FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Final Destination"
Part 1
by AmbieChick
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Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Dear Michael,

Tomorrow is it. The day... The day when you guys set off for a whole new life, the world you've always wondered about and the life you've dreamed of. I know I should be happy for you - all of you - but for some reason there's this empty feeling, and for once its something that I can't simply ignore. I'll remember the looks you gave me vividly, the disapproving glances and even the humor in your eyes when we fought. Strange as this sounds I'll miss you a lot, space boy. I'll even miss the way you put all that Tabasco sauce on your cake...sweet and spicy right?

At night I'll stare up at the stars and imagine seeing you, smiling, somehow finally at peace because you found your real home. I bet if you read this right now you would be laughing at me, mocking me with that look on your face. It's really hard to believe isn't it? Maria DeLuca writing down her feelings to someone who is as hard-headed as you. You're out of my league, Michael. But I've got some news for you Michael Guerin; No matter how much you hide it, I know you. I know your games, and in some weird way, I see through it all. You are no different from us earthlings you know. My mother always told me how to sense vibrators and yep, you Michael are a real vibrator. You send out all these signals but don't play on them. Now if by some unexplainable coincidence you somehow find this letter, you know I'll deny everything. Well Michael...I don't know how much longer I can go on with this. But I know at times I'll wish you were here to comfort me...and to tell me it's going to be all right. You're the only guy who watches The View to "keep in touch with his feminine side" so you should know. Anyway, I guess this is the end. I hope one day in your spacey little world far away you'll realize that this is your real home, the place where you have friends who care about you and even someone who loves you...

This is Maria DeLuca signing off.

Maria quickly scribbled her signature but then made a peeved noise and crumbled the piece of paper. Throwing it to the ground, she glanced up at the dark sky which glittered with thousands of bright stars. They never looked so beautiful as they did now. They twinkled delightfully as she felt a cool breeze ruffle her short blond hair.

Hearing a car pull up on her driveway, she went to the edge of her roof and peered down. She felt a smile spread across her face as she recognized Michael's tall silhouette outlined in moonlight. He looked as if he had come to say goodbye. Making her way quietly down the roof, Maria managed to surprise him with a hug, letting him know that it was all going to be all right.

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