FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Road Trippin'"
Part 5
by Penny
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When they arrived in the music room the others were there, fiddling with their instruments. Maria, still shaken by the whole Roy incident, walked straight up to the microphone. "Sorry I'm late," she said. "I was the victim of unwanted courtship." Fran, who was sitting in a corner tuning a guitar, laughed. "I know what that can be like," he said. "Once I was asked out by this whale-like girl who had spaghetti all over her face. It was rather traumatizing."

Maria smiled at his story. Then they got to work. Fran was only going to do one song with her tonight, and then two numbers on his own. So Maria first practiced her songs with the band, then the one she was singing with Fran, and then she sat and listened to his songs.

Afterwards, when they were packing everything up, Alex came over to Maria. "Uh, Maria?" he started. She looked up at him. He continued: "Do I sense a certain Michael-theme in the songs you've chosen?"

At first Maria was about to object, but then she decided to be honest. "Yeah, I guess," she said. "I just thought he might appreciate it, you know? Plus, he was all annoyed yesterday when I sang with Fran."

"Like jealous?"

Maria smiled a bit. "Yeah, I guess."

"Good for you." Alex patted her on the back before returning to the other guys. A while after he left, Fran came up to her. He sat down, watching her as she packed her bag. His presence made her somewhat ncomfortable. After having been observed by him for a minute or so she decided to speak.

"So, it sounded real great, your singing," she said, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Thanks, yours too," he replied, simply. Now her head went empty and it felt as if she didn't have anything more interesting to say, so she decided to keep quiet, preventing any stupid remarks that might have been let out otherwise. Fortunately Fran saved her from the uncomfortable silence.

"So this Michael guy I've heard of, is he some sort of darling?"

Maria smiled a bit at Fran's rather odd words. "You could say that."

Fran nodded. "I must say, he's a lucky bastard," he said. "I hope he realizes that."

Maria felt her cheeks flush. When she looked up at him he simply smiled at her before rising, picking up his guitar and leaving the room. Maria sat crouched on the floor, her mind muddled.


The time came for the show. Michael rushed Max and Isabel into the assembly hall. He was determined to have good seats tonight. And he was determined to let Maria know that he was there all the time, so that there wouldn't be any silly misunderstandings again. The sculpture was safely wrapped up, hidden in Isabel's bag. He was going to give it to her after the concert. He couldn't wait to see the expression on her face and he couldn't wait to tell her all the reasons to why he had decided on making it.

The announcer entered the stage and presented the band. Michael watched Maria intently as she walked up to the microphone. For a moment he thought she hadn't seen him, but suddenly she looked straight at him, flashing a trademark grin. He grinned back at her, warmed by the fact that she knew he was there, watching her.

She looked so perfect. Michael knew that there was no such thing as perfect, he had been telling himself that ever since he was a child, but seeing Maria now was as close to perfect as one could get. She wasn't outrageously styled with a sparkling stage outfit, she was just herself, in a pair of well-used bell bottoms and a simple red and white baseball top. Her hair was pulled back by a red bandanna, showing every inch of her face.

"Maria's looking good today," Max said to him, tauntingly and grinning.

"Don't you go getting any ideas now, Maxwell," Michael replied, not once averting his eyes from Maria. Max just shook his head at him.

"You've got it bad, Michael," he stated.

By now, all the band members were ready, so Maria presented the first song.

"We're going to start off tonight with a song called "They stood up for love". I'm pretty sure there are a lot of you out there who are going to hate it, but I really don't give a damn 'cause the power is all mine."

Some scattered laughter was heard before the intro began playing. The second Maria hit the first note, Michael was spellbound.

"Naked lovers felt the blood beneath their veins Electric nerves communicate With tiny explosions through our brains Who is this energy that never left or came? Give rise to passion, the only glory Of this human story I give my heart and soul to the one"

Michael was mesmerized. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Maria. Occasionally she looked down at him and she smiled and his heart beat faster.

"We spend all of our lives goin' out of our minds Looking back to our birth, forward to our demise Even scientists say, everything is just light Not created, destroyed but eternally bright Masters in everytime, lord in everyplace Those who stood up for love down in spite of the hate In spite of the hate"

Michael suddenly felt something go through him and when he looked down at his hands they were trembling. He looked back up at Maria who was still singing. And suddenly a series of flashes fled through his brain. Maria as a little girl, swinging in the playground. Maria in her early teens, testing make-up with Liz. And then Maria and him together, in a big field, running. Smiling. Hand in hand. Then wrapped in each other's arms on the ground, safe from the world.

Michael snapped out of it. He was still trembling. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to come back to his senses. It had been so intense, almost as if it were real. Max and Isabel hadn't noticed anything. He looked up at Maria again and when he saw her it felt like someone was tugging at his stomach. He swallowed hard. What did all this mean?

The song ended. Everyone cheered like crazy, except for Michael, who was unable to move. All the voices around him blurred out and he had to close his eyes to stand up straight. Then Maria started talking and he opened his eyes again.

"Okay," she said. "Now for this next number I'm going to do something a bit wild and crazy. I'm going to have someone from the audience come up sing with me."

There were a few surprised murmurs among the spectators. "No no, don't worry," she said. "All you sucky singers out there, no need to be alarmed. I've already picked the person, and I know for a fact that he wants to sing with me." Michael froze. There was something familiar about this whole thing.

"I know you're all dying to know who this person is, and I am soon going to tell you. But first I'll give you a clue. I think you've all heard of our disturbing bunk-behavior on the bus." At this there were a few knowing cheers. "Yes, yes, you guessed right, it's my "lover", Michael Guerin."

The cheering rose to a roar as all eyes turned to Michael. He just stood there, motionless. Max and Isabel were grinning at him and started pushing him towards the stage. He couldn't do much but step up on the stage and join Maria. She smiled at him and took his hand, leading him over to the microphones. She handed one of them to him and he grabbed it, looking out at the huge crowd. If it wouldn't have been for Maria standing next to him, he would probably have fainted. He lifted the microphone to his mouth.

"Uh, thanks," he said uncertainly as the cheering continued. "Although I doubt you'll be clapping that hard when I'm finished. That is, if you're still here to see it."

The cheering was replaced by laughter and then whistling and crazy applause. He looked at Maria. "You do know I'm gonna kill you for this," he hissed at her. "I know," she whispered back, smiling broadly. "But it'll totally be worth it." He tried to keep back a smile but it was hard, considering the absurdity of the whole situation. "What song is it?" he whispered. Maria handed him a piece of paper and he unfolded it. When he saw the title of the song he almost burst out laughing. This was so typically Maria.

"Okay," Maria said. "The song we're gonna sing is an old favorite of mine, a Beatles song. It's called "Across the Universe."" Some recognizing cheers were heard. Maria glanced at Max and Isabel. Isabel was looking down at the ground, clearly trying hard to keep back a laughter. Max just looked like he wanted to run and hide.

Maria grabbed hold of Michael's hand as the intro started playing. He was studying the lyrics, brow furrowed, trying to learn them. Much to his relief it was Maria who began singing.

"Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass They slip away across the universe Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting thorough my open mind Possessing and caressing me"

At this she squeezed Michael's hand, indicating for him to sing along. He faintly recognized the song and did his best to follow the melody.

"Jai guru deva om Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world"

When he'd gotten through it, Michael showed everyone his relief by placing a hand on his chest and breathing out. The crowd cheered, praising and congratulating him. Then Maria whispered to him: "Now it's your turn." He was now totally getting in the mood and played it all out as he started singing.

"Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes That call me on and on across the universe Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box they tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe"

The crowd cheered at his fumbling attempt at singing. Michael looked at Maria and she nodded, wordlessly telling him how great he was and how much fun she was having. He nodded back at her, grinning broadly.

"Jai guru deva om Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world Nothing's gonna change my world"

They sang the rest of the song, not once taking their eyes off each other. When the last chord rang out the roaring of the crowd was deafening. Maria looked at Michael, flustered and happy, and he surprised her by taking her in his arms and hugging her tightly. She wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his neck. When they drew apart, Michael glanced out at the crowd. He turned back to Maria, looking mischievous.

"I think I know what they want," he said to her. She didn't have time to respond before she was caught in one of those amazing, mind-blowing Michael-kisses. The whistling and cheering around them faded off, the people disappeared 'til it was only she and Michael, alone on the stage, wrapped around each other, not alien, not human, just Michael and Maria, together. When the voices slowly started returning, they drew apart, breathing heavily, smiling at each other.

"I think I need some water," Maria said, panting.


Maria packed all her things together in the quiet music room. Her mind was still all muddled from the happenings on the stage earlier. After the kiss, Michael had retreated down into the audience again, and she had done her final numbers before letting Fran take over. All the while her mind had been in some sort of daze. She couldn't really remember anything from the songs after her number with Michael. All she could remember was the fantastic feeling she'd had when Michael had stood next to her, holding her hand, singing with her. Sure, his voice hadn't been Sinatra-like, but he had sung. With her. Just like he'd said they should.

Just as she was in the middle of her pondering, the door slowly opened. She spun around to see who it was.

"Fran! Hi!" she said, pleased to see him. She was also pleased when she noticed that he no longer made her stomach flutter. Now she looked at him and saw Fran the musician, instead of Fran the mysterious loverboy.

"Hi," he said, waving awkwardly. She studied him, bewildered. He seemed a bit nervous. As he walked over to the piano stool to sit, he looked around the room, rather absentmindedly. Finally in a sitting position, he looked at Maria. She waited for him to speak, but he didn't.

"Did you want something.?" she asked. At first he didn't react at all, but then he rose, walked up to her, and grabbed her arms.

"Maria," he began, but stopped again, letting go of her arms.


He furrowed his brow. "Good show you did with that Michael guy. The audience liked it."

"What did you think? Did you think it was too much? Too corny?"

"What I think isn't. I think." He paused. "There are sort of other reasons to why I didn't like it."

"Oh." She was starting to feel rather uncomfortable.

"See Maria. I've only known you for two days, but it feels like I've known you forever, you know? Like all my life."

Maria wanted him to stop, but she didn't say anything.

"I've developed these feelings," he continued. "I don't think I have to explain to you what kind of feelings they are."

He looked at Maria, but she didn't say anything, so he went on. "I mean, I know it can't be, I know you're not available, but."

"I'm with Michael," she interrupted.

He looked at her. "I know. I know that. But I was thinking."

"I'm with Michael." She said it with more force this time, and the determination in her eyes could not be mistaken. He just stood there for a while, staring at her, letting her words sink in.

"I know," he said. "I know. I just thought I'd let you know."

Maria nodded, showing him that it was okay. He smiled faintly at her. "I suppose I can't have any hope of a simple kiss," he said, pretending joking. Maria smiled at him. "I guess it wouldn't kill me," she said. She slowly walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, clearly telling him "friends only".

But to the spectator in the doorway it looked quiet different.


"Just thought I'd give you your present," Michael said hoarsely, placing the gift on the floor. Maria spun around to see who it was. She sprang from Fran as if electrocuted.

"Oh God, Michael, it's not."

"Not what I think?" he said. "I'll bet."

He turned around and ran down the corridor. He heard Maria call his name behind him, but he didn't care. All he could see was the image of her and that disgusting music jerk kissing. He couldn't believe it. After all that had happened.

He kicked the door open and was outside. He started running and suddenly felt the tears well up in his eyes. It's just anger, he told himself, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his chest. But when the tears wouldn't go away, and instead insisted on spilling over, he hit himself hard in the head, cursing himself and the fact that he had let somebody get too close.

He should have known all along.


Maria ran after Michael, calling his name. She left Fran in the music room and he made the wise decision of not following her. Right now all she cared about was Michael. She chased him through the corridor and out into the hotel's backyard. When she stepped out into the night he was out of sight. She called his name but he didn't answer. She didn't blame him really.

How could she have been so stupid? She buried her face in her hands, letting out a sob. It was so typical. It had all been so geat, they'd been closer than ever and what does she do? She goes off kissing another guy. A friend's kiss, but still. She doubted that she would've acted any differently than Michael in the same situation.

She stood in the yard for a while, calling his name, but finally she gave up. He wouldn't be coming to her tonight.

Tears of frustration and regret streamed down her face. She slowly turned around and walked back to the music room. When she came there Fran was gone. She picked up her bag and then caught sight of the present Michael had left her. Slowly she picked it up and started unwrapping it. When the final piece of wrapping paper fell to the floor, she was left holding a beautiful, miniature sculpture, made by the most caring hands.

A sculpture of her. And she could see in it's features that this was how Michael saw her. Lively and vibrant. Beautiful. It only made her cry harder.

You stupid freak, she thought to herself, cradling the sculpture. That was all she had time to think before everything suddenly went black.

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