FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Allison
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.
Summary: Michael nearly loses Maria for good.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Michael watched Maria from across the Crashdown. Beautiful Maria! It seemed like everything had stopped and it was all her.

"Michael, hello!"

"Oh Sorry Is," said Michael, "I must of lost my train of thought."

"Why don't you just talk to her? It's better then sitting over here staring and totally ignoring me. Michael, think of it this way, we're going to be here for a long time and I'm sorry but you and Max need to get over this non-involved campaign. I'm getting sick of it. We had the chance to leave right now I wouldn't and I am determined to be happy. If that means risking it with Alex then that's what I'll do. Now just talk to her, and be happy."

"You know what Izzy, you may be right about something for once!"

"For once?" exclaimed Isabelle, "I'll just ignore that. Anyway, I've got to go meet Alex! And please take my advice." Isabelle walked out of the Crashdown and hurried down the street. Meanwhile Michael continued to stare at Maria. She took an order, shouted at the cook and hurriedly cleared another table. She was stunning and everyone loved her. Nearby customers smiled at her as she walked to the back room. Twenty minutes later Maria had not come out of the back room when Liz interrupted his thoughts. "Hey Michael, have you seen Maria."

"Yeah," answered Michael, "she went in the back room a few minutes ago."

"Thanks," said Liz as she quickly turned and raced for the back room. Michael took another sip of his coke and stared into space when a frantic, earbusting scream came from the back room. Michael was there in a flash, jumping over tables and knocking over chairs. He opened the door to find Liz in a corner white as a ghost staring at a figure on the floor convulsing wildly.

*MARIA! MARIA IS IN TROUBLE!* Those were the only thoughts in Michael's head. Customers poked their heads in around the door as Michael screamed for someone to call 911. There was nothing he could do to help Maria so he hunched on the floor over her, desperatly trying to hold her and stop her convulsing but it was impossible.


Two hours later, Michael paced around the hospital lobby. Finally, a doctor came out to state Maria's condition.

"We don't know what happened to her. She's currently in intensive care. She can have visitors now. Mrs. Deluca may I speak to you privatly about your daughter's condition?"

The doctor and Amy Deluca walked one way and Michael walked towards Maria's room. She lay there looking pale and limp, eyes closed. Even then she looked beautiful. He sat down on the near by seat and placed her hand in his. She had soft hands, like silk rose petals. He loved her hands, in fact, he loved everything about her. He felt so useless and helpless. All he wanted was for her to be alright.

Then, as fast as it had come, visiting time was over. He would have stayed but the nurse made him go. He would come tomorrow and the next day. He would continue to come until he could visit her at home.

The next day, Michael Guerin left his trailer, but instead of going to school he headed towards the hospital. He walked into Maria's room. She was peacefully sleeping and she looked like an angel. The nurse informed him that she was doing much better and a full recovery was in sight although the "accident" was still unidentified.

Around 11:30, Maria's eyes fluttered open. Michael stuck his head out the door, pleading for a nurse. When Maria discovered where she was, she was horrified. She hated hospitals, but one thing reassured her. Michael standing at the foot of her bed, grinning like a six year old who had just recieved candy. She smiled bleakly, the smile she always gave him. Him and only him!

After the nurses left with smiles on their faces due to her progress, Michael planted himself back in the chair by her bed. "I hope your feeling better," said Michael.

"I do. I have a terrible headache and I don't remember what happened but hey, what are you going to do?" she answered.

"Maria, I wanted to tell you this last night after you got off work. That obviously didn't work, so here goes. I'm planning on staying here quite a long time. Me and Max and Izzy aren't going anywhere to soon and I think I was using that as an excuse to not get to close to you. Not that I wouldn't want to be with you, that's not what I mean. Its just that I was scared. I've never been able to trust or love or show love. Hell, I've never even had a loving parent. Still- I've tried to be a caring person. What I'm trying to say is that I'm begging you to forgive me for all the pain I've put you through and be with me. Forever! I LOVE YOU!"

"Oh Michael, you don't know how long I've wanted you to say those words. I love you too. Yes, I do forgive you and I want to be with you!" They shared a passionate kiss and Michael squeezed on to the edge of Maria's bed and held her in his arms.

Maria was happy. She loved Michael and she really loved when he held her in those stong arms of his. She felt like the princess in a Disney movie and Michael was her prince charming!

"How about I go get some sodas at the vending machine. I'll even see if they have those chocolate covered pretzels you love so much," said Michael on his way out the door.

"K," answered Maria with a huge smile across her face.


Ten minutes later, Michael walked up the hall of Maria's room. He had to go to six different vending machines just to get chocolate covered pretzels but it would be worth it when he saw the smile on Maria's face. Just then, he heard yells from down the hall and nurses streaming in and out of Maria's room. Amy Deluca stood in the hallway crying hysterically. Michael raced towards Maria's room where he was stopped by several nurses. He pushed past them and into the room.

"Come on you have to do something for her," yelled Michael.

"We're doing all we can sir, I'm going to ask you to wait outside," answered the doctor.

"I'm not going anywhere." and Michael stuck to it, he didn't budge.

"We're losing her," yelled the doctor. Other shouts followed.

"Come on- This is the woman I love, you gotta do something for her," yelled Michael in a weak voice. He was crumbling inside.

Maria began to convulse again. She was sweating excessively. He thought he was losing her. So he tried to send telepathic messages. If it worked with Max and Isabelle maybe it could work with Maria.


He never knew whether or not it was those messages that saved her but at that precise moment she awoke. The heart activity machine was bouncing again. It reminded him of her personality jumpy and cooky and wierd and perfect. The doctors cleared out, but their stare never broke. Michael stayed with her that night holding her hand and slumped over in the chair.

The next day, the doctors were still unsure of the cause of Maria's convulsions. There would always be a risk of reoccurance and Michael promised her that he would always be there for her to help her through it.


One week later, Maria and Michael walked into the Crashdown. There, a surprise welcome home party was being thrown for Maria. Liz and everyone else was thrilled she was home. Even better, Michael and Maria had finally committed to each other. Two hours later as the music blared and people's shouts filled the air Michael and Maria slipped out the front door and onto the street. They drove to their special spot. The star watching rock.

Laying there in Michael's strong, muscular arms, Maria felt safe and happy. She ran her hand through his spiky hair. She loved his hair, she loved everything about him. The way they fought non-stop and even better how they made up.

Michael felt like he was on top of the world. He loved Maria soo much. She was beautiful inside and out and he knew that she would never leave his side.

The North Star appeared bright and white. It was just like the bond Maria and Michael shared- it was bright, perfect and it would never fade!

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