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"Questioning Destiny"
Part 8
by Diana
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Summary: "Questioning Destiny" Another Destiny TagÖ Maxís Point of view
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my interpretation of what the characters were going through a few days/ weeks after ĎDestinyíÖ Feedback is always appreciated... Thanks to everyone who's sent me feedback on my other stories :-D
I cannot do this. Iím sixteen years old. I canítÖ I am not the leader of an entire civilization. I canít be. Maybe she meant Michael. No. She didnít mean Michael, she meant me. But I canít do this. My mother is sitting in the other room. Not the one who gave us that message weeks ago. The mother who took Izzy and me into her home, the one who made me macaroni and cheese for dinner because she knows itís my favorite. What am I supposed to tell her? If Isabel and Michael and I have to leave, what am I supposed to say? ĎGee thanks for dinner, Mom. Oh, and, by the way, Isabel and I wonít be home in time for dinner tomorrow night because we have to lead a revolution on our home planet.í I canít tell her that. I canít leave her. Sheís my mother. But what about my other mother? Can I really let her die? Can I really turn my back on a whole other planet? I canít do this. This is my home now. Wouldnít my other mother know that? And how am I supposed to know that sheís really my mother, anyway. Weíre clones. Sort of. So what does that really make her to me? I am so confused. I canít leave this place. I canít leave my family. I canít leave my friends. And LizÖ Oh, Liz, honey I love you. I hope you know that. Tess means nothing to me. Nothing. My motherÖ the woman who delivered the message said that Tess was my wife in a past life. I love you now. I donít care if you did leave. I love you. That will never change. I canít do this. Itís too hard. There are too many choices. I just want to be normal. I just want to have my family and my friends and Liz and live a normal life. I donít need anything else. I donít need this. My brother and my sister, Michael and Isabel, are in so much pain right now. I can see it in their eyes. They canít do this either. Isabel is happy here. Even Michael is happy here. Isabel has her family and her friends and Alex. Michael has us, his friends, and Maria. But now theyíre supposed to be going off with me to fight some war that we didnít even know existed a few weeks ago. They donít want to leave here either. Michael wonít admit that but itís the truth. This is our home now. Wouldnít our real mother understand that? This is our home. But we have a home somewhere else, too. And weíre supposed to be loyal to both sets of people, to both mothers, to both lovers. This is not fair at all. Who am I supposed to turn to? I canít talk to Isabel or Michael. Theyíre confused and hurting right now, too. I canít talk to Tess. Sheíll just say something else about how this was all meant to be. I feel sorry for her. She must not know what itís really like to be loved. I canít talk to Maria or Alex. Theyíre confused and hurting like Michael and Isabel. Besides that, Iím probably not their favorite person right now. I canít talk to Kyle at all. And Liz? I love her so much. All I want to know is why she left me. I have no one to turn to. Iím supposed to be the leader. Iím supposed to have all the answers. Why, then, am I only left with questions?
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