FanFic - Michael/Maria
"A Deeper Love "
"Sequel to Fondamental Amour"
Part 1
by Kendra
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Authors Note: I know this probably sucks because it's only my second smut fic, and I'm only 17. So, I'm sorry if you don't like it. I know I said I wouldn't be writing anymore smut, but I decided to write a sequel. LOL. I tried to make this a bit smuttier (is that even a word, and is it spelled right?) than my previous smut attempt. So, please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism only, please, I don't want any flames. I recommend listening to "No Sex" by Limp Bizkit while reading this, or just listen to the whole Limp Bizkit CD. The lyrics are inside #. Also, I know I haven't been participating in the mailing lists much, but I've been extremely busy with school and work. I also want to let you all know, I read each and every fan fic and I love them all. Thanks to Christianne, who always beta reads for me, she is the very best, plus a close online friend. I can't forget Alexis, Meg, and Diana for beta reading this as soon as possible. You all are great, and I hope you know that. Anyway, I want to put a side note in here, Alexis, I love all your fan fics, especially 'Sanctuary.' You have to write some more on 'Higher' soon, I love that fan fic, and miss it dearly. Sorry I haven't sent you feedback.
It had been over two months since Michael and Maria's little tryst. Michael thought about it every minute of every single day. It consumed his life. He felt bad about what had happened, but at the same time, he wouldn't take it back for anything in the entire world. Even though he had never admitted his love for Maria, he truly did love her, with his heart and soul.

They hadn't really talked much since that fateful night on Valentine's Day. Maria tried to be nice to Michael, but he would avoid her, or come back with rude retorts. He laid down on his bed, his mind was already filling with thoughts of Maria. His sweet Maria. But, was she really his? They weren't dating, but what they had shared that night was unbreakable, a bond.

No one had found out about their little night. It was just between the two of them. Michael could feel his heart start to beat faster, just at the thought of that night. He wanted to share his heart and life with Maria, but he could never do that. When he was around her, all that existed were her pouty red lips. He always wanted to touch her, feel her.

His thoughts were driving him out of his mind. When he went to sleep, he dreamed of Maria, and when he awoke, he thought of her. She was his addiction, his obsession. He let a sigh escape his lips. Could they ever be anything more? He felt that he had used her somehow. That it was just for the sex. He felt dirty. He knew it wasn't just sex, but he hadn't told her that. *********************************

Maria paced around her room, then finally sat down at her vanity. Ever since her and Michael had made love, she felt used. She wasn't sure if he really loved her, or if it was just for the sex. At the time they made love, she thought he loved her, but now she wasn't so sure.

He had avoided her since then, he wouldn't even make eye contact. She knew that it was a sign of his shyness, but she would give anything for him to look at her. She wanted to make love to him again. Every time she saw him, she wanted him. When did her life start to revolve around Michael Guerin? Some damn alien guy.

She needed to know how he felt. It was the only way to get over him, move on. Did he love her? It was a simple yes or no answer, wasn't it? She moved from her vanity to her closet and started to get dressed. She was determined to know what Michael thought, what he felt.

After she was dressed, she made her way down the stairs, hoping she wouldn't run into her mother, which she didn't. Once outside and in her mother's Jetta, she drove to Michael's apartment. As she was about to knock on the door she felt nervous. What would he say? She stopped fighting with herself long enough to knock.

The door opened and revealed Michael on the other side, clad in a pair of black boxers. She smiled at herself, this wasn't what she had expected. Her mind was wandering to thoughts of taking his boxers off.

"What are you doing here? I mean, it's late." Michael asked, obviously annoyed.

"We need to talk, Michael."

"About what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

He moved out of the doorway and Maria walked inside. The sexual tension between them couldn't be explained. She made her way to his couch and sat down. He sat at the other end.

"No, I don't." Michael said.

"Don't act stupid, you know it's about what happened."

"Oh, that."

"Don't act so nonchalant."

"What about it? Are you pregnant or something?"

"Um, no. If I were pregnant, don't you think I'd be a little more upset, mad, crazy, etc."

"Then what?"

"Why did you use me?" Maria asked quietly. "I mean, did you even care about me, or was it just for the sex?"

Michael couldn't believe what she had just said. That was what he had dreaded she would say. To him, it was so much more than sex. He loved her. The word sex could be used in any way. It could mean, yeah, we bumped and ground, hot, dirty sex, blah, blah. But, the only word he could think of that fit what they did was make love. Such a sweet phrase.

Before Maria knew what was happening, Michael's lips were on hers. All thoughts of her talking to him flew away. He pulled away and looked at her, he could tell she wanted more.

Michael let his lips devour hers in a sweet kiss. He could taste her strawberry lip gloss, it was so Maria. Before he knew it, his hands slid down her sides, pulling her closer. He could feel her tongue sweep across his bottom lip, begging his mouth to open, which it did. Their tongues fought for control, savoring every second.

Maria couldn't believe she was letting this happen. Was that all they did anymore? Was their relationship just about the sex? Even though her mind was telling her what they were doing was wrong, she didn't want to stop. She slid her hand down to his boxers, teasing the edge of the waist band.

After they pulled apart from the deep kiss, he looked into her eyes. He didn't want to hurt her, or cause her pain. He was sick of being the jerk that hurt everyone. All he wanted to do was show Maria how much he cared about her, how he had always cared about her.

She looked down at his lap and saw the prominent bulge in his boxers. She let her hands slide to the bulge, and she gently stroked it through the cotton. In reply, Michael let out a small gasp, which made her smile. She seemed to have a power over him and she liked that.

All that was left was the sensation. He enjoyed her touching him, it felt so right, so good. He arched his hips up to get more of himself into her hands. He could feel her move her hand, but soon noticed she had started to pull down his boxers. He stood up and they soon were off.

Maria stared in amazement. Last time they had sex she hadn't got to admire his beauty. And was he ever beautiful. She couldn't pull her eyes away from his cock, it was so amazing. Michael sat back down on the couch. Then, she lowered her head to it and began to give him a blow job.

It felt so good, Maria had such a talented mouth. Last time they had made love it was in a hurry, but this time they had time to do everything in the world. Feel everything and savor it. Although, he couldn't help but feel bad. He knew their romp was more than sex, but he had never told her that. How did they end up doing this again? He admittedly remembered telling himself that what they did a few months earlier was only a one time thing. Here they were doing it again. After he was with Maria, all that was left was thoughts of her face, mouth, everything.

#Went too fast, way too soon, I feel disgusted and you should too. Its no good when all that's left is the sex, the sex#

Maria quickened her movements, which started to take Michael into his own secret oblivion. She couldn't believe she had let this happen again. They hadn't really communicated since their last tryst, and here they were having another. She felt dirty, used, but she didn't want to stop.

He could feel his control starting to slip. He closed his eyes and moaned, all he could see and think about was his memories of Maria. So beautiful.

#Sex has become all I know about you Memories of those filthy things that we do. There's not one single thought that is left, after sex..with you.#

She watched him come, it was so beautiful. His eyes closed, with a slight smirk on his face. It was like he had dropped his guard, let himself be seen. She wasn't sure if he cared, it was hard to read him. Everything she had gone there to do was somehow lost when he kissed her.

Once Michael came back to reality he noticed Maria was still fully clothed. He had to do something about that. His hand made it's way to her blouse, and he began to tear it off, buttons flying everywhere. Next he unbuttoned her jeans. All that was left was Maria, clad in a pair of matching black undergarments.

She helped him by removing her bra and letting her breasts fall free. Before she knew what was happening, Michael's warm mouth engulfed the sensitive skin of one of her breasts. She could feel him suck as hard as he could, decreasing the pressure, and then increasing it. The way he sucked her taut nipple was driving her insane.

He knew she wanted to have her orgasm badly, but he had to do more. So, he removed her underwear, which was soaked through with her obvious desire. She laid her head on the arm of the couch, and Michael explored her lower half. Letting his tongue lick it's way up to her moist center. He loved the sweet smell of Maria. Once he had reached her center, he licked at her outer lips, savoring her sweet taste. He let his tongue go in a little further, and Maria moaned in reply.

"Oh, Michael, more," she begged.

Michael quickly obeyed, and removed his mouth. He slid a few fingers inside her, sliding them in and out, there was such friction. Soon he added more fingers and started to stroke her clit with his thumb. He knew she was close to what he had experienced just a few minutes before.

What he was doing to her was driving her insane. Suddenly she could feel her body start to tremble, she saw stars. Before she knew it, her orgasm came. She clutched the back of Michael's head, drawing him closer to her. Her muscles clenching around his fingers. After it had subsided, she looked at him and he gave her his famous smirk.

He put his hands on either side of her and lowered his body over hers, stopping only briefly to give her a feather light kiss on her moist lips. All that he knew at that very moment was that he had to take her right then and there. After he bit her earlobe tenderly, he plunged inside her, slowly at first. Only the head of his cock inside her, then he went all the way in.

#Should have left my pants on this time, But instead you had to let me dive right in, Should have left my pants on this time, You let me dive right, you let me dive right in.#

"Oh my God," Maria cried.

It felt so good. She felt like he completed her. She could feel him plunge into her as far as he could. He thrust in and out, creating friction. He thought she felt so tight. They both began to thrust in and out harder. Michael wanted to hold out for as long as he could so they could come together, but he knew he couldn't.

#Wait. It's my ass and your perfume they make temptation hard to refuse So I guess, we undressed, to have sex, dirty sex.#

He came and let himself burst inside Maria. Letting a part of him be inside her for eternity. Soon after he came, she felt her muscles began to clench around him, and she came. She loved the feeling, it made her whole, at least, that's what she thought.

Michael rolled off her and he cradled her in his arms, both of them side by side on the small couch. He wondered what made her so hard to resist.

#Sex has become all I know about you Memories of those filthy things that we do. There's not one single thought that is left, after sex..with you.#

She smiled at him. The hot, sweaty sex made her tired. She let her arm drape over him and fell asleep. He just looked at her while she slept. She was so beautiful, and all his. He soon fell asleep with her.

They both awoke a few hours later, still in each other's arms. Maria leaned in and kissed Michael's nose and he laughed. She started to lick at his nose, and he found that oddly erotic. He leaned in and captured her tongue with one of his hands.

"Stop that," Michael commanded, letting go of her tongue.


"I'll lose control again."

"And that's a bad thing?" She joked.

"I guess not."

"Then let me do what I want."

She continued to lick at his nose, making him harden. After some more foreplay he was on top of her and about to dive in again.

#Should have left my pants on this time, But instead you had to let me dive right in, Should have left my pants on this time, You let me dive right, you let me dive right in.#

This time they both came together. Things exploded behind their eyelids. Angels sang. They were complete. They separated and sat up this time. Maria looked at Michael. Somehow, she felt disgusted, like all they had was the sex. She felt like a slut that would have sex with Michael Guerin at a snap of his fingers. Did he just use her for that?

#How can you respect yourself? You couldn't respect yourself. How can you respect myself? How can you respect myself?#

"I can't do this anymore," Maria said.

Michael looked at her with a bewildered look on his face. What did she mean by that? Did she not love him?

#Realize that I'm worth more than that Realize that I mean more than that.#

"What do you mean by that?" Michael asked.

He thought maybe they shouldn't have had sex. Maybe it had ruined their semi-relationship, or did they ever really have a relationship? Did she think he used her?

#Should have left my pants on this time, (more than that...) But instead you had to let me dive right in, (more than...) Should have left my pants on this time, (more than...) You let me dive right, you let me dive right in.#

"Michael, I feel like a slut. Is there only sex between us, because I want more than that."

He was right, she thought he had used her. He loved her and now he was finally going to show her that, even if it meant breaking his damn stone wall.

"Let me see your hands," he said.

"What?" She asked.

"Don't question me, just do it, please."


She hesitated and then gave him her hands. He brought her hands to his head and she could feel how much he cared about her. How much he loved her. She started to see flashes.

++Start Flashes++

Maria in fourth grade at the 60's dance with Alex. Michael was jealous because he thought Alex liked her.

Maria in junior high, flirting with all the boys.

Maria as a freshmen, smiling at Liz.

When Maria first took his order in the crashdown.

The look on Maria's face when Max saved Liz. How he felt lucky that it wasn't her.

When she cared enough to let him abduct her and the Jetta to go to Marathon.

When they first kissed, she could feel him harden and lose his control.

Their great make out session. How he wanted to take her then, but was too scared.

When he told her he had to be a stone wall. How he couldn't believe that he had let her go.

Lastly, their wild sex romps and how he loved them.

++End Flashes++

Maria couldn't believe what she had just seen and felt while within his head. She knew for sure that he loved her, cared about her. She leaned in and kissed him, knowing that this was only the beginning of their renewed relationship.

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