FanFic - Michael/Maria
"One More Try"
Part 2
by Zagnom
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters except the ones that I made up that aren't involved with Roswell.
Summary: A story about Michael and Maria told through Maria's point of view- a good read!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: NC-17
Maria ate her cereal as she watched her three-year-old daughter out of the corner of her eye. Molly Ruth DeLuca was Maria's little angel and Maria wouldn't have it any other way. Since she found out that Molly was growing inside her, she had moved out of her mom's house and into the only apartment left in Mr. Parker's building. Maria wanted to be close to Liz for as long as possible for support- at least until Max swept her best friend off her feet.

A year after Molly was born, Max did just that and Liz moved in with him in his new suburban home. Maria still saw Liz often, nonetheless. They had both moved on to better, higher paying jobs than the crashdown since then, but both of them seemed fairly happy. Maria found a job in fashion design, even though she once swore that she would never get such a job. Liz was a high school teacher.

Maria wished she could say that she hated Michael Guerin. She wished she could believe it- but every time she saw Molly she knew she was kidding herself. He had sung that Timmy T song that she loved so much and kissed her that one last time. She didn't see him again after that.

Max had told her later that Michael had gotten in some kind of trouble and had to leave. Max said that his best friend left no forwarding address, but had a feeling that Max still corresponded to Michael in some way- no matter how much max denied it. He seemed to want to talk to Michael just as much- if not more- than Maria these days, but he had his own problems- or lack thereof.

Liz had just announced that she was pregnant and Maria had been talking with Isabel about baby shower plans. It was a little ways off, but Maria needed something else to fill the void in her mind when she wasn't drawing the latest outfits- something that didn't make her think of Michael.

Every time she looked at Molly she saw his face, every time her daughter laughed or got upset she thought of him. Sometimes she thanked the powers that be for giving her daughter her eyes and not Michael's- though she did miss his sometimes.

Molly only had one trait that made Maria want to cry while thinking about Michael. She had her father's hands and she loved to use them. Usually she would color or finger paint- one of her favorite activities. If Maria didn't keep a close eye on her she could easily paint all the walls in the apartment with her fingers.

Molly was a miniature Maria except for her hands- and her hair. Her hair definitely came from Michael because if it was cut to short, it automatically stuck up into the air. Besides it was the same color as Michael's hair-dark, dark blonde. It was thick and full of volume- just like Michael.

Maria had tried to forget about Michael by dating other guys, but none of them came close to her high standards that only Michael seemed to meet- except he always ended up hurting her no matter how much he tried not to.

Every time she heard Timmy T, she couldn't help but think of Michael. Sometimes, late at night, she would pray for him to come back to her.

One night, Maria left her window unlocked in the off chance that he would come. It became a nightly habit for her. One night she had a dream- a dream that contained Michael. He just appeared in her dream and she figured he was dream walking. She just stared at him, praying- hoping desperately- that he would talk to her and pull her so close so she could breathe him in again.

Finally, she realized that he wasn't going to speak she said, "Is it really you?" she felt herself smile as he nodded and came closer to her as he said with fear in his eyes, "whenever I am near you, I hurt you." She pulled him close to her and held his hands in hers as she said, "This time, I won't let you." Then she pressed his lips against him and he returned the kiss showing that he still loved her more than ever. She could feel it through her whole body. She pulled away and looked longingly into his eyes as she said, "please come home, Michael. We're waiting for you."

Did she just say we? Would he catch on to that and wonder? Maria decided not to think about as she noticed how much more scared he had become as a tear dripped down his cheek and he said, "I don't want to hurt you Maria, but- I can't. Valenti will be on to me too quickly." She begged him to tell her why he had left three years ago, but all he could say as he left her dream was, "Ask Max." Maria woke up in tears for the first time in like three years. Yet this time she smiled and went back to sleep.

The following morning she and Molly made breakfast followed by a trip to see Liz and Max. It was Sunday, so she was sure that they would be at home.

Molly was excited to see her Aunt Liz. Liz was almost a second mother to Molly and always volunteered to baby-sit for Maria. As they pulled up the driveway at Max and Liz's the couple came out to meet them.

Molly ran excitedly to Aunt Liz and Uncle Max. Maria chuckled at that thought- Uncle Max- but it made sense if Molly called Liz 'Aunt.' The four of them went inside and Maria cornered him in his office off the front hall. Liz knew what was going on so she led Molly into the other room until Maria finished her inquiries.

Max was afraid of this day, but he knew it would come. At first he had just told Maria that he didn't know where Michael was- and regardless to what she thought- it was the honest truth. About a year after Maria had Molly, Max began to receive letters from a David Burrows and he knew write away that it was Michael. Now he had to tell Maria why Michael had left and he probably had to give her the one piece of information that he had promised not to give to anyone- not even Liz. It was Michael's address and phone number- both registered under his fake name in Max's computer.

Before Maria actually asked Max a single question he said to her, "I know what you want and I just want you to know that I had previously promised Michael that I wouldn't tell a soul. Liz doesn't even know, Maria." Maria pretty much ignored him as she said, "Do you want Molly to grow up with out her father, because I don't! I can't stand to see her go through what I had to go through. I don’t hate him, Max. I have long lost the capacity for it. I just want him back for Molly- and me."

Max swallowed and took a seat at his favorite office chair. Maria continued, "Why did he have to leave and hurt me again, Max?"

Max took a breath and explained, "After you left that bar, he-" Max cleared his throat and continued, "You know how Michael has very little control over his powers- or did then- well suddenly the hand he was using to hold the microphone began to glow. He tried to hide it, but Valenti was there and he saw it. Michael was sure that the sheriff would be out to get him- and he was the next day. Anyway, that night Michael packed his things and left. He acted as though he would stop by your place, but I guess he decided that would only make him want to stay, which could have put you in danger."

Max took a breath, happy to finally relay that story to someone besides himself all these years. Maria wasn't waiting for anything-dig now, digest later- was the only thing on her mind as she continued, "So where is he Max?"

Max grew pale and Maria continued, "I know I haven't literally asked for his whereabouts until now, but –Max- he came into my dream last night and told me couldn't come back. I could see how hurt he felt and when I asked why he told me to talk to you as if he couldn’t stay any longer because after that he left. Please just give me a way to get a hold of him."

Max hesitated about doing that. He had promised Michael that he wouldn't and he never broke his word. Finally, he said to her, "I'll send him a letter. All I can tell you is that he is living in Denver, Colorado and he answers to a P.O. box under a name different than his original one. Maria sighed angrily. She could have guessed that much and Max knew that! In the end she gave in figuring that it might be better that way so she said, "Just tell him that I miss him and I think if him day and night." Then she paused and thought to herself that it was ridiculous for her to dictate it when she could just write a note herself so she said to Max, "How about I type up a letter for him and you can address the envelope so he won't suspect anything. You can even put your own note in if you like." Max nodded. He liked that idea.

Fours days later, Michael, who was now David Burrows made his weekly visit to his P.O. box not hoping to find anything more than the latest bills. So he was more than surprised to actually hear from Max. he had always written never expecting to get a reply so actually getting one really shocked him.

Inside was a typed letter and a note from Max that read:


Just so you know, I never broke our promise. I only promised Maria that I would write you. She really misses you. Oh, by the way I'm going to be a dad just so you know. Amazing huh. Later, your best friend, M.

It was the typed letter from Maria that threw him for a loop. He began to cry while he read it. She wrote:

To my beloved,

I still love you more than ever, my Michael. Every morning I wake up and you are the first thought that pops into my mind. I remember each kiss, touch and smell. You changed my life forever and no matter how much you hurt me before I will always love you- now and always. I saw you in my dream the other night and never felt so happy knowing that you still loved me. Since you I've dated a lot of men, but none of them ever come close to you- my beloved Michael. I love you more than life itself and I am lost without you. Please come home.

Yours for all eternity,

Your beloved Maria

How could he come back there? Valenti would probably catch him in a matter of minutes. He would be endangering her- something he vowed never to do. He loved her and he wanted more than anything to go and see her again. He feared that he never would.

Michael sent a reply, but all he said about Maria was that he loved her and he missed her terribly- nothing about returning and Maria knew why. That night she decided to make a few phone calls to Denver. If he couldn't come to her then she was going to go to him.

One week later, she gave Liz one more hug goodbye, promising to come back and visit. Molly was sad to leave and Maria felt bad that she couldn't tell her daughter the real reason that they were leaving.

They waved goodbye at the gang one last time and drove away in the taxi that was going to take them to their new home.

Maria thought of Michael the whole way there as she softly caressed the cheek of her little girl who had fallen asleep in her mother's arms. She just patted her soft hair and gazed longingly at her daughter's beautiful hands- Michael's hands. She couldn't wait to see him. She hoped that meeting his daughter would bring him closer to Maria instead of farther. After all, Valenti wasn't looking for him in Denver.

Maria smiled as she unpacked while watching her daughter in the other room. She was coloring in a coloring book and humming. She had a beautiful voice just like her mother. Tomorrow she would have to drop off Molly at preschool, go to a job interview and try to find Michael. She had certainly gotten Molly excited about preschool, which wasn't too difficult. Molly was anxious to fit in and Maria knew that.

That night Maria sat in her new bedroom and opened up her crisp copy of the Denver telephone book. She looked up David Barrows hoping to find an address, but it was just his P.O. box like Max had warned her. He did have a phone number. Maria wrote it down, but knew that she would have to see him, before she could talk to him again.

Now bored, she began to thumb through the yellow pages. Suddenly, she saw a Barrows art gallery and just knew it was Michael. She jotted down the address and made a mental note to get directions there in the morning from her new landlord who seemed really nice- probably since Maria was new. She turned out the light and fell asleep thinking about the day to come.

The day came as sure as the sunrise and Maria dropped off Molly at preschool- as planned. She went to her job interview, which went really well and then she got in the first available taxi. She was off to find Michael. She held her breath as the driver pulled up in front of the building. She could see his artwork in the window and it brought a smile to he face. She paid the driver and walked across the street to the gallery. As she entered she inhaled a smell- all too familiar to her- Michael's scent.

She looked at each painting and with each new painting her smile got wider until she felt her cheeks straining and she had to shut her mouth completely. Then she saw a large painting.

It looked like a permanent fixture in the gallery because it seemed physically impossible to move it anywhere. She just stared at it and began to smile again because she recognized this one. It was a painting of her. She figured any spectator would have had to see her to actually tell that it was Maria. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her as he said, "Can I help you?" Maria did a quick survey of the gallery to see if they were alone. When she was satisfied that they were she turned around smiling and said, quietly, "Hello Michael." For a moment he just stared at her in shock while she finished, "I love this painting. How much are you selling it for?"

Michael paled, swallowed and said, "This one's not for sale." She just smiled at him pressed her lips against his, tasting what she had yearned for after so long.

Michael kissed her back and led her into the back room. He said, "It's not Michael here in Denver. Here it's David Barrows."

Maria just shook her head and said, "You'll always be Michael Guerin to me." He smiled at her and kissed her again so passionately. She stole another kiss before he pulled away and said, "why did you come?"

Maria blushed slightly and said, "I missed you too much and figured it was safer this way. No one's hunting you out here I hope." He shook his head and said to Maria, "I've missed you too. I love you Maria." He kissed her again and she said to him softly, "I love you Michael." He stared at her lovingly and said, can I see you later? I hate to go, but the gallery is open for another two hours."

Maria nodded, smiling again, as she said, "I would love that." She handed him a scrap of paper with her address on it and told him to be there at 6 for dinner. He said he would be there at 5:30. Maria kissed him one last time and his kissed her. He had to get back to work and she need to pick up Molly.

It felt so good to taste him again. She couldn't wait to see him again and had to maintain control as she drove Molly and herself back home, listening to Molly talk about her first day at preschool. Her teacher had told Maria that Molly was one of the loveliest students she had ever had the pleasure of teaching so Maria was sure that Molly had a good day at her new school.

When Molly finished talking and they arrived at home she said, "We have a guest coming tonight sweetie. Promise mommy that you'll be on your best behavior." Molly nodded smiling and said, "aren't I always mommy?" Then she giggled and said, "you made a friend, mommy?" Maria just smiled at her daughter- if she only knew.

5:30 arrived fast than Maria had wanted. She was still fixing herself when the doorbell rang. She chuckled at the bell remembering when Michael only entered through windows. She quickly finished, and invited Michael inside. She figured he would have used a window if she hadn't answered the door.

He wanted to badly to hold her in his arms and kiss her until he could no longer breathe, but the vision in from of him was too gorgeous for him to try. Then as he walked in he saw a little girl in front of her coloring book holding handfuls of crayons and waving at him. It didn't occur to him that she was his.

Maria just smiled at the two people she loved the most as she said, "Molly, this is Mr. Barrows- mommy's old friend." Then she said to Michael, "David this is my daughter Molly. She just turned three last month. Incase you haven't already noticed she loves to color." She had to laugh at the site of her daughter coloring with two fistfuls of crayons at the same time. She told Michael to sit as she went to check on dinner.

He walked over to Molly to see what she was coloring. He chuckled when he saw big bird colored in and out if the lines with about every color the child owned. He never thought much of the structure in those coloring books anyway.

Then he looked back at Maria and smiled when he saw the small jar of tobasco sauce on the table. He said to her curiously, "do you like tobasco sauce, Maria?" She just laughed and said, "Heavens no, except in small amounts. I only take it out for my most special guests. Her reply made him chuckle softly because he knew he definitely fit that description.

Soon they were eating dinner and he noticed that Molly actually used a little tobasco on her food. He didn't think too much of it because Maria had said that she used it sometimes. After dinner they talked while Molly colored. She wanted to get out her paints, but her mom gave her a quick bath instead telling her she could paint tomorrow. After she put the child in bed she returned downstairs and said, "I would have let her paint, but it's messier than letting her color with crayons."

He just smiled lovingly at her and she sat on the couch curled up beside him. He puts his arms around her and she said, "I've been meaning to tell you something, Michael."

She turned to look him in the eyes- the eyes she had missed staring into. She told him, "Even though you left Roswell, I think I got the best part of you." He was beginning to understand, but he wanted to hear it from her own lips before he drew any conclusions. "What part was that?" he asked her. She smiled contently and said looking straight at him, "Molly. She's yours too Michael. I would never go that far with anyone else. Not after we did. I named her Molly Ruth and hoped that someday I could add the Guerin. She is one of the reasons I couldn't live without you- her hair and her hands- they always remind me of you. She has your hands, you know. You should have seen her when she was first born- I can show you pictures- her hair was sticking straight up and no one could keep it from being that way. She actually looked a lot like you at first." Maria chuckled, remembering it and wishing he could share her memories of that time without him. He just laughed softly, looked into her eyes and said, "She's beautiful Maria, just like you." She smiled as their lips met.

Finally, he pulled away and said, "We have to tell her Maria." Maria cuddled up against him and said softly, "We will. I wish you didn't have to go tonight." He put his arms around her tightly and said, "I don't have to-" She cut him off with another mind-blowing kiss and said to him, "It wouldn't look right if you did. Besides, I start work tomorrow." He nodded and they just sat in each other's arms for what felt to them as eternity.

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