FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Laura
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Summary: Maria vanishes mysteriously and the gang has to find her.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I’m thinkin that this story takes place after Crazy. Cause I didn’t want to deal with that whole destiny mess...that is such an evil word btw. And I think that most of my plotted stories are going to involve dreams *g*. hehe. Dedication: To my twin sis Courtney for giving me one little suggestion. *g* You may think you didn’t do much but this story could not have been written with out ya babe. And to my other Roswellian sis Annie for giving me the idea for the song in here. hehe. To my Roswellian sis Nicole (I sure do have lots of sisters..) for reading it before I posted it. I guess I should thank you too Kim for falling asleep on me when I slept over cause that’s when I thought of this story..hehe. And last but not least, to those who sent me feedback before.
Michael Guerin found himself in a dark strange place. A very weird place. And it was cold. Damn cold. This was the darkest place he had ever been in. He couldn’t even see where he was going.

“Where the hell am I?” Michael said stumbling around in the dark, trying to feel the walls for something familiar. Michael didn’t know where he was. But for some reason, he had this overpowering feeling of loneliness. And he was afraid. That feeling was coming over him now too. No, he wasn’t just afraid, he was petrified. Michael was oblivious as to what was going on and why he was getting these feelings. Suddenly, Michael heard someone crying. He moved towards the sound of someone sobbing.

“Hello? Is someone there?” Michael continued to try to find the person but he couldn’t find them.

“Who’s there?? Leave me alone! What do you want from me? I told you I don’t know anything! Go away!” Michael was startled when the illusive person finally spoke. But he still couldn’t find them in the blackened room. Was that who he thought it was? No, it couldn’t be. She was always so strong and brave. But there was a terror in her that made a chill go up his spine. He did not like to see Maria this way. Those feelings must be coming from her he decided.

“Maria? Is that you? It’s Michael. Where are you I can’t see anything.”

“Michael?? Is that really you??” Michael finally found her. Well, actually he bumped into her literally.

“Of coarse it’s me. What’s going on?” Michael looked into her eyes and saw the scared lost eyes that replaced Maria’s beautiful ones. There was that terror again. She was petrified of something. That was for sure.

“No! I don’t believe it!” She said as she pulled away. “I told you! Don’t use his face! Get away from me!!” Michael ran and grabbed her arm, not letting her get away.

“Maria, it’s me. Look into my eyes. I’m the same dorkbutt I’ve always been.” Maria looked into his eyes. A flash of hope then flickered into them.

“Oh, it is you! He pretended to be you before but it’s really you!” she said hugging him. “Michael I’m so afraid. So lost in this dark terrible place. What if he comes back?” she said holding onto him tighter. She was shaking slightly.

“It’ll be ok. You’ll see. I won’t let anything happen to you. What if who comes back? What’s going on Maria?” Michael said right before he was thrown across the room.

“Michael!” Michael got off the floor but got sent back down when someone’s fist punched him hard in his stomach. “No! Stay away from him!” Maria said while hitting the mysterious man, only to be thrown onto the ground herself and kicked in the stomach. Michael suddenly felt a sense of rage overcome him.

“NO! Leave her alone you bastard!” Michael said while getting up and charging towards the mysterious man. But just as quickly as before, he was thrown to the ground. He turned to Michael on the ground and said.

“I’ll only tell you this once. She’s mine! There’s nothing you can do to save her now!” The mysterious man yelled. But before Michael could react, he felt himself leaving this strange place suddenly. But before he left, he heard Maria call out his name, one last time.

Michael looked around and realized that he was in his bed. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:30. It was still dark out so it had to be morning he figured. But it was all a dream, wasn’t it?


Michael hadn’t been able to go back asleep after that dream. Who could sleep after the love of your life was being hurt and was desperately afraid in your dreams? He couldn’t forget the look in her eyes...She was so scared. Michael made sure to be at school early today. That was for sure. He had to find Maria right away. So, it was probably a dream and he was probably totally over reacting, but still. He wouldn’t feel better until he knew that Maria was safe. He looked all over the quad.

“Damn!” He said to himself. “Where is she??” She’s probably with Liz or Alex he figured. Michael quickly ran to Maria’s locker first. Nope. No sign of her there. Michael then ran to Liz’s locker. Not there either. Michael started to run down the hall towards Alex’s locker but he ran into someone in the hall. Practically knocked them both onto the ground.

“Michael, is something wrong?” It was Max he ran into.

“Uh..nothing Maxwell. Have you seen Maria?? Or Liz??”

“No, not yet. Why do you want to see them so badly?” Max said suspiciously.

“Uh..nothing! Just tell them that I’m looking for them if you see them.” Michael said right before he continued to run down the hall. Isabel and Max traded looks.

“Ok, he didn’t even notice that I was here. He’s acting weirder than usual...something must be up.” Isabel said.



Michael hadn’t found Maria yet. And it was driving him insane. He couldn’t find Liz or Alex either. Well, it was only first period. But he should have been able to find them by now. He asked around and no one had seen Maria. This did not make him feel any better. But Liz was in school today. He found himself counting the seconds for when the bell would ring. Eventually, it did ring and Michael was the first one out the door. He ran his way to Liz’s locker again. Michael just stood there, waiting for her to come.

“Hey Michael.” Liz saw how uneasy he looked. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. But Liz, do you know where Maria is?? I really need to find her...”

“I haven’t seen her all day. Maybe she’s at home sick. Why? Is something going on?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. But I’ll talk to you guys later. I’m going to go check out her house.


Michael ran all the way to Maria’s house in probably about 3 minutes. The Jetta was gone but maybe her mom had the car. He decided to go through her window instead of the front door. Besides, it was his trademark entrance. Michael was about to use his powers to open the window but he noticed it was already unlocked. ‘Hmm..that’s strange’ he thought. Michael climbed through the window into Maria’s room. And what he saw didn’t make him feel better at all.


Maria was gone. Her bed was a mess with her sheets all tangled up. Either Maria was a light sleeper, or something had happened here. Michael quickly checked out the rest of the house. No one was there. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except possibly her bed. Michael went to Maria’s bedroom and quickly called Liz on her cell phone.

“Come on...pick up..” While waiting for Liz to pick up the phone, Michael picked up a picture of Alex, Liz, and Maria. Michael stared at Maria’s picture. She looked so much different than in the dream. She looked like herself in the picture. Happy. His happy pixie girl.


“Liz. It’s Michael tell everyone that we have to talk and that we should all meet at the quarry. I’m on my way back to school to get a ride with you guys.”


“Wow. That’s some dream.” Alex said. They all drove up in Max’s Jeep to talk at the quarry. Like Michael said. It was the only safe place where they could talk. They all had just heard Michael describe his dream.

“What Michael, do you think something actually happened to Maria?” Liz said worriedly.

“I don’t know guys. But something isn’t right. I mean, she isn’t at home, she isn’t at school. She isn’t anywhere. It’s like she just vanished.” Michael said while throwing rock into the gorge. “And I can’t forget her face from the dream...” They all stood in silence for a little bit. It had always been the six of them against the world. Now, someone they all cared about was missing in action. “I think someone kidnapped Maria.”

“But who would want to kidnap Maria?” Isabel said.

“Well, someone has her Isabel. That’s all I know.”

“Do you remember what he looked like?”

“I don’t know Max. I couldn’t see his face. It was to dark...”

“I mean, if someone does have Maria, why would Michael get a dream about it? How could that happen?” Alex said.

“Who knows how Michael uses his powers. Maybe he made a bond with her or something. A connection.” Isabel said.

“How could he do that?” Liz asked.

“Maybe when we were getting those flashes of that orb. Michael did you see anything when you were...with Maria?” Max said. Michael sighed.

“Yeah, I saw things from her life.” Michael wasn’t about to go into detail about what he saw. That was personal.

“Max, what are we going to do? Someone may really have Maria.”

“It’ll be ok Liz. We’ll figure this out.”

“What if the FBI has her? What are we gonna do? Remember Topolsky was talking about how we’re all on some list and that guy named Pierce was after us?” Alex said while starting to get really worried.

“But why would they want Maria? They’d pick us up first. Or us all at once...” Isabel said while getting worried also.

“We need to calm down guys. We don’t know anything yet.”

“You want me to calm down? Someone out there, has someone that I love and they’re hurting her! And she’s scared! And you know what Max, that’s another reason why I’m so worried, because we don’t know anything!” Michael said while everyone else just looked at him speechless. Had he said what he thought he just said? Aloud, in front of everyone? Michael started to look down at the ground.

“But her mom’s out of town. She left for some convention thing. Maybe Maria went with her...” Liz said hopefully.

“Liz, I doubt that. Her bed was all messed up and her window was unlocked. And how would that explain my dream?”

“But it was a dream. Maybe it was all your imagination...”

“No, Max! It wasn’t just a dream! I’ve dreamt some pretty shitty things but none of them were ever like this.” They stood there quiet for some time again. Thinking about what was happening to Maria.

“Ok. Let’s try to think this through. Who else would want to capture Maria?” Max asked. They all stood there again thinking about the seemingly easy question.

“Nasedo.” They all turned and looked at Liz. “Nasedo could have her.”

“Do you realize what that means?” Isabel said getting more worried by the minute.

“Do you realize what he’d do to her?”

“What do you mean Alex?”

“What I mean, Liz, is that Nasedo isn’t exactly well known for his love for humans. He could really hurt her...”

“Why would he do that?” Isabel said. It seemed to Michael that they were all beating around the bush.

“Because she knows the secret Isabel. He probably never wanted any humans to find out. Figured they couldn’t be trusted.” Michael’s words sunk into everyone standing there at the quarry. Maria could be really hurt. Maria could be dead soon if not already. The three aliens turned to look at Alex and Liz. He could be after Alex and Liz next. They didn’t have to say anything. They all knew they were thinking the same thing.

“Alex. Liz. Never be alone. Do you hear me? Nasedo could be anyone. We have to trust each other more than ever now.”


Alex and Liz had spent the majority of the rest of the day at the Crashdown. With their alien bodyguards of coarse. Liz had to work the night shift and Alex hung out in a booth with Max, Michael and Isabel. They were all worried and stressed out, especially Michael, but they were trying to relax and tell themselves that they were getting worked up over nothing. But if Liz or Alex wanted to go anywhere, they weren’t allowed to go. Max and Isabel wouldn’t let them. Michael however, was more...distracted. He would sit there with this worried lonesome look on his face. You could tell what he was thinking about.

Liz and Alex were starting to feel claustrophobic around Max and Isabel. They insisted that they stay at the Crashdown where it’s a public place. But Alex and Liz were starting to feel like they were held prisoners in the cafe. Liz was thankful to be working for once. You don’t know how nerve racking it can be to just sit there and think about your missing friend. Max though, would insist on going with Liz if she wanted to go in the backroom and get something.

“Max, I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“But, what if he’s back there? I don’t want anything to happen to you Liz. I care about you to much.” Max said sweetly. So, Max would join Liz on her journey to the backroom or anywhere else that wasn’t in his eye sight. Isabel and Alex would talk and Alex would try to make jokes to entertain Isabel. But Michael...

Michael would call Maria’s house every 5 minutes. Hoping that she would come home safe and tell them where she really was. And then he would be able to relax. To know that he was getting worked up over nothing. But not until then. All he could think of was Maria. After awhile Liz just gave him this look and he stopped asking and just went towards the phone.

Time passed, and the crowds began to leave and it was just them at the Crashdown. Alex was trying to keep himself entertained by listening to the radio.

“Your listening to KROZ. And it’s about 11:05 here in Roswell. Now to play some more tunes.”

“Oh! I love this song!” Alex said while turning up the radio. Then he started to sing along. “Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby!” Isabel started to laugh at him.

“How could he act so weird at a time like this?” Max asked to Liz.

“Alex, is really worried about Maria. I know he is. I think he’s just is trying to be brave and not show his emotions about how worried he is. Cause then he’ll know I’ll lose it. He’s trying to make me feel better by being strong. He always does this. He’s my ‘fun support’ I guess you could say.”

“Max I think we should get going. Mom doesn’t want us staying out to late.”

“Ok Is. Now you guys remember the plan. Right?” Alex stopped singing and turned down the radio.

“Max it’s not that complicated. I’m looking out for Liz when she closes up and I’m sleeping over at Liz’s tonight so I’m safe.”

“Ok. Liz. Remember. Never be alone ok?” Max said sweetly.

“Max, I’ll be fine. I’m safe here. Remember?” They said their good-byes and started to walk out of the Crashdown. Then Max turned around, and saw Michael hanging up the phone slowly with a disappointed look on his face. He still was calling her house every 5 minutes. Max and Isabel exchanged looks and both felt terrible for Michael. He had barely said anything the entire night. They couldn’t imagine how bad he must feel right now.


“Ok. So it’s just you and me babe. What are we up for tonight?”

“Alex why are you acting so happy? Your doing it a bit much. More than usual.”

“I’m just trying to cheer you up. Now granted, this is not really the time to be having a blast but you gotta keep your mind on something and try to have somewhat fun. Liz, I’m worried sick. You know I am. I’m just trying to help you keep your mind off of it for awhile. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yes I do. I just am worried about Maria that’s all.”

“I know. I know. Alex switching into comfort mode now. It’s gonna be ok Liz. You’ll see.” Alex said while hugging Liz.

“Thanks Alex. Your a good friend.”

“I know. I have the perfect idea. Let’s go rent a movie. Preferably a chick flick. And don’t worry, I won’t complain. I’ve been trained well.”

“But Max said we shouldn’t go out.”

“It’s right down the street. And he said we shouldn’t go alone. Besides, I’m the A-man. I’ll protect you. You’d be surprised how much muscle you build when playing dodge ball.” Alex said while doing his famous double thumbs up. Liz started laughing. “You know, maybe that’s not a bad idea after all. That felt good to laugh. I haven’t done it in a long time...”

“Ok, then it’s settled. Go change and we’ll go.”


“So, what movie do you want to rent? Chick flick or comedy?” Alex asked Liz as they casually walked to the video store.

“Hmm..I don’t know. It’s up to you. Are you sure it’s safe for us to be out here? I mean it is pretty dark out...”

“Liz, we’ll be fine. Besides Max said that we shouldn’t be alone tonight. We’re not alone. We have each other. I thought we already went through this.”

“I know. I know. I’m just worried you know? I mean, all of these things have been happening so fast. And not to long ago, Topolsky had us all freaked out about the FBI.”

“Liz, we’ve been through a lot. And your right. But I think we deserve a slight break. Your going to have a melt down if you don’t stop thinking about it.”

“Ok. Your right. So I was thinking that maybe we should rent a comedy instead. I could use a good laugh. And I already have enough soap opera drama in my life with Max so I can pass on the chick flick.” Alex and Liz started laughing together. But in the midst of their laughing, Liz could have sworn she heard a noise.

“Did you hear that?”

“Liz, now your paranoia schizophrenia is kicking in.”

“Alex, I could have sworn a heard someone. Like breathing or something.” Liz said while looking up and down the street. But to only see the trees rustling in the wind.

“It must have been the wind then. Come on. We’re almost there.” Alex said while holding her hand. “I won’t let anything happen to you anyways.” Suddenly Liz was grabbed from behind and pulled into a nearby alley. “LIZ!” Alex ran into the alley. He couldn’t see Liz’s attacker though. It was to dark. He could barely see Liz. But Liz was putting up a good fight. The man tried to pull her down further into the alley but she wouldn’t let him. Alex started to charge the attacker in the midst of Liz struggling for her freedom. But to Alex’s surprise, he was thrown into the wall and knocked over a few garbage cans in the alley. Alex, groaned in pain from his impact.

“What the hell?” He didn’t even touch him and yet he knocked him into the wall. Alex saw Liz kicking and trying to scream but the man had her mouth covered up. Alex had to save Liz before she disappeared like Maria too. But Liz was doing a pretty good job. The man was having a hard time keeping her under control. The man was now starting to pull her farther down the alley, despite Liz’s fighting. Alex saw a metal trash can lid from a spilled garbage can that fell on the ground with him when he was thrown into the wall. Alex rose from the ground picked up the lid and hit the man in the head. It wasn’t a hard enough blow to knock the man out, but it was enough for him to loosen his grasp of Liz. Liz took the opportunity and kicked the man and ran. She quickly grabbed Alex’s hand and started sprinting away. Alex turned and looked down the alley almost immediately and the man was already gone.

“Alex! Don’t look back! We’ve got to get to Max’s house!” she said in a rush. Alex figured that Liz’s adrenaline must be pumping pretty hard cause he was having a hard time keeping up with her.


Michael hung up the receiver hard. She still wasn’t answering her phone. He then put his head in his hands and sighed.

“Michael it’ll be ok. We’ll find her. Don’t worry we’ll think of something. Just try to keep calm.”

“Maxwell, I don’t think you’d be calm if this happened to Liz so I wouldn’t talk. You. Didn’t. See. Her.” he said stressing every word. “She was shaking in my arms...” Isabel pulled Max aside.

“Max, just leave him alone. He’s been through a lot. I don’t think your considering what it’s like to be in his shoes right now. Just imagine having a dream where Liz was being beat up and scared half to death.”

“Ok. Your right Is. If that happened to Liz...if I ever saw her like that...” Max said while looking down. Then he turned to look at Michael who’s head was still in his hands. “Michael, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Then an idea flashed in Max’s mind. “Did you ever try calling her cell phone?” Michael instantly looked up and looked at Max and Isabel. Then, he quickly grabbed Max’s phone and dialed the number. He let the phone ring and ring. Suddenly, someone came through the window sobbing hysterically. Michael couldn’t even tell it was Liz at first. Then Alex came in right behind her.

“Liz! What happened??” Max said as Liz fell into his arms. You couldn’t even understand a word she was saying, she was sobbing so hard. She was hysterical. Michael then hung up the receiver, but didn’t hear the person on the other line pick it up. Liz was crying to hard and loud for him to hear.

“He....he....attached us....” Liz said in-between sobs. Max held her tighter.

“’ll be ok. Just tell us what happened.”

“Are you all right Alex??” Isabel said while running to his side while looking very worried and concerned.

“Isabel Evans worried about Alex Charles Whitman?” Then Isabel gave him a look. “Sorry, uh, I’ll be fine. Just a little shakened up. My head hurts a bit but I’ll be fine.”

“Alex! You getting a bump on your head! What the hell happened?” Alex was shocked to see how concerned Isabel was over him. Liz tried to tell them in-between sobs.

“We....we.....wanted to go get a movie. And into an...alley.”

“And then he threw me against the wall. Which is why my head hurts so much. And I grabbed a trash can lid and hit him over the head with it.”

“Did you see who it was?” Michael said, speaking for the first time since they got there. They all seemed kind of shocked to see him actually say anything. They kinda forgot he was there.

“No.” Alex said, realizing that Michael was talking to him. “I didn’t hit him that hard. Just enough for him to loosen his grip on Liz. Then we just ran. But I turned around right away and he was gone.” Alex chuckled slightly. “We probably got here in about a minute. But the thing is. He never touched me, but somehow he threw me against the wall.”

“See. I told you this wasn’t just a dream! He threw me around too..”

“Max, this is getting serious. First Maria disappears. Now Alex and Liz get attacked? What’s going to happen next??” Isabel said very worriedly.

“I don’t know. But it’s obvious that we can’t go anywhere without each other. You guys have to spend the night here. Liz can sleep in Isabel’s room and Alex can stay with Michael and me.” Max turned to look at Michael. “I don’t think any of us should be alone tonight. You better stay with us too.” Michael slowly nodded his head. “You guys can borrow some of our clothes to sleep in.” Liz nodded her head and wiped her tears with her hand, and went towards Isabel’s room to get ready. It had never occurred to any of them that Michael may get another dream.

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