FanFic - Michael/Maria
"What Michael Read "
Part 1
by Alea
Disclaimer: I do not own Micheal, Maria or anyone else in Roswell land, I'm just borrowing them and twisting them for my own use.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
"You drive me crazy!" "Ditto!" "Go away!" "No, you go away. I was here first." Maria yelled at Michael. They were having another one of their many fights. "Besides, I work here, so I have to stay." Maria said. Micheal went and sat in a booth. "Yes, and I am a customer so it's your job to serve me." He smirked at her with that sexy grin of his and her face softened a little. 'God, why does he have to be so sexy' she thought, but said "It's after hours, I'm trying to clean up, so if you want something to eat, go elsewhere, because I am leaving. You don't need to lock the door. Liz's going to be back from her date any minute, so she'll lock up." And with that, she took her bag and left.

Michael was about to leave when something caught his eye. A notebook was lying on the counter. He picked it up and flipped through the pages and then...

//FLASH// Maria was writing in her diary when all of a sudden, Michael came walking through the doors of the Crashdown Café. She quickly put it down, smoothed her hair, and walked toward him. //FLASH//

"Maria's diary," Michael said to himself. "This should be fun, he said before sitting down.

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