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"Some Semblance of Order"
Part 5
by Calie
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Michael sat down on the floor against the wall silently. Something was up.

Well of course something was up. They took Maria. But now he was being placed in this empty room. He wasn't sure of anything now. Before he had been positive Maria had lied to them, that she really just thought of them as aliens. But now she was being strapped down to a white table by the people that should be working for her. Michael looked up as the door opened and a figure was shoved in. "Max?" Michael jumped up and ran to his friend.

"Michael!" Max exclaimed. But no other words left his mouth as the door opened again, and another figure was shoved in.

"Max!" Isabelle screamed and launched herself into her brothers arms. "I didn't thing I would ever see you again. And I was so scared." Isabel cried into his shoulder. She immediately caught sight of another figure. "Michael?" Isabel said and pulled away from her brother slowly. Then a moment later she had her arms around him. After a moment of crying she finally pulled away. "We're all here." Isabelle said and for a moment she was happy.

"It appears that way." Michael said and looked around the room. "And alone."

"What is going on then?" Isabelle asked, the fear evident in her voice. Her eyes traveled down to her brother arms then to Michael's arms. "They dissected you all too." Isabelle said softly.

"Obviously." Michael said as he looked at his arms. One had a gash in it that was beginning to heal, but the other, the other they went scalpel free with.

Luckily they used anaesthesia.

"I tried to heal myself, but it wouldn't work." Isabelle said to her brother.

"I know." Max reassured her. "They have us so full of sedatives, we can't use our powers." Max looked around the room just as Michael had. But he saw nothing.

Isabel sunk down to the ground and wrapped her arms around her knees. "God Max. I don't know what to do. We're never going to get out of here. There just going to take us back and strap us down. Performing more experiments on us."

"It will be okay Isabel. We're here with you." Max said as he kneeled down next to her.

"And god. I can't face Maria again." Isabel said her voice strained.

Max eyes shut at the thought of the girl.

Michael turned toward Isabelle. "When did you see her last?"

"This morning." Isabelle informed him.

"Me too." Max said. "She saw me before Isabel. She even brought it to my attention that she was going in to hurt Isabel."

"She said she had broken you." Isabel said to her brother.

Max looked at his sister silently. He was almost broken. But he couldn't admit it. Max turned to Michael. "When did you see her last?"

"About an hour ago. They took her away." Michael told them.

"What?" Max said and stood up and was soon followed by Isabel.

"When that freaky doctor put me under, he found out about me and Maria." Michael told them. It was no use hiding it now. "We slept together, a few times." he revealed. They seemed a little shocked, but said nothing. It was the least of their problems. "When she came into my white room, that stupid Dr. Bernard told her about what he found out. I think he wanted me to see it. They dragged her out, and he ordered them to strap her down and prepare her for testing."

"Do you think it was just an act to get to you?" Max asked Michael.

"I don't know. Max, I don't know anything anymore about Maria." Michael told him defeatedly. No one spoke, and a moment later the door opened once again.

At the sight of Dr. Bernard, Isabelle grabbed ahold of her brother and stood behind him.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not here for you. Not yet. I decided to give the three of you some time, with a friend." Dr. Bernard said with a smile. He stepped out of the way and aloud the two guards to come through.

Michael watched the two guards step in the door, holding a small girl by the arms, her head hung low, and dressed in the same papery white outfit that Isabel was decked out in. They dropped her onto the tiled floor and left.

"Have fun." Dr. Bernard said with a smiled and exited the room, closing the door behind him.

"It's Maria." Isabelle said, but still remained behind Max.

Michael stepped forward slowly to the girl curled up into a ball shivering on the floor.

"No, Michael." Max said, trying not to let his friend believe in something that wasn't there.

Michael ignored him and knelt down next to Maria. He turned her head to face him. Her eyes where shut. Michael grabbed her right arm, the one they had repeatedly stuck him in. He easily discovered more then one hole in her arm. And a slight bruising, from where they had drawn blood. Michael stood up. "She's out cold."

"Michael look, leave her alone." Isabel said in a persuasive voice and pulled him away from Maria.

"Something isn't right. I saw what went on. That doctor wanted her out of the way. They both conflicted." Michael said assured of himself.

"Michael have you seen Maria? Have you seen how she acts?" Max exclaimed. "You're hanging on to something that isn't there!"

Michael cringed at the words that Maria had used to him not to long ago. "Look Max, they would have no reason to orchestrate this whole thing just to trick us. They had us exactly where they wanted us. Except for whatever reason, they were working under Maria, and they didn't like that."

"Alright fine. Lets say they didn't like working under Maria, and they wanted her out of the way. That still doesn't mean anything. She could still be working against us, she was just deceived by the people who she was working with!" Max argued back with Michael.

Isabelle ignored the two of them as the fought. Instead she watched Maria. And she glared angrily at the form. She stepped forward slowly towards Maria. She may not have enough energy to heal herself, but she did have some. She kneeled down and reached out placing her hand on Maria head, and let Maria feel what she felt. But she was thrown backwards by a rush of fierce emotions. A strangled cry escaped Maria, and she started shaking furiously. Her body curled up and she began sobbing.

"Isabel! What did you do!" Max yelled and pulled his shocked sister away.

"I wanted her to feel what I felt. I didn't even let her feel it all. Just some of it." Isabel said and shook her head confused. "I pulled something out of her that I didn't mean to."

"What did you pull out of her?" Michael asked hurriedly and stepped in front of Isabel. But she didn't respond. She stood there shocked. "Isabel!"

"I-I don't know. But it hurt." Isabelle's chin began to quiver and tears ran down her face. "That wasn't what I felt, that was what she felt."


Maria's senses where awakened and she was aware of immense pain running through her body. But it was nothing physical. She was hurt emotionally. Everything that she had hidden and pushed back was pulled forward. All the guilt, shame, hurt, and the loneliness she felt overtook her. She cried without any hope of it stopping. Once she could control the gasps of air she was taking, her cries began to lessen and she was aware of voices. Familiar voices.

"I know you love her Max, but I wish to god that you never would have healed Liz. Maybe then we could have been sitting at home right now." Isabelle said softly to Max.

"I know Isabel, but I had to, she would have died." Max responded to her.

"I wouldn't count on it." Maria croaked out. She pushed herself up of off the cold floor, into a sitting position, and turned to face them. They didn't respond so she went on. "Liz getting shot was planned."

Isabel sat shocked for a few moments, but began to recover, when she realized Maria had no control in here. "There is no way you can be human. And whatever they do to you, you deserve it." Isabel said spitefully.

Maria's chin quivered for a moment, then she regained control. If there was any chance her plan would get back on track, she could not allow herself to falter in front of them.

"I didn't know about it. I found out later. But we knew about what you were and where you came from, before you did. And we knew Max's fixation on Liz. She was shot, out of hopes that he would heal her. And he played right into their hands. And if he wouldn't have healed her, there were units standing by." Maria revealed. Why was she telling them that? "And don't for a minute think that if you wouldn't have healed her you wouldn't be here right now. All that would mean is that I wouldn't know to much about you. Any more questions to add to your hopeless situation?"

"Don't you ever stop?" Isabelle asked her. "You're in here just like us. You have nothing to hold over us anymore."

"I was raised and bread to be a bitch, and to deceive people. It comes as a habit now." Maria informed them. But it wasn't true. She was raised and bread to deceive when she had to. No matter what the costs. Even if it meant hurting the ones around you to get something accomplished. "Don't think because I am locked in here that your situation has improved, if anything is has worsened."

"What do you mean?" Max asked her suspiciously.

"Dr. Bernard couldn't care less about what he puts you through. He has his own agenda. And he will do anything to accomplish it." Maria informed them.

"And wouldn't you?" Max asked her.

Maria glared at him. "Yes, But when I was in charge you had a better chance. Now you have none."

"That is a lie. You didn't care about us." Isabel spat out.

"That is all true. But your situation was better when I was in charge. Let me refresh your memory Ms. Evans. Did you or did you not, get administered anaesthesia?" Maria challenged Isabelle.

Isabelle didn't respond.

"And as I recall," Maria turned to Michael, "who ordered the immediate bandaging of the wound on your arm, to test for healing and blood flow?" Yet he still remained quiet. "Now I want you to imagine the past couple of days without any of that. Then you can judge who you would rather have in charge."

Michael glared at her. He jumped up and pulled her up by her arms. "You're lying." he grounded out.

Maria swallowed and felt her resolve began to weaken.

"Well, it seems that there is much more interaction then I had hoped for. Feel free to procreate Mr. Guerin, if you must." Dr. Bernard said as he entered the room.

Maria let out an angry scream and launched herself toward Dr. Bernard. She dug her nails into the sides of his face, wanting to cause him as much pain as possible before she was pulled off of him. "I am going to kill you." Maria screamed and was finally pulled off of him. She tried to launch herself towards him again, but it was no use. She wasn't giving up, though. She continued to kick and scream and twist in the guards arms.

"Give her a sedative!" Dr. Bernard yelled as he held the sides of his face.

Maria tried to pull away as they injected her, but it was of no use.

Michael found himself unable to budge as they handled Maria so brutally. This was no acting. Even with all the things Maria had said to him, he found himself angry inside as they held her forcefully. He cringed as she continued to scream. He noticed Isabel crying, and burying her head in Max's chest, who watched the whole thing before him with shock.

Maria allowed herself to slump to the ground, and as they left the room, she began to cry. When was the last time someone had comforted her? Held her and assured her that everything would be okay. Now the only people that had cared for her, she had pushed away, in an effort to accomplish something. Couldn't she tell them? Maybe it would help. Because at this point she saw now hope.

But the door opened again and fear overcame her. Where they going to take her away, or take them away to perform tests on? She curled up tightly and placed her hands over her head.

Michael backed up and watched as a tall, muscular man, clean cut, and with decent looks, stepped in, with three guards following behind him. He almost emanated fear. Isabel gasped and backed up into both him and Max. Michael watched as the man looked down at Maria. And Michael at that moment wanted to rush forward and keep her away from him. The mans jaw grounded together and he leaned over scooping Maria into his arms. Maria pulled her hands away from her face to look. Her eyes widened and a moment later she threw her arms around the man and began crying hysterically into his shoulder. The man backed glanced at them for only a moment before walking out of the room, with the three guards traveling behind him. The door closed with a loud thud, and silence filled the room.

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