FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Those Two Words "
Part 1
by Christina
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine. Etc.
Summary: Post Independence Day
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is my third attempt at fan fiction. Hope you enjoy! Listen to Collective Soul’s Run while you read it. That song was my inspiration.
Michael Guerin. Those two words got to her on so many levels. She felt as if those words were tattooed in her brain. She felt as if that Name was the only thing keeping her going. And with that name a song echoed in her mind.

Are these times contagious I’ve never been this bored before

Is this the prize I’ve waited for

Now as the hours passing

There’s nothing left to insure

I long to find the messenger

Have I got a long way to run

Have I got a long way to run

Yeah, I run. . .

Why was he standing outside her window in the pouring rain? Why did she let him in? It was the pain in his eyes that tore right though her soul. He was in pain and he came to her. Why?

She hadn’t been nice to him. She had been down right rotten to him for the most part. But why did he do anything for her? Why did he kiss her, make the napkin holder that now sat on her dresser, or come to her when he was in pain? She couldn’t ask him to explain. He wasn’t the type to explain anything he did. Still the question “Why me?” tugged at her brain until it hurt to think of anything at all.

Maria threw her paper back romance against the wall in her room. She picked up the towel she’d used on Michael last night and held it close to her. It still smelled like him. She couldn’t explain it, but he had a distinct smell that was just pure Michaelness.

Maria climbed into bed that night with the towel and fell asleep. Maybe he was that place that was better than Roswell, New Mexico for her, and maybe she was that place for him.

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