FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Weak Minded, Strong Hearted"
Part 1
by Zenovia
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Roswell related nor do I claim to.
Summary: Post-Heat Wave. Michael thinks about how he treated Maria after the Rave and so he begins to write.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: G
Authors Note: I wrote this poem many years ago but when I ran across it I thought it fit Michael perfectly.
Michael arrived home after the Rave thinking about what had happened with Maria. He'd seen the hurt in her eyes when he told her he needed to be alone.

The words had been spoken but he knew there was no truth behind them. His mind tried to convince him that he'd done the right thing. But there was something about Maria that tugged at his heart.

Words began to flow through his brain and the pressure was causing his head to hurt. Michael thought about calling Max, but decided not to. This was his night with Liz and he didn't want to be the one to interrupt.

He looked around for something to write on in hopes of releasing the pain if he wrote down what he was feeling.

My heart cries out for you,

and yet my mind denies it.

The confusion is overwhelming .

Two parts, two answers or solutions,

to want and to be wanted.

Two complex organs fighting for ultimate control.

Should I rely on Destiny?

Leave the answer to Fate?

Compromise is needed.

But will it be received?

An everyday struggle to endure.

Heart or Mind, Mind or Heart.

In battle for my soul.

True happiness seems so far away.

My mind betrays me in a way.

It shows me images of untruth.

Of how I would like things to be.

My heart reacts and responds to these images.

Filling with emotions it knows nothing about. And these emotions run deep through my soul.

Its then that the confusion takes hold.

Decisions that need to be made with a rational mind become distorted,

asking questions I can not answer.

So little I ask for, but nothing I get.

Weak Minded, Strong Hearted.

A combination that will never mix.

It almost seems easier not to care at all.

Around my heart is a wall, this way no good or bad may pass.

My mind would be soul ruler.


Things will be thought over throughly but with the help of my heart.

In hopes that happiness will be achieved.

Michael put the pen down and read what he had written. The pressure in his head seemed to subside a little, But the ache in his heart grew heavier. It made sense to him and he know what he had to do.

Grabbing his coat he headed out the door of the trailer for Maria's house.


Please let me know what you think. I have never written anything that I let others read and I would appreciate feedback.

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