FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Once Upon A Time"
Part 1
by Bethany
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell and you know I don't mean any harm so please don't sue.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is Michael's POV about Maria so be prepared.
I never really noticed her. She was just some flaky waitress and best friend of my best friend's obsession. She wasn't really attention drawing, just there.

Then everything changed. Max saved the girl he loved yet didn't even know and told her our secret. Then she told Maria and once again our lives were at stake, now in the hands of two teenage girls was didn't even know. Max risked everything for a girl.I never understood that.

Even after that, I still didn't notice her very much. I was just more aware of her and maybe even a little scared of her. I didn't know if I could trust her. I didn't care about her shock. Just whether her shock would be enough to spill our secret.

Only when I stole her car and "kidnapped" her did I begin to see the real Maria. I saw her for who she really was. She was a fascinating girl who craved romance and adventure. Just like me. Minus the girl part. Now being what I was, I knew it would be easy to give her adventure but romance... I just didn't "do" romance.

So I tried hiding my feelings. Big mistake. She had a sense for that kind of thing, a way of knowing when your lying about your feelings. While doing this, I was also trying to maintain a physical relationship with her. But she wanted more. I couldn't give her more. I couldn't let myself. So I let her go.

After that, everything got even hazier then it had been before, the exact opposite of what I had hoped for. Everything was a blur of hugs and kisses, fighting and feuding, danger and sickness, and confusion and questions.

Then Tess came along. She told us our destinies. And we believed her. She told us who to love and how to feel and we followed her instructions. It was all a lie. She never knew our destinies if we even had any at all. So I told Maria I loved her and then I did the hardest thing I had ever done. I told her goodbye.

If I could go back in time now, and I could change only one event by my actions, it would be the day I told her goodbye. You would think I would go back to the day of the shooting and stop it from happening. But I wouldn't. Because I never would have known Maria DeLuca. I wish I could tell her that I could never leave her. That I would always be there. But its too late now. Maria is dead. She's been dead for a few years now. Got hit by a car her freshman year of collage. We were nineteen. Now I'm twenty-nine. It's been ten years. You would think I would be over it by now. But im not. I will never be over Maria DeLuca. Max risked everything for a girl. I never understood that. But now I do.

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