FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Unearthly Connections"
Part 2
by Jenn
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Summary: Michael is in pain and Mariaís lying in the street .
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
The lady at the desk sighed, knowing this would cause more problems in the office. But Michael, seeing her reaction, glared at her and she gave up. Just then Liz came around the corner. He saw Maxís eyes light up.

Michael gave Max a little shove, Liz needed him right now, it was no time to be cruel. Max went and hugged Liz, then Liz came over and hugged Alex. Isabel just stood there, Maria and her had become close but for some reason Isabel still didnít like Liz, although if and when she needed help she was there with the rest of them.

Max spoke first. "All right, what happened? All I could understand from the phone call is that Maria is hurt."

"Yeah, Michael found her earlier this evening, she was lying on the side walk outside her house. Sheís pretty beat up," Liz told him.

"Oh my god," Isabel said, "can I go see her?"

"In a few minutes. I have something I need to tell you guys, but you canít tell Maria, she already knows, but we canít worry her."

"All right," Max agreed for the group, he was always doing that, always thinking for everyone around him. It ticked Michael off, but there was no time for petty fights now, Maria had lived this time, but who knew if the person, or alien, would strike again. He couldnít find who did it on his own, he needed their help.


Amy sat by Mariaís bedside watching her daughter sleep. For the first time since the whole dilemma began, Maria looked peaceful and Amy had time to breathe, time for her to relax and know for sure that everything would turn out all right, if only they could find who did this to her precious child.

Maria woke up and felt her motherís presence. It was comforting to know how much her mother cared, but she wanted Michael. She didnít open her eyes because she could tell her mother was at piece, no need to let her fuss over her more. Plus it was frustrating not being able to convince them that she was ok.

One thing still disturbed her. How did she get like this? She knew she had not done it to herself. Her mind had told her that in the dream, the nightmare. Someone had come to get her, someone had wanted to hurt her, kill her.

Nasedo, thatís who it must be. But she then remembered he was gone. But you never knew with him. She couldnít possibly think of anyone else. No one else wanted to ruin the aliensí lives.

Well maybe not no one else. Pierce had wanted to capture them and study their lives. But that wouldnít have to involve her, and pierce was dead. There were other FBI agents, thatís for sure, and she didnít think theyíd give up so easily.

There were two possibilities in her mind, Pierce, well the FBI, and Nasedo. What she didnít know, was whether her assumptions were correct or if they were, who it was.

Just then Isabel walked into the room. She said something softly to Amy and then came to her. Amy left and Isabel just stared down at her.

"I wish I could make this better for you. Does it hurt?" Isabel paused. "Oh I forgot, you canít speak right now. Must suck. I couldnít imagine being so helpless, on second thought, maybe I can."

Maria was glad she and Is had become friends. She was nice but didnít beat around the bush, just said what she felt. Yeah it does suck she thought to herself.

"I would heal you, but it would be kind of obvious. Michael feels really bad that he couldnít have helped. You know how his powers are, and he wasnít thinking straight." Isabel smiled and gave a little laugh trying to lighten the mood for a second.

"He really is worried. And I donít really care, you need him, not me. I have Alex. What happened on that planet in another life time, was another life time. I just hope he figures that out."

Maria respected what Isabel was saying and believed her because she had to, but things just werenít that simple. Things were never that simple.


Michael walked into the room to see Isabel chatting away to Maria. How boring girls were. Especially if only one of them could talk. Max and Alex came in next and Liz and Amy after that.

Michael wanted to tell Maria about the letter, because he knew that she knew she hadnít done it. Maybe he should tell her, but not until she could talk again, and tell them what she remembered.

Again he wondered who would do this. Why would they just drop someone out a window? His mind kept circling back to Nasedo. He was the only person Michael knew of that would kill without reason, or without valid reason. Alex was pitying Maria and The rest of them just stood around. Max had a stone face, Isabelís was smiling (she knew how much Maria was not enjoying this pity party), Liz just looked worried and Amy looked peaceful. Michael just stood in the background. How could Max look so nuetral at a time like this?

Then the thought crossed his mind. Maybe it was Max. He had always been pushing Michael to choose Isabel, even though he himself hadnít really left Liz for Tess. Maybe it was Max.


Maybe it was Pierce.

It had been a few days and now Maria could speak. Her voice was still a little raspy, but at least she could communicate with someone other than Isabel had been into her dreams so that Maria could have someone to talk to.

People had been in and out of her room the past few days and finally she could talk to them. "Iím all right everybody, thank you for being here," she told everyone. She still couldnít move well but she managed to give them each a kiss on the cheek, all except Michael. She just looked at him, she could see in his eyes that he understood all she couldnít say.

Somehow Amy managed to get everyone out of the room. She was left alone with Michael. Her mother had always known about Michael, and Mariaís feelings for him. As many times as she had denied them, her mother still knew. And right now she was glad, she would get time to tell him thank you and to tell him what she thought had happened.

When everyone had left Michael was left standing alone, hands in his pockets, a blank expression on his face. "Maria," he said, but he seemed to lose his words. Again silence filled the room.

Michael stepped closer to the bed and sat in the chart placed next to it. He took Mariaís hand in his like he had become accustomed to doing. He looked her in the eyes. She felt like she was swimming in them. They conveyed everything she knew he couldnít tell her.

"Maria, we need to talk," Michael said. Those are the words she never thought would come out of his mouth.

"You sound so serious, what about?" Maria was sort of worried. What was he going to tell her? That he had decided on Isabel? Theat a ship had come to take him home? That he wanted her?

"About that night. About what happened to you." He sounded concerned. Did he know who had done this to her/

"Someone threw me out a window," she whispered, a sad tone in her voice. "What more is there to say? Some dumb bastard threw me out the window, thatís what happened."

"Well, if you want to put it that way."

"Michael, there is no other way to put it." She was depressed, but glad she could say what she felt. sHe knew she could take out her frustration on Michael. It might have sounded mean to someone, sounded like she was using him. But he had ranted and raved to her about everything he had a problem with.


"I guess not," Michael couldnít believe how calm she was about this. Inside he was full of anger ever since he had discovered Maria on the road. "Do you know who might habe done this?"

"Iíve been thinking about it. I came up with Nasedo, but heís gone, or Pierce or someone else from the FBI." She was smart. Why hadnít he thought of the FBI. They were a good team, but this search he was going to have to do with the others, she was too weak. But at least her ideas were valid.

"I thought of Nasedo too, but came up with the same problem as you. My only other thought was Max."

"Max?" Maria sounded surprised. Michael had been surprised when he thought of it too. It seemed unlikely, butÖ

"Yeah you know how heís been with all this destiny stuff. Whoever it was, I think they wanted to get me to follow my destiny, to be with Isabel."

"Is that what you want?" Maria said innocently.

"I donít think so. But Iím not sure if itís a question of what I want now. Someone is trying to decide for me."

"Do you really think Max would be that ruthless?"

"I donít want to think so, but it is one option. He seems to think Isabel needs me, and I need her, even though he gets to be with Liz."

"Yeah. But thatís only because Tess is gone too."

"Sheís not gone. Sheís with Nasedo. And what did Max do about it? Nothing. Max doesnít want to find Tess or Nasedo. If it was Nasedo Max is not going to want to find him. Heís so stubborn."

"And so are you," Maria replied with a smirk. "But no matter what Max thinks I still do not see him capable of hurting anyone, not like this. He would lose Liz, he knows that."

"It was a stupid idea, but I just canít think of who it could be. Now that Max is out of the question, we have Nasedo and Pierce left."

"Pierce, or rather his special agents, might have wanted to set another trap. Pierce had proof you were aliens, but the rest of the agents only knew parts of what Pierce was researching. Maybe they thought if they hurt me one of you would heal me and they would know for sure also. But I guess that doesnít really make sense."

"Yes it does," Michael spoke quickly. That was something he hadnít thought of. Only Pierce had known one hundred percent that they were aliens. So anyone else was only suspicious. They had to research all over again.

Still he wasnít sure. "Maria, I ran into a man that night, right as I was rounding the corner to your house. I think he was hour killer."

"But you canít remember who it was?"

She knew him so well it was scary. "Close your eyes. Try to remember, Iíll be right here."

Michael, grasping her hand tighter, closed his eyes and sat back in the chair. He let his mind wander back to the night he found Maria

*Dream Sequence*

He could feel his heart quickening as he walked through the streets of Roswell. Micahel was almost there. He turned the corner and ran into a man. He looked up but the man was already hurrying on down the street. The man was vaguely familiar but he couldnít place him. Who ever it was he sent off a vibe of cruelty. When he looked back toward Mariaís house, he saw someone lying on the sidewalk. It was Maria. He ran to her, scared for her life.

Then Michael let go of the dream.

*End Dream Sequence**


Maria was surprised by the dream. The feelings she felt from him when he knew she was hurt were intnse. She didnít know Michael felt that way about her. she knew heíd said he loved her, but this was more. This was something no human was capable of. The intensity of his love was indescribable. The realization took her breath away.

Maria gasped, trying to re gain composure.

"Are you all right?" Michael asked.

"I think so, my god Michael," she breathed. He gave a little embarrassed smile. He knew she had shared his feelings from the dreams. He knew she had felt all he had never wanted her to know.

"I still canít figure it out," Michael said getting up and walking to the window. He slammed his fist on the sill. "I just donít know who would do this. Not to you, whyíd it have to be you? I would give anything in this world or another, to have taken the fall." His voice sounded choked, he was crying.

Maria didnít know what to say to his confession. She couldnít believe what he was telling her. He held a love for her, an unconditional love, that no one had ever been able to give her. Not even her mother. "Woah," she said. "Donít wake up the neighbors. Now come here."

Michael walked to the bed. Maria patted the sheets and he sat down. With great effort she reached up and dried a tear from his cheek. Michael caught her hand and laid it back down on the bed.

"No donít strain yourself." Maria couldnít understand how with all the stuff he was going through, all the suffering he was feeling, he could still be concerned for her.

"Itís going to be ok," Maria comforted him, "Weíll find him, Max, Liz, Alex, Is, you, me, weíll all find him."

"Weíll find him," Michael agreed. "I promise you."

Michael leaned over and kissed her again. She believed him, every word he was saying. Then Michael got up and called Liz, Max, Alex and Isabel into the room.


"We need to discuss what to do," Michael said taking charge. "Someone did this and we need ot find who. Maria and I have thought of the FBI or Nasedo. Any more ideas?"

No I think youíve covered it," Max said. "Iím thinking it was Nasedo, he has always wanted the humans out of the way." Saying this Max looked at Lix, hurt filled his expression. "Thatís why he left."

"What?" Michael exclaimed. "You knew why he went away?" Michael couldnít believe it. Max had done it again. He had kept a secret, an important secret, from all of them.

"Yeah," Max bowed his head. At least he was sorry. "Before he left he came to me, told me why he was leaving me, us."

Trying to remain calm for everyoneís sake, Michael took a deep breath. "I canít belive you didnít tell us. But there is no time to argue about it. What was his reason?"

"He figured since we didnít appear to want to follow our destinies, that we wanted to be human, he would leave. He came here to protect us, to help us, and then bring us home. He said heíd come back for us someday. Someday when he felt we were ready."

"We are ready," Michael fought. "Weíve been ready since we came."

"He didnít think so. He didnít want to waste his time on us. He wasnít supposed to be our babysitter. He said we werenít what he had expected. We shouldnít have gotten attached."

"Well we did. Now where is he?" Michael demanded.

"Anywhere. He didnít tell me. But something in what he said made me believe he was going to be around, going to be watching us."

"He must be. We have to find him, before he comes back, before he kills."

"Iíd say so." The whole time the fight had been between Max and Michael, now Isabel chimed in.

"I think I might know where he is."

"How would you know?" Liz asked, skeptically.

"The night he left I was coming home from Mariaís in the Jeep. I passed the Hardingís house. I saw movement so I slowed down," Isabel started. "Tess and Nasedo were leaving, they had suitcases and everything with them. They got into their car and drove away."

"Thatís it," Michael said. "Howís that supposed to help? I thought you said you might know where they are."

"Hold your horses, boy, Iím not finished," Isabel laughed, along with Maria and Alex. "I followed them, suspicious of what was happening. Nasedo stopped the car at out house and went inside. Minutes later he came back. I followed them for about a half and hour to a little motel just outside Roswell."

"A motel, heís probably left by now."

"No as of yesterday. I went to check, thinking it might help us."

"Thanks Izzy," Michael said. "Letís go."

"Woah, wait a minute," Max said. "We canít just go barging in there."

"And why not? May I dare ask. Itís not like you need a huge plan to kick some guyís ass."

"What are you saying? We go beat up Nasedo. Think Michael. Heís smarter, stronger, heíll retaliate."

"Thatís why weíre not going to give him the chance." Michael couldnít believe how stupid Max was. All they had to do was kill off Nasedo, it couldnít be that hard.

"You meanÖkill him?" Max asked. "You do know what that entitles? No more Nasedo. Michael you have been looking for him for the past year. Now you find him andÖ"

"Max," Michael stated, "you donít think I know all this, have thought about this? My brain does function, even if i don'í always share its thoughts. If we donít get rid of him, he will get rid of us, or worse them," his voice was getting louder as he pointed to the three humans, emphasizing his statement.

"I guess itís our only choice, right?"

"Right." Michael wasnít so sure it was what should be done, but it was the only thing that could be done. Or was it?

"Then letís go."

"All of us?" Alex asked.

"Yes, all of us, for Maria. We will make sure you guys are safe, but we are going to need your help."

"Then what are we waiting for?"


Maria stared at the doorway long after they had gone. She still saw Michaelís shape outlined in the space between the doorframes. He had paused, but did not turn around to look at her, although she felt everything that he had wanted to say to her.

Amy came in a little while later. She respected Maria and knew her well. She realized Maria would want time alone with her friends. Maria wished that she had come back sooner though, hospital rooms were lonely.

"I didnít know your friends had left," Amy stated.

"Yeah, they had some business to take care of." Maria tried to sound brave but her voice was shaky. There was silence in the room. To keep it from becoming awkward Maria spoke up again. "Mom I didnít do this to mysilf, you know that, right? I would never do that, could never do that to you."

"I know. I just canít imagine why someone would want to hurt you. Weíve been over this all before." New, fresh tears sparkled in Amyís eyes. She looked so hurt by this whole situation. Maria wanted to take away all her pain. She longed to tell her the whole story. But it wasnít her story to tell.

"Itís complicated."

"Itís complicated?" Amy repeated. "Why donít you tell me things any more? You gave become so enclosed, so secretive."

Iím sorry mom." Maria said, tears falling her own eyes. She tried to hold them back, tried to be strong. But she couldnít. they spilled over her cheeks and ran down backwards onto her golden hair and the white hospital sheets. For the first time since the "accident" she cried. She wept for herself, for her mother, for her friends, for Michael, for the life she once had, and the one that had replaced it. "Iím sorry."

"Itís ok, baby," Amy said, her tears falling in synchronization with her daughterís. "Itís going to be all right."

"Iím scared," Maria whimpered. "Iím scared for them, for me."

"Itíll be ok." Maria wished with all her might this was true.

The hours went by slowly, too slowly. She needed Michael in her presence, needed to know he was safe, that she was safe. She wanted to feel his arms surround her, but since at this moment it was not possible she would settle for his essence. Just his very being gave off a feeling of strength and comfort. It was an unmistakable feeling that only he gave her.

Her mother never left her side. She knew something big was happening, something her daughter was afraid of, even if she didnít know what it was. Her whole life Maria had lived with her mother. She was the one consistency in her crazy world, the one thing she could count on. She was proud to be her motherís daughter and she hoped her mother was proud of her too.

As dark began to fall Maria grew more anxious. Finally she heard heavy foorsteps nearing her door. Michael led, followed by Alex, Liz and Max. Isable, where was Isabel? She looked at her friendsí faces. They looked weary but content. How could this be?

"Whereís Izzy?" her voice anxious.

"in the bathroom," Max said matter-of-factly. Maria let out a sigh of relief. She was happy everyone was back.

Maria just looked around the room from person to person, wondering why they didnít speak. Her eyes came to rest on her mother. That was why.

Maria heard the dinner trays clanking down the hall. "Mom," she said softly, "Do you think you could go get me something not made of jello?" Everyone chuckled.

"Sure, baby," Amy leaned over and kissed her daughter and left.

"It was him," Michael sighed.

"I donít want to hear details, I donít want to know why or how. Itís too painful. I just want to know, are we safe?"

"Yes, weíre safe," Liz answered.

"Thank God." Each person came to give her a hug. They were getting to be a really huggy group, heck they had always been huggy. Everyone came, except Michael. Again he just hung in the corner. She looked at Michael longingly. Seeing the look, Izzy took the others from the room. "Letís go see if we can help Amy with the non-jello dinner." Everyone laughed again. "Weíll leave you two alone."

"Thanks Izzy," Maria was glad they were friends, Izzy always knew what she wanted. And right now she wanted Michael.

When Michael was left alone with her he came and gave her a soft kiss.

"Heís dead, weíre free," he said. She could hear how tired he was.

"I thought you said you wouldnít be free until you were rid of me."

"No, Maria, I was wrong. I was never free, not until the day I met you. I am sorry for everything I said that I didnít mean." She was happy he had actually learned how to piece together an apology, at least it was a step. A small step, a baby step, towards a new beginning.

"Knowing you set me free. Free from my old life, my old world. You brought me to earth, made me want to stay." He had set her free too. He let her express things she never knew she had within her.

"We are connected," Maria whispered.

"An unearthly connection, to earth," he replied.

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