FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Shoulda Woulda Coulda"
"Grave Situations Can Always Get Worse"
Part 1
by Jennie
Disclaimer: I think the words 'college student' say it all...
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
It was a cold day in March when Maria realized just how awful her life had become. Of course, she knew it was bad but it never hit her this strongly. She had screwed up royally.

Would she still have turned out this way if she had stayed in Roswell, New Mexico? No, probably not.

It’s not that she hated her life. She actually was very happy. It’s just that she became what she NEVER wanted to become.

She left her small bedroom and walked quietly down the hall. The papers in her hand were crinkled from being read too many times. Maria sat down in a rocking chair by the fire that her dad had made for her, before he and her mom left for the hospital thirty minutes earlier.

The letter she held was Liz’s last one to her. She still hadn’t opened it yet. Maybe today.

Putting it aside, Maria started at the beginning, reliving what had occurred over a year and a half ago. The first letter was the only one to ever flat out mention Michael. And all it said was that he was taking it really hard.

Maria was glad that that was all she knew. She didn’t want to hear anything about him and Isabel. It just made her sick to her stomach.

Skipping past the next ten, all from the first four months, Maria found those that were never answered. Both Liz and Alex wrote and even called during the following months but Maria never did respond. How could she? They had perfect lives with perfect friends, well if you discount the whole alien thing. She had a boyfriend who’s main source of income was derived from selling drugs and one friend who spent more time turning tricks than in school.

Maria had tried to lie but it did no good. If they knew what kind of a person she had become, they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her. She was doing them a favor.

She read about how Max and Liz got back together and how they discovered that Tess and Michael, though they didn’t flat out mention him, were siblings.

Liz hadn’t gone into much detail about the czhekoslovokians or their “adventures.” Maria supposed that she had learned from the whole diary escapade. Why take any unnecessary risks? And that’s what she was, an unnecessary risk in their lives.

She finally came to the latest, unread letter. Maria received a few months before during Christmas, but life had been so hectic then that she never brought herself to read it.

Deciding that enough was enough, Maria tore open the card and began to read.

Dear Maria,

Please write back and tell us how you are doing. I know that you’re all right because I talked to you mom a few days ago. Why won’t you answer my phone calls? What’s going on? Your mom said you had changed a lot. What does that mean? Just remember that no matter what, you will always be my best friend. We miss you and love you.

Alex and I wanted to come and visit but your mom said that it wasn’t a good time. Please tell me what is going on!

Congrats on the soon-to-be baby sister! A few more months! Have you guys thought of a name yet? Will I be able to meet her? I want to be Aunt Liz!

Michael is still taking it pretty hard. He loved you, you know. He is doing REALLY well at his job. Did I ever tell you about it? He discovered that he’s pretty good with computers. He and Marissa broke up a month ago. It was remarkable how much she looked like you.

Do you still have that boyfriend from last year? What was his name? Chad? Are you planning on going to Prom? Isabel and I already have our dresses all picked out. A little early, I know but hey, IT’S PROM!

Well, I’m running out of space so I’ll write more later.

Please come over for a visit! You can stay with me as long as you like. Please! I miss you.

Love, Liz

God, she missed Liz too! And Alex… even Michael. But there was no way that she was able to visit now.

Wondering how much longer she was going to have peace and quiet, Maria glanced at the clock. Noon. Not much time left. And then, off to the hospital to meet her sister. Maria’s mom should be in the first hour or so of labor still but Maria wanted to be there for her.

Annalee DeLuca. It did have a certain ring to it.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, echoing through the peaceful house.

“Shit,” Maria muttered, rushing to her bedroom and finding Clayton awake and screaming. “It’s okay, sweetie. Shhhh… Clayton, mommy’s here.”

The doorbell rang again, this time more insistently. If this was Chad, she was going to slaughter him. He knew that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

“I’m coming!” she hollered, trying to soothe the five-month-old at the same time. Maria opened the door and found two uniformed cops.

“Look, if this has anything to do with Chad, I’m not dating him anymore so I don’t know anything.” Maria carefully balanced Clay against her chest.

Their faces remained grim. “This is not about your friend. About an hour ago, there was a car accident… you mother and father were in the car—“

“Oh God…” Maria felt faint. She quickly backed up and sat on the couch, searching through her purse for her cedar oil. The two men stepped inside and closed the door. “Are the? Are…” She choked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“They didn’t make it.”

“No… no… it’s not real—it can’t be—Annalee! Did Annalee—the baby… did she…” Maria held her baby close.

“Yes, the baby was saved. Barely, but she is alive. She’s at the hospital right now. We’ll take you there.”

Maria nodded, going through the usual motions of getting ready to go out. Grab Clayton’s coat. Get diaper bag. Shoes. Keys…

Oh God, her mom… her dad…

It was a cold day in March when Maria realized just how awful her life had become.

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