Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"Starting Over"
Part 1
by Char
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Maria ran around her bedroom grabbing as many of her belongings as she could, she had to be gone by the time school got out, Lizzie would be over then to see what was wrong and Maria didn't think she could handle lying to anyone else.

Grabbing a handful of clothes out of her dresser, she quickly threw them into the small duffel bag that was located on her bed. Next in was her make up, some underwear, a few cd's and also her favourite teddy bear, Mr Snuggles.

She zipped up the overloaded bag and placed it near the door. What was she going to tell everyone? Maria walked over to her bed and layed down. She reached over to her nightstand and picked up the small photo album she kept there, and opened it to the first page.

The Prom photo. The last photo that had ever been taken with all of them together. Maria felt her eyes tear over as she remembered the moment and night. Her fingers ran over Alex's face and a sad smile formed on her lips. God she missed him. If Alex was here, he would know what to do, He would say the sweetest things and tell her it was all going to be alright, And she would believe him, Alex would never lie to his girls.

Maria felt the tears start to fall down her cheeks, as her eyes roamed over the photo once more. Liz. How will she handle it?, she not only lost Alex, but now her best Friend is leaving too? What about her Mom? and Michael?

Maria shook her head and got up off the bed. If she thought about all of the reasons to stay she would never leave. Maria quickly grabbed her bag off the floor and carried it out to the old jetta. She couldnt take it though, her mom would just get the sherrif to trace the car and find her, Maria couldn't let that happen.

She pulled out her cell phone and called a cab, She could just go to the bus stop and decide where she wanted to go later. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan. Maria turned around and took one last look at her house, she walked over and placed three letters in the mail box, one addressed to her Mom, one for Liz, and one for Michael. She was going to start a new life.

Half an hour later, Maria Deluca was on a bus heading towards Califonia. She was alone, Seventeen years old, and two months pregnant.

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