FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Why Did You Not Come?"
Part 3
by Carro
Disclaimer: I donít own anything.
Summary: Something happeneds to Maria and Michael helps her.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: First I want to thank my beta reader Bec. This is my first story (but not my last) so PLEASE write me and tell me what you think about it. I would really like if I can get some feedback to the sequal. Enjoy the story!!!!!!!!
Maria was walking down the street, she had had to get out of the Crashdown, she couldnít stand to be around the others after learning that it was another alien that had attacked her.

Suddenly a car pulls up beside her and a man jumps out and pushís Maria into the alley . "Listen up bitch! Tell your friends that you were a warning. If they donít do as they are told there will be a lot more things happening to you." The man hit Maria in the head and she falls unconscious to the ground. The man jumped back in the car and was gone.

Michael and Max exit the Crashdown, they see Maria lying on the ground. Michael runs to Maria and lifts her up and carries her into the back of the Crashdown. He lays her gently on the couch.

"Maria wake up!" Michael cried as the others loomed over him.

Maria opened her eyes and sat up with a small moan pouring out of her mouth.

"Maria how are you feeling?" Liz ask.

"Fine, I just have a headache."

"What happened?" Max questioned her.

"Nothing!" Maria snapped at him.

"Come on Maria! We know that something happened, Michael roared.

Maria knew that Michael could see when she was lying. "Ok, fine!" Maria started telling them every word the man had said to her.

"What does that mean Max? Isabel said.

"I donít know Isabel." Max answered.

"I know! They all turned their heads towards Michael.

"What do you mean Ďyou knowí Michael?" Max asked him.

"I had a dream three nights ago when a man entered my dream and told me to meet him at the museum or else bad things would happen. But I thought it was a dream so I didnít go." Michael told them.

"Oh My God Max, what are we going to do?" Isabel said, terrified.

"I donít know," Max said as he took his sister into his arms.

(Later at Liz)

They were all in Lizís living room, talking about what to do when the phone rang.

Liz picked up the phone and put it on the speaker.



"How are you?"

"someone who knows Maria very well."

"Fuck you!," screamed Maria.

"Well well, hey honey!"

" YOU BASTARD!!" Maria screamed louder as she rose from her seat and headed towards the phone but Michael stopped her, he pulled her into his arms.

" Listen up people, this is what I want. I want you to give me the balance stones."

"Why?" Max asked.

"give them to me by tomorrow at 12 Oíclock . Michael knows the place."

The line suddenly went dead.

"What are we going to do Max?" Liz said as she sat down on the couch.

"I donít know Liz, honestly I donít know." Max said as he sat down next to Liz and put his arm around her.

"What I want to know is if you guys are going to give him the stones?" Maria said as she looked with frightened eyes at Michael.

"Max, I canít just give him the stones. Itís the only thing that I have from our home," Isabel said as she sat down next to Alex.

"What!! Youíre not going to give him the stones? So you sacrifice me and god knows what else," Maria said angry.

"No one is going to sacrifice anybody," Michael said, as he took Maria in his arms. He whispered into her ear, "No one is going to hurt you again."

"So what are we going to do?" Alex ask, rising from his seat he stood and faced everyone.

"I think we all should all stay together, just for tonight." Liz said, glancing over at Maria.

"I agree." Max said.

"We can all go to my house, my mom is gone "again". Maria voice was laced with sarcasm.

"Okay, so itís settled, weíll all stay at Mariaīs." Max said, he rose from his seat and started walking towards the door.

"This really doesnít settle anything," Maria whispered to herself as everyone filed out the door.

(Everyone was gathered in Mariaís living room eating ice cream.)

"So who sleeps where?" Isabel said, a wicked smile was on her face.

"Well, I thought that I would sleep in my room, you and Liz can take one of the guest rooms and Alex and Max can take the other," Maria said taking another spoonful of ice cream.

"Wait! What about Michael?" Isabel said indignantly.

"Well, he sleeps with me!" Maria said, gulping down the cold ice cream. Everyone turned and stared her, even Michael.

"What!" Liz said almost choking on her ice cream; she couldnít believe what she was hearing.

"I mean, I donít want to sleep alone, so if you donít mind Michael." Maria said looking over at Michael.

"No, I donít mind." He said, his cheeks turning crimson.

"Okay, goodnight everyone," Alex said as he walked to his room. "Well, we could all use some much needed sleep," Max said and walked after Alex.

(In Mariaís room later that night)

"So which side do I get?" Michael asked with a smile on his face.

"Just chose one, Maria said coming out of the bathroom.

They lay down next to each other on the bed. Maria turned the light off and Michael put his arm around her waist. Maria turned to face Michael.

"Kiss me!"

"What?" Michael said confused.

"Kiss me!" Maria said and leaned over and pressed her lips against his.

Michael started to kiss Maria back; Maria opened her mouth and let Michaelís tongue enter her mouth. Michaelís hand ran down Mariaís body.

"No stop!" Maria screamed and rose from the bed.

Michael watched her shivering body as she stood next to the bed, sitting up he stretched his hand out to her, "itís okay, and itís going to be alright."

"No, itís not okay. Why? Why did this happen to me?" Maria cried.

"I donít know." Michael said, rising from the bed he stood next to her, placing his arms around Maria he tried to comfort her.

"Lie down Maria Letís go back to bed." Michael led Maria back to bed; pulling her down next to him he pulled her close and wrapped them both in the blankets. He quietly whispered to her as he stroked her hair. "Itís okay, shhhh, everything is going to be alright."

He held her close until they both fell into a deep sleep.

(Later that night)

Michael woke up and looked at the clock on Mariaís nightstand. 3.30 am. He had to get out of there. He slowly got out of the bed so he wouldnít disturb Maria, leaving the room he walked down stairs and put his jacket.


Michael spun around and saw Max standing behind him.

"What are you doing Max?" said Michael as Max put his jacket on.

"Iím going with you," Max told him.

"Listen, I want to be alone Max."

"No, something is wrong with you and Iím going with you," Max said angrily.

"Me too!" The guys spun around and saw Isabel on the stairs.

"Great! The whole team is going, why not just wake everyone up and then everyone can go?" Michael said, the sarcasm came through loud and clear."

"Shut up Michael! Let me write them a note and then we can go." Isabel said, turning she went into the kitchen. Leaving the note on the kitchen table she joined Michael and Max at the jeep, the three of them drove away.

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