FanFic - Michael/Maria
"The Gift"
Part 1
by Sarah Y.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, the WB does.
Summary: This takes place during the episode Crazy after Michael and Maria have their fight in the restaurant. Michael gives Maria the gift she has always wanted.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place during "Crazy" while M&M, and M&L are on their double date. This is my first fan fic ever so please send me feedback even if you hate it.
"If I'm such a loser than why do you want to be with me?" Michael said as he stormed out the restaurant. Maria was stunned. What had she done? She knew she had to make things right because she couldn't lose him.

Maria went back to the table. "Where did Michael go?" Liz asked. "We had a fight and he stormed out". Maria laid money down on the table that she owed for her and Michael's dinner. "I have to got straighten things out." "Do you need to borrow the jeep," Max asked. "No that's o.k.. I'll walk. It will give me a change to think about what I will say to Michael."

As Maria walked to Michael's apartment she wished she would have taken Max up on his offer to borrow the jeep. Her feet were killing her. She took the black heals off her feet that were killing her. She was determined to make it to Michael's place so she could apologize. She had picked out her tiny black outfit just for him. "I don't think he's a loser. He's everything I've ever wanted," she thought. Then she started to run.

She finally ended up at the apartment building. She stopped for a minute to catch her breath. She pulled a mirror at of her purse. "I look horrible." She took a moment to comb her hair and make herself look presentable. She knocked on Michael's door but there was no answer. She knocked again and still no answer. "Oh great he's not even here." She started to tear up and started to walk away from the door. It was then that she bumped into someone. She looked up and saw it was Michael. "Michael I'm so glad I found you I need to talk to you." "Maria I think we've said everything their is to say. You should go." He opened his front door and started to walk in. "No I need to say something and I really need you to listen." She wasn't being her usually bossy self it was like she was pleading for him to hear her out.

"Alright say what ever you came to say and then get out", Michael said.

"Michael you were right and I was wrong."

"I never thought I'd hear the day that Maria Deluca would admit she was wrong."

"I'm being serious Michael."

"So what were you wrong about?"

"I was wrong to try and change you. To try and make you be like Max. I don't want you to be like Max because I like you just the way you are." It sounded cliché' but it was true.

"Then what about the speech about having to earn you about."

"Michael I was wrong about wanted you to be different. I just wanted you to show me that you care about me. And not just by making out with me. I wanted to know that you cared who I am and that you like me.

"Maria you know it's not easy for me to do it."

"Yes I know Michael That's why I love that you tried so hard. I didn't realize it until after you left the restaurant that you did try. It doesn't matter if you got me generic shampoo you actually went to the trouble of thinking about me. That's all I wanted." Maria walked closer to Michael until she was standing right in front of him. "Will you please forgive me Michael. I love you." He tilted his head down and kissed her. When their lips finally parted she said "So now that I said what I came to say does that still mean I have to leave."

"Not if you know what's good for you", and he kissed her again.

"Michael will you dance with me", She went and turned his radio on. The song Angel by Sarah McLaughlin came on.

"I don't know how to dance."

"It's not that hard Michael. It's a slow song. All you have to do is hold me."

"I think I can manage that." As Michael started to hold Maria He whispered in her ear the words she had being dying to hear "I love you too." Maria felt she had died and gone straight to heaven. That was the first time a man had ever said those three words to her. Not even her father before he walked out on her. She knew it was extremely hard for Michael to share his feelings with her but yet he had chosen her to open up to. And that was the greatest gift he could have ever given her.

Michael held Maria as the rest of the song continued.

You are pulled by the wreckage of you silent reverie,
Your in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here.

Maria was his angel.

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