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Part 5
by Brad Fondak
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Summary: So what happens next?
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: The events in this story take place immediately following the events of the season finale “Destiny”. But, it’s also written more like an episode, so plotlines are not necessarily all tied up neatly here. I thought it might be fun to write an original story to take the place of new episodes in some small way during the summer hiatus. This is the first time that I have ever attempted anything like this, so be kind. Comments, constructive criticism, please email

Friday came quickly. Preparations for the big dance were underway, and although only three of them were going, it affected all of their lives. Kind of weird how a big school event does that, Michael thought. He hadn’t even seen Maria except in class for a few days. Not that she’d been incredibly nice to him, or he to her. Just stolen glances dripped with meaning that even he could understand. Michael didn’t have much experience with women. His bravado and aloofness had won him some admirers over the last few years, but he hadn’t been interested in any of them. Until Maria that is. She was the one girl who had gotten under his skin. Even with the specter of his destiny with Isabel over his head, Maria was the one to whom his thoughts drifted too time and time again. He wished he could be with her, but he didn’t see how that was possible anymore.

He had killed a man. He wanted to kill him. Those thoughts had washed over him every waking (and non-waking) moment in the last week. All he had to do was concentrate, and he could be a killer, whenever the mood suited him. It was like an epiphany. He was dangerous, to all of those around him, and he needed to be careful. More careful than he had ever been before. He had to stay apart from people. He couldn’t afford to get close to anyone, especially Maria. He would only bring them pain. Maybe not physical pain, but pain nevertheless, just by being associated with him. And besides, he had his destiny to think about. Liberating his home planet seemed to be enough for anyone, at least for right now.

But he couldn’t help how he felt about her. He missed not being able to spend time with her, even if he would never admit it to another soul. That just wasn’t his way. He knew that she wanted him to come to this dance tonight, watch her sing, maybe even dance the night away with her. What a thought, him dancing with anyone. It had been so foreign to him before that it was a little scary now. Especially now.

Well, there was always stuff to do. The hockey game was on. Even if he didn’t get why people liked other sports so much, especially basketball, he had a soft spot for hockey. Even he didn’t know why. Maybe it was the carnage, he thought. It would go well with him. He banished that thought from his head. He couldn’t think about what had happened. It would destroy him.

He wished that he had someone to talk to. Isabel would listen to him, but he found it so hard to vocalize his feelings about anything that he didn’t talk to her very much. Especially with the connection they had. Talking about Maria would seem weird, and talking about Pierce was something he didn ’t want to rehash with anyone. Well, he would just keep a low profile tonight, relax in his apartment. The Flyers were playing the Devils. Should be a good game. The winner would go to the Stanley Cup.


It was too bad that Isabel was going to meet me here, Alex thought. He would have really liked to been able to pick her up at her house, do the whole formal thing, but that was the price that he paid for being in show business, part of the entertainment. The Whits had just finished their sound check, and now the other band was on stage. The event would start immediately after that. Still no Isabel. Relax, Alex, he thought, it hasn’ t even started yet, and you’re already waiting for her. The truth was, he would wait an eternity. He had thought that it would be easier somehow, letting her go. But the easier part hadn’t started yet. Maria broke him out of his reverie.

MARIA: So, Alex, ready?

ALEX: Uhh…yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?

MARIA: Well, just staring off into space for 30 seconds while I’ve been tapping on your shoulder would be your first clue.

ALEX: How about you, less nervous this time?

MARIA: Oh my god…I don’t know. Wait until I get out there, I guess.

ALEX: Now don’t say that…you were hyperventilating the last time. It was a miracle that we ever even got started.

MARIA: Don’t remind me. Please. I can’t think about that now.

ALEX: Uhh…ok.

Isabel was actually stressing. She had told Alex she was going to be there, and they would probably be on stage by now. She liked Alex, she really did. But since last weekend, she had been distracted to a whole new level. She had always been the one with the power over guys. After all, not many girls looked as fabulous as she did. Boys always seemed to be fawning all over her. She had her pick. It was an interesting power to have. She didn’t know whether or not that was better than all of her other powers, but she was aware of it. But now, she didn’t like it so much. Once the scuttlebutt got around school that she and Alex had broken their relationship off, it started all over again. Everyone was trying to talk to her. She got more invites to the dance than she even imagined. It was like a joke. But the truth was, she wasn’t interested in any of them, not like before. Before, she would have flirted a little, maybe played the field some. Now, she was cementing her reputation as an ice princess. She had gotten to use a lot of her best put-down lines. But that was a fleeting thrill. She had to come to a conclusion today, and tonight was important.

She had to get Alex back.

She didn’t care about any of the superfluous things that were cycling around. Even know she knew that fighting to save her planet was hardly superfluous, but it seemed it, especially tonight. She wanted Alex in her life, and she was willing to work around everything else for that. But, it had been his choice to break it off. She didn’t know if he could convince him that she needed him too.

Anyway, she was running late. She had to look perfect, so maintenance was key. It took some time, but she finally left for the school. It was kind of weird seeing her in formal wear alone driving the jeep, but that was how she made her way to the parking lot.


By the time the second period was over, it was 2-1 Flyers. Michael had made himself some Macaroni and Cheese and he was vegging on the couch. It was a good game so far, but it didn’t make the turmoil that was his life go away, even for an instant. He knew that Maria would be singing by now, and his mind began to wander. He hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see The Whits play, and he would have liked to see Alex, and Maria, up there tonight.

Then, he made a decision. He could go to the dance, sneak in the back, watch them play, and then sneak back out. No one had to see him. That sounded like a good idea. He could see Maria, and not have to deal with any of the rest of it.


The band finished up their first set, and the other group was going to go on in a few minutes. Alex only had about an hour before they had to get ready to play again, and Isabel needed to find him. She practically ran into him right after he was getting off stage.


ALEX: Hey…I thought you weren’t going to get here until later.

ISABEL: Yeah, well, plans changed. You were awesome.

ALEX: Did you watch the whole set?

ISABEL: Yeah, I got here just as you were going on stage.

ALEX: I didn’t even see you. You weren’t dancing, I guess.

ISABEL: No…just listening.

ALEX: So what’s up?

ISABEL: Not much, I was just waiting for you.

ALEX: So what do you want to do?

ISABEL: Why don’t we go outside for a few minutes?

They went out of a side door. It was a beautiful night, no clouds to be seen. Surprising Alex quite a bit, Isabel grabbed his hand as they went over to a bench in the adjoining park, right near a kids’ carrousel. They sat down for quite a while, without either of them speaking, just watching the sky. Isabel broke the silence.

ISABEL: I have something to talk to you about.

ALEX: Which is?

ISABEL: I know we agreed to not be together right now.

ALEX: Yeah, I remember that.

ISABEL: Well…(really struggling with the words) maybe that’s not such a good idea.

ALEX: But I thought we discussed this. After what happened to Max, and what you four found out about your family…and what you have to do…

ISABEL: I know all that, believe me I do, but…I don’t want to lose you.

ALEX: I can’t tell you how happy that makes me to hear you say that, Isabel, but…nothing’s changed.

ISABEL: Yes, it has…before…when we first started seeing each other, I didn’t have the most honest intentions.

ALEX: What are you talking about?

ISABEL: Well…I had been having these weird visions…they started us to finding out the truth. They scared me.

ALEX: And?

ISABEL: I needed to do something that was different, that made sense to me…so I decided to be with you. I thought it would help me.

Alex was kind of taken aback. He didn’t know what to say.

ISABEL: And you did…I didn’t realize how much you did until this last week, when we didn’t spend time together because of all of this.

ALEX: Yeah…but you have to be alone to do this, just you, Michael, Max, and Tess…I can’t be any part of it.

ISABEL: But…I want both. I need you, Alex. You’re too important to me. (pause) You give me the strength to live through all of this.

Alex had to fight the urge for his jaw to hit the floor. He thought he knew Isabel. He thought he understood her feelings, her feelings for him. God knew that he was head over heels for her. That had practically been immediate. Just six months ago, they had been together watching the stars, and she wouldn’t dare have even thought any of these things, let alone say them. She had taken him to task for practically stalking her, begging to him to quit it. This was like a complete 180. He knew that his compassion and understanding had made some inroads, but this was too much. It was like one of his dreams.

Neither of them could resist the moment. Alex moved in, matching Isabel’s desire for them to be closer, and they kissed. For that moment at least, neither of them had any doubts.


Michael walked up to the entrance to the gym. After paying the kid at the door for a ticket, he sidled into the back of the gym. He didn’t see Maria anywhere. That was good. He asked a guy that he knew from art class when the Whits would be back on stage. He said that he didn’t know, but that they were the next back up. He then saw Alex and Isabel, out on the dance floor. He thought about going over and talking to them, but decided against it. Maria couldn’t know that he had come. He looked himself over. Max had looked at him kind of oddly when he had stopped by and asked to borrow some formal wear, given that there was somewhat of a size difference, and he couldn’t believe that he was going. He swore him to secrecy, absorbed his verbal jabs, and went off to the event. Nevertheless, he thought he looked presentable anyway. He just needed to blend in.

Kyle saw him, and he actually came over to talk to him. He had a date, some girl who Michael had never even seen before, or at least not he remembered.

KYLE: You’re the last guy I ever expected to see at one of these things. Are you here with Maria?

MICHAEL: No, I just was passing through.

KYLE: Yeah, whatever… Anyway, I needed to talk to you. My father wanted to talk with you himself, but he was working tonight, so he had asked me to tell you to give him a call.

Right at this point, Michael spotted Maria, fortunately with her back to him. It distracted him quite a bit.

KYLE: Michael…Michael…Earth to Michael.

Michael snapped out of it.

MICHAEL: Yeah…I’ll do that. Thanks, Kyle.

With that he ended the conversation and walked away. Why was he doing this? Was he galactically stupid? He had no business being here…no business at all. For some reason, he couldn’t just take off.

A few minutes later, the Whits were ready to start performing again. When they got on stage, Michael couldn’t get over how poised she looked. She was command when she was up there, or at least she looked it. She had a nice singing voice. Michael had never heard it before. It might not be his type of music per say, but he enjoyed listening nevertheless.

Maria was special to him. Why was he fighting it? All he had to do was learn to be more like the guy she wanted. The one who could be there for her. He couldn’t do that, especially not now. Maybe one day…he let that thought go. It would do no good to plan for the future. His future was already planned. It didn’t include her. Life wasn’t very fair sometimes, but the sacrifice that he was making was for the greater good. That was obvious.

Maria was in the middle of the set when it happened. She looked out in the crowd, took a deep breath, and then she saw him. No…it couldn’t be…she thought. A few seconds later she glanced over again, no…it really was him. What was he doing here? This was so unlike him. Who was he here with? She had to concentrate on her singing, but she knew as soon as they were finished, she was going to find out.

As the band finished up, Michael got up to leave out the back. He had just gotten out the door when he heard someone call his name.

MARIA: Michael!

At first, he thought he should just keep walking, pretend he hadn’t heard that. He couldn’t deal with this right now, any of it. Again, he started to ask himself why he had come…stupid, really. He had enjoyed himself, but now he had to leave before he messed things up further.

MARIA: You’re not getting out of this one!

Michael decided he had no choice. He had to talk to her now. Right as he started to turn around, Maria caught up with him and grabbed his shoulder.

MARIA: What are you doing here? You told me that you weren’t coming, and you just show up? Why? Who are you here with?

MICHAEL: No one…OK. I just came.

MARIA: No…that’s not good enough.

MICHAEL: The hockey game was getting boring…I was walking by. I decided to stop in.

MARIA: In a tux!?

MICHAEL: What…you don’t think I own a tux?

MARIA: I know you don’t…who do you think put your clothes in your closet when you moved in to your apartment, Tinkerbell?

MICHAEL: Well, life’s full of surprises. (pause) OK…I came to see you…you and Alex.

MARIA: Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

MICHAEL: I don’t know…I just decided to come…

MARIA: No…you can’t keep doing this to me.


MARIA: Being a part of my life, and then not wanting to be.

MICHAEL: I didn’t think I was doing that.

MARIA: What…then what do you call this?

MICHAEL: I just wanted to hear you sing, OK?

MARIA: Now what…doesn’t this break your pledge to stay away from me…you’re too dangerous you said.

MICHAEL: It changes nothing.

MARIA: Why can’t you just stand up for what you really want? Why do you hide behind all of this other stuff? I just want to be with you. I don’t care about anything else. Why can’t you see that?

MICHAEL: Because I can’t…that’s why.

With that, Michael left Maria standing there, and crossed the street. It was a good thing that he didn’t look back, because Maria would have seen the tears in his eyes. And he would have seen the tears in hers.


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