind? What if she saw Kyle and realized she really loved him? Of course, all his doubts were washed away when Maria gave him a thumb up.

"Michael, MICHAEL!"

Michael turned around and Isabel practically jumped on him.

"Ooh...I missed you so much," She said as she planted kisses on his face.

Michael and Isabel stepped into the large dark apartment. Isabel turned the lights on as Michael set his suitcases down.

"You know, you're lucky that you had to come back as early as you did, because I have to go to a meeting in the morning," Isabel said as she fixed him some tea. Michael didn't hear a word she said. He was staring at a book he found in his suitcase, Ulysses by James Joyce. Maria put it in there without even telling him. He slowly opened the book and a folded piece of paper fell out. He unfolded the piece of paper and began to read.

Dear Czechoslovakian,

Is it strange to say that you are lying right beside me, looking beautiful as ever as you sleep, and I miss you already?

I can't wait to see you again so we can dance together underneath thestars. Love,

A big smile fell upon Michael's face as he folded the letter and put it back in the book. Isabel walked over to him and placed her arms around him.

"So, how was your trip?" She asked.

Michael took in a deep breath and looked over at her. "Isabel, we have to talk," he said.

"This sounds serious. What's wrong?" She asked. He turned around so he was facing her. Then he took her hands in his and looked her in the eyes.

" should I say this?"

"Michael, you can talk to me. What is it?" She encouraged.

"I...don't think we should get married."

Isabel had to replay what he just said. "What?"

"I'm sorry, but you and I are just better off as friends. I know it sounds really trite, but I want to break up," Michael said as gently as hecould.

Kyle stepped into the house with Maria by his side. "So, why are you so quiet?" He asked her.

Maria tried her best to smile at him. "Just tired, is all."

Kyle went over to check the Caller ID.

"Hey Kyle, can we talk for a minute?" She asked. She was fully prepared to do this. Kyle looked up from the caller ID with a disappointed face.

"Honey, can you wait a second. I have to call Sebastian back. It's really important. You know how it is when I have to negotiate for new contracts," He told her.

"Yeah...OK," she said and stepped outside the balcony to look up at the stars. She closed her eyes so all she could feel was the night's cool breeze. Michael filled her thoughts and she chuckled as she imagined herself and Michael dancing in the middle of the Milky Way. "Ms. DeLuca?"

Maria turned around to see the maid, Helga, standing there.

"Yes?" Maria asked.

"Can I have your bags so I can unpack for you?" Helga asked. Maria smiled and shook her head.

"No, don't bother unpacking," she answered and looked back up at thestars.

"Maria, you are soooo stupid."

"Oh, Liz come on!" Maria said with much frustration.

"You finally get a good man and you break it off with him?" Liz said still amazed about Kyle and Maria's break up. "What happened? I thought you two loved each other?"

Maria contemplated telling Liz about Michael, but decided against it. "Liz, it just wasn't meant to be. I'd rather it ended now before we got married and got divorced later."

"Oh Maria," Liz said as she hugged Maria. "You're not a lesbian are you? Because you can tell me." "WHAT?"

Liz burst out laughing. "I'm so just kidding. I just wanted to see your reaction." Maria playfully hit Liz. "You bubble butt!"

Michael's concentration on the new painting was broken when the phonerang.

"Damnit," he muttered as he got up and picked up the phone. "Hello?"


"Max, listen-"

"Stop. I didn't call about Isabel," Max said.

"Oh OK," Michael was relieved.

"I called to see why you back out of the contract with the Giants?" Max asked.

"They didn't offer enough money, besides I'm signing back with the raiders for next season," he said.

"Wait a second. I thought you wanted to coach the Giants," Max said.

"No, I only did it because Isabel wanted to be in New York for the modeling," said Michael. "So, what are you doing for money?" Max asked.

"I saved a lot of my money. I'm going to open up an art gallery," Michael told him. "OK, so why the sudden interest in art?" Max asked.

"It's not a sudden interest. I've always loved painting."

"Yeah, but you have painted in years," Max said.

"Well, I decided to go back to it…Max, why didn't you tell me Maria was alive?" Michael asked. "What are you talking about?"

"When she got in the car accident you told me she was dead," Michael said.

"No, I told you the doctors said she wouldn't make it. I healed her," Max said. "What? But, you never told me this!"

"Michael, I tried too. But, every time I brought up Maria you didn't want to talk about her. So, I never talked about her. Why?" Max asked.

Michael decided not to tell Max about him and Maria. "I just saw her on the train to Oakland." "Did you talk to her or anything?" Max asked.


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