FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Why Did You Not Come?"
Part 1
by Carro
Disclaimer: I donít own anything.
Summary: Something happeneds to Maria and Michael helps her.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: First I want to thank my beta reader Bec. This is my first story (but not my last) so PLEASE write me and tell me what you think about it. I would really like if I can get some feedback to the sequal. Enjoy the story!!!!!!!!
One again Maria had ended up at Michael's apartment, there were things she wanted to tell him, and once again it had turned into a shouting match.

"Shut up!" Maria shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Why?" Michael shouted back at her.

"I can't deal with you right now!"

"What did I do to you?"

"Well, lets see shall we, first you kiss me ALOT and then you say you can't get involved with me. Can't you see why I am angry?" Her voice was heavily laced with sarcasm and pain.

"You know why I did it!" Michael shouted, he saw the sadness in her green eyes. He had left her because in the end, he hadn't wanted to hurt her.

"Fuck you!" Maria shouted and stormed out of Michael's apartment and got into her little red car. She couldn't stand to be around Michael right now, she had to be alone. Maria drove into the desert, she needed to be in her thinking place right now.

(Later that afternoon at the Crashdown)

"Where is Maria?" Liz wondered outloud.

"I donít know, I thought she was with you," Max said as he looked over to his sister Isabel a little worried.

"And where is Michael?" Isabel asked getting more afraid.

"I havenít seen him all day either," Liz told them.

Just as she said this Michael walked through the doors of the Crashdown.

"Speak of the devil," Liz said.

Michael sat down next to Isabel with an angry look spread across his face.

"So where is Maria? Isabel bluntly asked him. Isabel Evans was not one to mess around when she wanted answers.

"I donít know, Iím not her babysitter." Michael said in an voice laced with anger.

"Oh, you two had a fight again, didnít you. Max knew his friends, those two couldnít be in the same room without starting an argument.

"Thatís none of your business Max, Michael yelled, standing he started out of the Crashdown. He wasnít up to dealing with his friends questions right now.

"Wait." Liz ran after Michael and stopped him at the door.

"What? Michael questioned her as he tried to step around her.

"Please Michael, Maria is missing. Liz said with in a sad voice.

"Iím sure sheís alright Liz," and with that he walked out of the Crashdown.

(The next morning, the phone is ringing in the Evan's household)

"Hello Max, itís Liz, Maria is not home yet and Iím really getting worried."

"What! Sheís not home yet?" Max said concerned.

"No, sheís not." Liz told him.

"Okay, weíll pick you up in 10 minutes and then weíll go to Mariaīs house." Max would do anything to help relieve Lizís worry.

"Thank you, bye." Liz said and hung up the phone.

(later at Mariaīs house)

"Well sheís not home." Isabel said looking through the window.

"Where can she be?" Liz said while her eyes were filling with tears.

"Calm down Liz," Max said as he took her into his arms, "weíll find her, donít worry."

"Weíll ride over to Michaelís and ask him if he knows anything." Max said, walking over to the car with Liz and Isabel right behind him.

(Later at Michaelís)

"What do you want?" Michael said tiredly. He had been up all night thinking about Maria.

"Michael, where is Maria!" Liz demanded.

"I donít know and I donít care!" Michael bellowed as he turned away from his friends, he hoped no one could see the lie written all over his face. He cared so much about Maria. He was starting to worry too.

"Michael please, where is she?" Isabel pleaded to Michael.

" I swear I donít know. Michael said as he faced his friends as they finally entered the apartment.

"What did you fight about?" Max said.

They all sat down on the couch and Michael told them everything that had happened.

The rest of the group just sat there and listen closely to what Michael told them. As soon as he had finished Liz broke said " How could you do that?"

"I canít and wonít get involved with her. I would hurt her, in the end I would hurt her." Michael said.

" And you think you donít hurt her now?" Liz said furiously.

"I know I did but I just canít get involved with someone." Michael told her.

"YOU BASTARD!!" Liz screamed and hit Michael squarely in the chest.

"Liz STOP!!! Michael said as he took her in his arms.

"Iím sorry, Iím so sorry." Michael said as he looked down at Liz. He was scared that something would happen to his Maria.

(Same time in the desert)

"Great!!" Maria screamed. The car wouldnít start, she got out and started walking on the road back towards town.

(1 hour later)

A car pulled up beside Maria.

"Do you need a lift?" There was two guys in the car.

"Yes, thanks." Maria got in the car, she knew she shouldnít accept rides with strangers, but she couldnít walk the entire way back to Roswell, it was too far, and it was too hot out.

They drove about a half an hour before they suddenly pulled off the highway onto a deserted road.

"What the hell!!! Where are we going? Let me out!" Maria screamed.

Maria was really frightened and she was crying.

(Back at Michaelís)

Michael and the others were sitting around the table. Liz was sitting in Maxīs lap, Isabel sat beside Alex, who had come as soon as he heard that Maria was missing. Michael just sat quietly and sipping on his tea.

He wasnít expecting the flashes, they hit him hard and fast.

*FLASH* Mariaīs car breaking down in the desert.

*FLASH* Maria hitchhiking.

*FLASH* Maria screaming in the car.

"Oh My God! Michael said as he rose from his chair spilling his tea everywhere.

"What?" Max didnít know what was going on, he stood and watched his friend.

"Maria is in really big trouble. Michael ran out of the apartment and to Max car. The others followed, soon they were speeding away.

(Same time in the desert)

One of the guys held Maria while the other drove the car.

"Leave me alone!" Maria screamed.

"No way, baby!" One of the men said smiling.

"Please! No!" Maria said through her tears.

They suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. They pulled Maria out of the car and laid her down on the sand. They quickly ripped off her clothes as she continued to scream.

"Shut up!" One of the men screamed.

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