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"All I Want Is You"
Part 2
by Anne
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Joel followed Olivia into the kitchen dreading the moment when he would have to face her Dad. He hadn't officially been introduced yet, but he could just feel the older man's intense stare. Max would've been well pleased to know that he was causing Joel this discomfort. It was exactly what he meant to do. And he'd do more too, unless Liz caught him, and then, well, he'd be in trouble big. The moment was almost upon him when he would actually have to shake hands with . . .

Just then, the kitchen door burst open and Issac sauntered in. Liz's face lit up everytime she saw her son. It really was amazing the relationship they shared. Joel breathed a sigh of relief at the momentary reprieve. Max almost growled in frustration from having been thwarted from his prey. Why couldn't Olivia just go back to being "his little girl." Why did she even have to date? Surely, this could wait another ten, maybe fifteen years.

Issac: "Hey, Mom." "Dad." (he paused taking in Joel's presence)

Olivia: "Hey, Issac. Have you met Joel?"

Issac: (smiling) "Yeah. (to Joel) "How ya doin'?"

Joel: (grateful for the lack of hostility from at least one male Evans) "I'm good. You?"

Issac: (absorbing the probable reason for Joel's presence in his kitchen) "Good. Hungry. What's for dinner?"

Liz: (laughing and glancing at Max) "Not as much as I had planned. Go sit. I'll be right there."

Olivia: "Wait. Dad, this is Joel. Joel, this is my Dad."

Max: (smiling with as much menace as possible and still be smiling) "Nice to meet you Joel." (extending his hand)

Joel: (thinking of running but deciding Olivia's worth it and shaking hands) "Nice to meet you Mr. Evans."

Max didn't know why, but at the last minute, he decided to relax his grip. Olivia's face was just so hopeful and she'd be crushed if he did something to embarass her. Not to mention the fact that Liz would have his head on a plate. They all made their way into the dining room and sat down for dinner.


Olivia is walking Joel outside and thinking how sorry she is that he's leaving. It was late, though, and they both had school tomorrow. She was relieved at how well the evening had gone. Her Dad had actually behaved himself. What was up with that? She'd have to run Mom down in a little while and find out what was going on. Standing on the front porch facing each other, Joel was suddenly unsure of himself. Should he kiss her goodnight? They'd never even been out on a date, but he wanted to kiss her . . . badly. Michelle looked at the ground and then out toward the street. What was the matter with her? She was so nervous. This was ridiculous! It hadn't even been a date! Would he kiss her?

Finally, Joel decided on a course of action he could live with. Reaching for courage and taking a leap of faith, he asked her out.

Joel: "Olivia, would you like to go to a movie or something Friday night?"

Olivia: (torn between elation that he was asking her out and disappointment that he wasn't kissing her) "Uh, yeah . . . yes, I'd love to."

Joel: (smiling) "Okay. I'll pick you up at seven. Is that all right?"

Olivia: (distracted by the way his mouth moved when he spoke) "Huh? Oh, yeah, seven's good."

Joel (swallowing hard at the affect she was having on him): "I, uh, better go."

Olivia: (breaking out of her trance) "See you tomorrow, Joel."

Joel: "Good night, Olivia."

He turned and walked down the sidewalk to the driveway. She waved as he drove away and then stepped back inside. Joel shook his head at himself. It had been the hardest thing he had ever done to walk away without kissing her. What in the world was the matter with him? He liked her. Well, o.k., he really liked her. She was beautiful and smart and he felt something when he looked at her. Something important. Something he couldn't quite define. Friday. She had agreed to go out with him Friday. He made himself concentrate on that the rest of the way home.

Olivia walked into the living room after changing into her pajamas and getting ready for bed. Her Dad was sitting on the sofa watching T.V. She smiled. Her Dad was something else. Sometimes he really made her mad, but mostly she loved him to distraction.

Olivia: "Hey." "Can I join you?"

Max: (looking up and feeling a familiar ache in his chest as he looked at his baby growing up so fast) "Yeah. Of course."

Olivia sat down beside him and he put his arm around her. She laid her head down on his chest, and thought about all the time they had spent together. She was so blessed with her parents. Not everyone had a family like hers and she knew it.

Olivia: "Thank you."

Max: "For what?"

Olivia: "For being nice to Joel when you wanted to kill him. For being such a great Dad. For loving me and spending so much time with me. That enough or should I go on?"

Max: (stunned) "You're welcome." (All of sudden he knew why he hand't gone out of his way to intimidate Joel--this was so much sweeter)

Olivia: "I love you."

Max: "I love you, too." . . . . . "Liv?"

Olivia: "Yeah?"

Max: "Remember this if I don't always handle it as well as I did tonight."

Olivia: (laughing) "Is that a warning?"

Max: "Just be patient. It's hard to let you go."

Olivia (blinking back tears): "I'm not going anywhere, Dad. C'mon. I'm not that grown up yet."

Max: (contemplating her words and feeling a little better) "Wanna play a quick game? One on one?"

Olivia: (casting aside her pride since she was wearing her p.j.s ) "Sure. Let's go."

Liz watched them from the kitchen window. She seemed to be spending a lot of time looking out this window today. She smiled. What could be better? She was so proud of Max. Being nice to Joel had almost caused him personal injury. Issac walked up behind her and followed her gaze.

Issac: "Wanna join 'em?"

Liz (smiling): "Thanks for offering, but I think they need it to be just them tonight."

Issac: "Dad was shockingly civil tonight."

Liz: "Yeah, I know."

Issac: (shaking his head) "Surprised the heck out of me."

Liz: "I think it surprised the heck out of him, too."

Issac: "I don't know Joel very well, but he seems o.k."

Liz: "I'm sure he is."

Issac: (confused) "You are? How?"

Liz: "I'm not sure. I just know."

Issac: "Oh. . . . Okay. (still confused) Well, goodnight, Mom."

Liz: "Goodnight."


Issac watched her struggle with her locker while her arms were full of books and grinned at the way she doggedly kept at it. There was no way she was going to get that locker open with her arms full like that. He walked up behind her and leaned against the lockers.

Issac: "Need some help?"

Michelle (head snapping up): "Issac! You scared me." "What?"

Issac: "I said, Do you need some help?"

Michelle (ceasing her struggles): "Oh, uh . . . yeah. Here. (thrusting her books at him) "Hold these."

Issac: "You gotta date this weekend?"

Michelle: "No and thank you so much for rubbing that in."

Issac (laughing): "Hey, I don't have one either so how can I be rubbing anything in?"

Michelle: (brows knitting) "Well, I guess if you put it that way . . . "

Issac: "Wanna hang out?"

Michelle: "Sure. What'd ya have in mind?"

Issac: "Well, we could go to the game . . . . "

Michelle: "Sounds as good a plan as any."

Issac (handing her back her books): "See ya later."

Michelle: "See ya."

Michelle watched him walk away and wondered why in the world they had to be such good friends. He was absolutely gorgeous. He was one of her best friends. Their relationship was fantastic. They had a great time together. She would have to be an idiot to mess with that. But, damn . . .

Issac was in a good mood. All the way through his next class he contemplated spending the weekend with Michelle. So what if she only thought of him as a friend. At least this way he got to spend time with her. They had grown up together and been friends all of their lives. He wasn't sure when it had happened, but at some point, he stopped thinking of Michelle as a friend. All of a sudden one day she'd gone from being his buddy to the most beautiful girl in the world. Joel walked in and sat down in an empty desk next to him. He didn't usually sit there, but Issac didn't care. He felt way too good to give a darn what Joel was doing.

Joel: "Mind if I sit here?"

Issac: "You're welcome to it."

Joel: "You seem like you're in a good mood."

Issac: (a little startled--he wasn't used to bantering with someone he didn't know well--he wasn't used to bantering period) "Uh, yeah, I guess I am."

Joel: "Any particular reason?"

Issac: (not sure what to say) "No. Nothing particular."

Joel: "Sounds like a girl."

Issac: (flustered) "No . . . it's nothing."

Joel: (grinning) "O.k. you don't have to tell me. I was just curious."

Issac: (relaxing a little) "Well, it's sort of a girl."

Joel: "Hah! I knew it."

Issac: (frowning again) "I didn't say it was a girl. I said it's sort of a girl."

Joel (smiling): "O.k. So, it's sort of a girl. That's close enough for me if it makes you grin like an idiot at nothing in particular."

Issac: (deciding it was way past time to change the subject) "What's up with you and Liv?"

Joel: "Liv?" (wondering at the nickname--it suited her) "We're going out Friday night."

Issac: "I see."

Joel: "You're not gonna give me that whole big brother harassment thing are you?"

Issac: "No. Besides, technically she's older. She was born first."

Joel: "It must be wild having a twin."

Issac: "Yeah. Sometimes."

Joel: "Well, have fun with your sort-of-a-girl."

Issac: (arching one eyebrow) "I will. Don't have too much fun with my twin."

Joel (laughing): "Don't worry. I won't. I've met your Dad, remember?"

Issac: "Prudent attitude."

Joel: (shaking his head and then a low whistle) "Yeah."


The girls are changing into their uniforms and getting ready for their shift.

Michelle: "O.k. Spill it. What happened last night?"

Olivia: "Nothing happened."

Michelle just stares at her saying nothing with a threatening expression on her face.

Olivia (laughing): "O.k. O.k. He asked me out for Friday night and I said yes."

Michelle: "I knew it! I just knew it!" "You're going out with Prince Charming and I'm spending the evening buddying around with your brother."

Olivia: "You and Issac?" "I still think you guys should go out."

Michelle: "Yeah, right! How exactly are we supposed to make this leap from best friends to . . ."

Olivia: "Passionate, intensely emotional, hyper-connected, lovers?"

Michelle (mouth going dry at the very thought): "Yeah."

Olivia (laughing): "Don't worry, Michelle. Issac will wake up one day soon and realize that the girl for him is right under his nose."

Michelle: "One can only hope." (looking majorly unconvinced and more than a little depressed)

Olivia: "Why don't you come over tonight and study with me?"

Michelle: "Oh, what? A little opportunity to go with motive?"

Olivia: "Why not?"

Michelle (shrugging): "O.k. Might as well. Can't screw up what doesn't exist, right?"

Olivia: (placing her hand on Michelle's shoulder and nodding) "Right."

Olivia was thinking a mile a minute. Michelle and Issac were perfect for each other. She was almost positive that Issac was crazy about Michelle, but he never opened up about it. At least not with her. And if he didn't open up with her, then he probably didn't with anybody. They were extremely close. Although, Dad might know something . . . . . Olivia continued to ponder this train of thought, sorting through ways she could get her Dad to tell her if he knew anything about Issac's feelings for Michelle. She was so lost in thought, she didn't see Joel walk in and sit down. She picked up her order and was on the way to deliver it, when she spotted him. She was so surprised to see him there, that she almost dropped her tray. By the grace of God, it didn't fall. She sent a quick "thank you" heavenward, and made herself concentrate on her job before something disasterous happened. It was extremely difficult, however. Her concentration was shot anytime he was around. It was like everything faded out of view except him. She was nervous. Again! This just would not do. She forced herself to get her mind back on her job; this time turning all of her willpower on to the task of tearing her mind away from Joel. She got through her next couple of orders, and finally made her way over to his table.

Olivia: "Hi." "What are you doing here?"

Joel: (smiling) "Eating?"

Olivia: (blushing) "Oh. Of course. What can I get for you?"

Joel ordered something, he had no idea what and didn't really care. He was here for one reason and one reason only. He just wanted to see her. Friday seemed too far away right now, even if it was tomorrow. She returned shortly with his order, and he pretended to be studying. He looked up as she approached and smiled. Olivia felt that smile all the way to her toes. God.

Olivia: (setting the food down on the table) "Here you go. Can I get you anything else?"

Joel (under his breath): "Definitely."

Olivia: "What?"

Joel: "Nothing. Can you sit down or are you too busy?"

Olivia: (looking around and deciding she had a few minutes) "I think it'll be alright for a minute." (sliding in across from him)

Joel: "I didn't see you much today."

Olivia: "Yeah. I know. I had a project due in my last class that I didn't finish last night. I spent all my free time in the library getting it together."

Joel: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you to get behind."

Olivia: (thinking that there was no way a guy should look like him--it shouldn't be allowed) "You didn't. I needed to study, too. I would've done it anyway."

Joel: "Well, I guess the next time I'm looking for you, I'll have to overcome my natural aversion to the library and force myself through the doors."

Olivia (laughing and then sobering as his meaning hit her): "You were looking for me?"

Joel: "Yeah."

Olivia: "Why?" (just a little fear that he might want to cancel their date)

Joel: "No reason. I just . . . wanted to see you." (watching her face to see her reaction)

Olivia (brightening): "Oh. . . . "How do you think you did on the test?"

Joel: "Are you kidding? With you for a study partner. I probably aced it."

Olivia: "Yeah. You did seem like you had it down pretty well before you left last night."

Joel: "I wish I could be there to see her face when she's grading 'em." (grinning)

Olivia: (laughing) "Aren't you worried that she might suspect you of cheating?"

Joel: "Nah. I didn't do that well."

Olivia: "You never know." . . . . "Uh-oh."

Joel: "What?"

Olivia: (distracted) "Oh. Nothing. I better get back to work. I think I see my Grandad wondering where I am." "See you later, Joel."

Joel: "See ya, Liv."

Olivia: (snapping her head back around at the use of her nickname) "Huh?"

Joel (laughing): "Issac called you that today when I was talking to him."

Olivia (trying to recover first from the shock of hearing that name coming from Joel and the intimacy it conjured up in her mind, and then secondly from the pleasure of knowing that he had been talking to Issac about her): "Oh. Yeah. He always calls me that."

Joel: "I like it. It fits."

Olivia: (thinking he could call her anything he pleased) "Thanks. Well, I better (Seeing Michelle waving her arms at her from the back) . . . go.

Joel: "Go. I don't want to get you in trouble." (She smiled back at him as she walked away and he thought that he had just lied. He would love nothing better than to get her into every kind of trouble imaginable.)

Joel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Friday night seemed like an eternity . . . .

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