FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 2
by Kathryn C
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Summary: Michael and Maria's first kiss
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Michael lay on the bed in Max’s bedroom as Max picked up stuff lying on the floor so they could all meet in here tonight.

“I mean, I can’t believe I kissed her. What was I thinking?” Michael stressed, “I don’t like Maria.”

Max laughed. He had been listening to Michael stress about this for the past hour. “Yeah, that’s it you don’t like her. That’s why I’ve been listening to you babble on about her for the past hour. You’ve got it bad buddy.”

Michael shot up indignantly, “I do not ‘have it bad’.”

Max grinned as he tossed a sweater into the hamper, “Yes, you do. Now, the only question is, does Maria feel the same way?”

“I don’t know,” Michael said grumpily, not even bothering to correct Max anymore. “After I kissed her she didn’t even say anything. Not a word. I couldn’t even read the expression in her eyes. But I don’t think she does though, I mean yesterday she even told me, ‘Not if you were the last alien on earth.’”

Max kicked Michael off the bed so he could make it neatly, “I’m sure she feels the same way you do. I mean, she didn’t exactly push you away, did she? Now, I don’t know what she sees in you, but that’s her problem. So Michael, for God’s sake just tell her how you feel , soon.”

Michael sighed. How was he supposed to do that? He wasn’t really a man of many words? But, he had already told Maria more then he had any other person. Heck, even Isabel and Max didn’t know about the fact that he had read Ulysses.

“Oh, and Michael?” Max said as Michael turned to go, “Don’t ever bug me about taking risks with Liz again.”


Maria was walking home from work. It was 7 o’clock. She had an hour before she had to go to Max and Isabel’s. When she passed the elementary school park, she saw a figure sitting on one of the swings. Michael.

She walked over to the swings and sat down on one beside him. “We need to talk,” she said simply, her voice tense. She was so nervous, was she about to make a fool of herself?

Michael heard her strained voice, and his heart fell. *She’s going to tell me this morning was a mistake*, he thought to himself grimly. The only thing to do know was to escape with some pride.

“I need to tell you something,” Maria said, not elaborating, yet.

“Me too,” Michael said quickly, “I’ll go first.”

“Allright,” Maria said in relief.

“This morning was a mistake.” he continued, “It never should have happened. I mean, I probably could have done something else to calm you down, right?” his laugh was hollow. “I vote we forget it ever happened. I mean, we could never be together.”

“I see,” Maria croaked, her voice strained, from trying to hold back the tears. “I suppose that would be best.”

Michael had his head ducked so she couldn’t see his eyes. He would never forgive himself if she saw him with tears in his eyes.

Maria stood up quickly, “I have to go,” she said, softly, turning and running. If she stayed there another minute she would end up bawling.

Michael’s head shot up as she left. Was that hurt in her voice? He dismissed the idea. It was best just to let her go.


Maria closed the door behind her as she exited the house. Her mother was at work this evening. She started down the walk, then stopped.

Michael was standing at the sidewalk, hands in his jacket pocket. “I came to walk over with you.” he said in explanation.

Michael stared at her face. Her eyes were red, obviously from crying. For the first time he entertained a little bit of hope that his trip here was not in vain.

Maria nodded wordlessly, not trusting her voice. Why wouldn’t he just go away. She couldn’t handle this.

They started walking down her street. They hadn’t gone very far when Michael began, “About what I said earlier...”

Maria interrupted him, “Forget about it. We can just put the whole experience behind us like you want.”

She started to walk faster, not wanting him to see her tears. Not wanting him to know she cared that much. She wouldn’t make a fool out of herself.

“Maria, wait.” Michael said, grabbing her arm, “Is that what you want?”

Maria stopped dead in her tracks. She nodded, not saying anything, refusing to face him.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked, turning her to face him.

Maria’s eyes were red and teary, “Please don’t do this Michael,” she whispered. “It doesn’t matter. You want it to be forgotten, I’ll forget it.”

Michael shook his head, and brushed her tears away, “I asked you what you wanted.”

Maria started to cry, “I want you.” she cried out, “But it doesn’t matter.”

Michael’s heart broke at seeing her hurting like this, knowing he was the cause. Despite her resistance, he took her into his arms, letting her cry it all out.

“Earlier,” he whispered in her ear. “I was saying just what I thought you wanted to hear. I thought you had come to tell me you felt nothing for me. What I was too scared to say to you before Maria is, I don’t think this morning was a mistake at all. According to Max, ‘I’ve got it bad’. And, unfortunately, he’s right.”

Maria’s sobs had subsided, and she was hiccuping, “I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same way at all.” she said, “But, I was planning to tell you how I felt anyway, in hopes you might return the feelings I have for you at all.”

Michael hugged her tightly, “I was scared of the exact same thing. However, I was planning on telling you how I felt too. But, when you came I thought you couldn’t possible feel the same way, so I tried to escape without making an idiot of myself.”

“You really like me?” Maria asked suspiciously.

Michael nodded, “I wasn’t planning on feeling anything for you, but it just sort of hit me hard and fast. And just so you know, that last woman on earth comment I made yesterday, it isn’t true.”

Maria laughed softly, “Neither was my last alien one.”

She turned away from Michael though, and said, “Michael are we insane? I mean, if you get what you want you won’t stay around here for long. You’ll go back to your own family, your own kind. Whether that’s tomorrow, a week from now or next year, it will hurt all the same. I don’t know if I’m that strong.....”

She was cut off with a kiss from Michael. She didn’t resist the kiss at all. She returned it with all she felt, just like she had this morning. When they finally pulled apart, Michael said smiling, “That was to calm you down.”

“You idiot!” Maria said, hitting him on the shoulder, but was unable to repress a grin, “I’m serious!”

Michael grabbed her hand, “I know. But don’t think about it. I don’t want to sacrifice what would could have together because of some ‘What if’s?’. Can we just enjoy whatever time we do have together?”

Maria nodded, and put her arms around his neck, “I guess so. Even if I refused now, I don’t think I could ignore what I feel for you forever.”

When their lips were inches apart, Maria said with a grin, “Michael, if that is what you’ll do every time to calm me down, I’ll have to get worked up more often.”


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